giveaway winners!

I know I said that I'd have two winners, but since I found a lot more that I didn't need, I decided to add a third winner! I used, and I think I'll use it from now on, that way it's completely fair!

Crissy, Lauren and Ashlee, please email me at with your mailing address. Crissy and Lauren, since you were the first two winners, you'll receive what's in the pictures, but if you have favorites as far as the vintage jewelry goes, please let me know! Ashlee, what you will receive isn't pictured, but I promise it's still a great combination of vintage jewelry and some supplies!

Coming up in a few hours...wishlist wednesday!


  1. bummed i didn't win! but congrats to the three winners... lucky girls!

    that was a great giveaway, danielle! i hope you do another one soon... and i hope to win it! ;-)

    ps. i use too and feel it really is the only fair way...

  2. I'm planning on doing another one pretty soon. Something along the same lines that includes some vintage things I have in a closet and never used!

    If I didn't use, it may not have been fair, because I'm pretty sure I would have picked you! :)

  3. yay for another giveaway! you have such pretty things... can't wait to see what it'll be!

    ;-) you're the cutest... really. xo

  4. i seriously can't believe i won this! i never win anything. i sent you over my info and i'm SO excited!

    this was the best giveaway i'd entered in a long time (i don't usually enter them at all) and i was really hoping to win!

    thanks so much danielle! you are the sweetest.

  5. Lauren, I remembered you saying that you never win, so when your number came up on, I couldn't help but giggle!

  6. looking forward to the wishlist! love your site, so cute.

  7. yay!! these girls deserve it!

  8. you both are the cutest, i love your messages back and forth :)

    AWESOME giveaway, and such a great idea in ridding yourself of things you have but someone else would delight in!

    thanks for letting me showcase you on le blog :) i really do love your creations and yes, let's meet up once i find a working job and settle in? i hope so!

    or if anything, let me know when you have a local show of your designs.

    CHEERS to you winners! and lauren, it is the best feeling when you win a giveaway. enjoy!

  9. You have to tell me how -you do this cool effect -on who wins your giveaways- LOVE THIS!!! How do make the objects move? Is there a website?




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