weekend plans

I had plans to be more productive today after I got home from work, but the only thing on my mind was a nap! Now that I'm up again, I'm baking some blueberry cheesecake muffins and thinking about going back to bed! Tomorrow I think Mr. Dinosaur Toes and I will be going out to eat with friends, but before that I'll be drilling shell casings for le shoppe and going to the gem store to get some more beautiful stones!

I made more of those felt flowers (pictures later), and I think I may be obsessed! I'm going to buy some skinny headbands for them as my hair is too boring (thanks for the suggestion, Lauren). Also, I mentioned several posts ago that I was looking for relaxed fit skinny jeans, sort of an oxymoron, so I went on my hunt yesterday, which is always an ordeal as I inherited my genes from my dad's sister, and while I've got a small frame, let's just say, baby got back. Anyway, I found the perfect pair (that fit all over) and they were the first pair I tried on! Score!

I think I found this picture a long time ago at we heart it. Isn't it pretty?!? I hope you have a beautiful and productive weekend! Do you have any special plans?


  1. ooh blueberry cheesecake muffins - yum!

    the headband will be very pretty!!!

    i have a small frame and am short with a bootay too! where o where did you find the jeans? i've been scared to death to wear skinny jeans (i don't know why, since i love leggings) but a relaxed pair sounds much better. i must see these jeans. please take a picture! :-)

    your weekend sounds grand...enjoy!


  2. I actually found the jeans at Target, they're Mossimo. I've gotten most of my jeans from Old Navy and American Eagle, but they tend to poke out a lot in the back at the waist, which I hate! I'll be sure to take some pitures! I thought for the longest time that I couldn't wear skinny jeans, but then I decided that if I wear a size 1, and they make them bigger than that, they should be okay on me! You're a surfer, so I'm sure you're in shape and able to wear them!

  3. ha! i do not call myself a surfer... i surf... sometimes... used to a lot more, but since having kids... not so much. but you are right, i am in shape (for having three kids)... i'm a size two, so similar to you... but i still get worried about it... i did try a pair of a friends on a couple of months ago and i was surprised at how cute they were on me... but then when i got home and tried to wear them i just couldn't. i have issues. i used to never wear shorts or dresses either because i hated my legs so much. and i JUST got over that this last summer... crazy, i know.

    can't wait to see pics and i am so going to target this weekend - i have a $50 gift card that has been burning a hole in my pocket!

    thanks for letting me know danielle!

  4. can't wait to see the headbands! i'm sure they'll be super cute.

  5. Eurgh I know what you mean about shopping for jeans. Such an effort.

  6. Kassi, I've got clothing issues, too. I haven't worn shorts since high school, and I'm not sure that I will again! I feel like they make me look too young, not matter what sort of shirt or shoes I wear with them. I'm okay with skirts and some dresses, just as long as I'm not too frilly...I'm such a jeans and t-shirt girl!

    Godd for you for having that gift card for more than a day. When I get one, it's spent almost as soon as it's placed in my hands!

    Lauren, thanks! I'll be sure to get pics in the next few days.

    Hannah, jeans shopping really is a huge effort, and I get a little jealous when my husband can get a pair without trying them on because men are just lucky like that!

  7. ugh, jeans shopping is always super tough for me, too!
    i have really long legs, but bigger hips and a leeeettle bit of a tushi. ha, so it's always like they are either too long and tight, or fitting in the hips, but too short.
    i'm glad you beat the jeans war this time around!

    also, love that picture!

  8. I love the picture with the balloons! We are planning on seeing the latest movie with George Cloney. But we see at it is cold here. I am knitting away and hope to start soon a baby blanket. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Have a great day and a great weekend! Take care.

  9. Im hungry for those muffins now!
    how did you get the name dinosaur toes. its so cute!?

  10. Those muffins were DEEEELICIOUS! I pretty much like anything with blueberries, though. Dinosaur Toes is a nickname for Flojo the parrot, she's my sidekick. My name is Danielle, but some friends like, to call me Dan Smell, so I'll let you choose what to call me, I'm not picky :)


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