wishlist wednesday!

This morning when I was heading up my road on the way to work, my Blazer made this "grrrgggrrrrr" sound and the battery light came on. I knew what it was - the alternator - so I called Chris and he said I needed to drive his big work truck. Oh man I felt like such a redneck. Even though Chris can replace the alternator in no time, vehicles are still annoying sometimes, aren't they? This wish list is inspired by my preferred method of transportation...

From the top: bike love - sterling silver handmade necklace from luckyduct, tandem personalized art print from silhouetteblue, clock made from a recycled bike wheel from pixelthis, giraffe on a two high tank top from darkcycleclothing, bicycle for two - floursack tea towel set from girlscantell, yes that is a donkey. from weheartit. I am absolutely in love with donkeys, and I keep telling Chris that these 150 acres are going to waste without a little burro company. He disagrees (but I WILL have a donkey friend one day).

Today is absolutely gorgeous, and once I finish this post, I plan to take a lazy walk with my dog Cheesecake. I need to take a 10 mile run after the lunch I had! My meal consisted completely of Reese's peanut butter cups wrapped in pretty Easter foil (no, I wasn't so hungry I ate the foil). I've found that cramps and an insatiable appetite can only be cured with candy, so it's just what the doctor ordered!

I know I told you about two other fun swaps already, but here are two more I've joined...they seem like fun, too! Mix CD Swap & the Accessory Swap.

two things (plus three) i love around my home

The things I'm loving right now were all given to me by super generous, completely awesome people! If you'd like to share two things you love, you can link up on Kassi's blog (and you can also tell me so I can have a peek)!

From the top: The other weekend I met Kaleb to pick up what I originally thought was going to be a pack of Polaroid 600 film. I ended up coming home with more, and this SX-70 just makes me swoon. The polaroids with it didn't come from it, they're part of the 600 film. Verdict: Awesome gifts, awesome friend.

Next is the birdhouse and brass turtle soap dish. I got them from Kassi, the hot mama at bacwoods fern. If you know anything at all about me, you know that I love birds and turtles more than anything else. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect package, and the fact that the birdhouse was from her own collection makes it extra special. Verdict: Brings-a-tear-to-your-eye-awesome!

Moving right along, I have an antique (I'm talking super antique, like from the 1800's) mail spike. My pop got this for me a few weeks ago because I told him that they'd be great for holding rings when I'm out peddling my wares. *Side note: Last summer I went to an art festival and had an antique dish full of fabric rings, and after people would try them on, they'd throw them on the dish upside down. So I thought this would be a neater way to hold them!* Verdict: I have the most awesome pop in the universe!

Last is a handmade art quilt I received from Kajsa through the dutch sisters exchange! I was SO excited when I saw it because I loved one she previously made, but this was even better because it had a parrot! I thought it was so sweet that she did that just for me because I love parrots more than anyone will ever know! In addition to the fabulous art quilt, I also received a postcard of the art quilt print I loved in her shop and two pretty fat quarters of bright, summertime fabric. Verdict: Bright and happy awesome all the way from Finland!

I'm a lucky, lucky girl, and I definitely believe that good things should keep going, so I hope the people who will receive gifts from me are surprised and excited! And they don't know they're getting anything :)

P.S. Lauren is having a giveaway for the baker on her blog. It makes me want to fix a dessert just thinking about it!

getting to know me

So today I made another rosette headband which I'm happy about, but I didn't get to the sewing I wanted to. I also indulged in a little Awkward Family Photos and People of Wal-Mart. Sometimes I think it might be bad to laugh at people so much, but then I think, "if I dressed or posed like that, I'd laugh at muhself!"

The first two pictures are from AFP, but since it isn't fair to laugh at other people exclusively, the last picture is of my brother and I. Don't judge, I was young, and apparently the knowledge that a camera was there wasn't enough to make me smile or at the very least, close my legs! Whew, that's embarrassing! Now, let's play a little "getting to know me."

1. Why did you start blogging? Because it seemed like everyone who had an etsy shop did it.

2. Who's the one blog friend that you would want to meet most in "real life"? There isn't just one. There are six in particular I'd love to meet, and I'm going to meet one of them in just a few days!

3. Why are you always concerned with losing that "extra 10 pounds" when chances are your husband/boyfriend/friends tell you that you look just fine the way you are? Well, if I lost 10 pounds, I'd be underweight (according to the charts at the Dr.'s office), but I mainly want to burn some fat so I feel a little more confident.

4. What's the one thing you wish guys could understand about you? That a period isn't something to be made fun of. It's serious business, and the fact that I turn into the Incredible Hulk is no laughing matter!

5. Tattoos. How many do you have and how many are visible when you wear your "everyday" clothes? I only have one, and pretty much always visible since it's at my wrist.

6. What was the best year of your life and why? I don't know that I've had a "best year." They all have their ups and downs.

7. Name three things you would do if you were a man for one day. Uh, have sex, have sex with Maggie Gyllenhaal (she's my girl crush) and enjoy someone cooking ME dinner for a change!

8. What's your alcoholic drink of choice that usually raises a few eyebrows? My drink of choice is a blue motorcycle, but I doubt that would raise any eyebrows!

If you'd like to play along, you can link up on Keely's blog.

fun exchanges

I spent the majority of my day eating and lazing around the house, either watching TV or stalking people on facebook. Thrilling, I know. I'm glad to discover that after tomorrow, the weather will be spring-like again, so I can get off of my jello butt and get outside! Two fun things I wanted to share with you are exchanges you may be interested in joining...

From the top: vintage round floral rose tin from PatinaVintage, vintage enamel tray from GingersGirl, vintage gold filigree tabletop mirror from ThisOldHouseDress, embroidered pillow cases bird pair from littlebyrdvintage, vintage marigold carnival glass flower frog from GemsOfTimeVintage, vintage mid century industrial magazine rack from havenvintage.

So, if you can't tell by the pictures of my new favorites, the first exchange is the "Love Vintage Package Exchange" hosted by Rice Babies. If you love vintage as much as I do, or even a fraction a much, you should definitely sign up! The next swap is the "Brown Paper Packages Gift Exchange" hosted by Cole at Adventures in Love and Happiness. Just send three of your favorite things, and receive three of someone else's favorite things!
How has your weekend been so far? Are you currently signed up for any blog swaps?

colors colours

With more color outside, I'm inspired to wear more color. I went out with my cousin Ali last night, so I figured I'd do some things at home today, mainly jump on the trampoline in my bathing suit. It was way too cold for that; I was even cold when I went out in my (don't laugh) parachute pants and hoodie. So I decided to paint my nails instead.

I took this picture of feathers the other day because I liked the colors together. I was kinda sorta working on an idea for a headband with the feathers, but that still hasn't come to life. Anyway, when I looked at the picture today, I thought, "I want my nails those colors." So I have pink toenails and teal (actually "tahitian green") fingernails!

I also found those sunglasses yesterday when I switched bags, so I've been wearing them today like I got something new! Since I didn't get to do much outside today, I sewed this morning and early afternoon, and Flojo kept me company. She even modeled for me, see her here.

One more thing that I tried to do but had no luck with was making a dinosaur toes video. I thought I could use all pictures and make it look good, but it didn't. So, I need a model. If you live near me, let me know! I need you!

wishlist wednesday...on a thursday

I really have no excuse for my absence. None at all. I hope you'll forgive me, or even come and smack me silly for not being more involved with my blog lately! This wish list is inspired by my one true love in life...animals! It would have been easy for me to include nothing but birds, and I very well may do that sometime, but I really do love all animals, so the spotlight needed to be shared.

From the top: vintage cast iron dog nutcracker from LucyandEllen, tiny hedgehog from MossMountain, whimsical goblets from theprettynest, flocked wooden bunny pin from thelittlechickadee, i miss you deer frame purse from emedemarta.

Moving right along, I got a new bathing suit! I told myself this if I "trampolined" my thighs and stomach 1" thinner, then I'd let myself get a new bathing suit. Well, my thighs are .75" smaller in diameter (I know, it isn't a whole lot, but it's still something), but my stomach is exactly the same. My sister and I went to run a few errands on Sunday afternoon before we came back to my house, and I found a bathing suit I absolutely LOVED (here and here)! The bottom is really similar to one I saw at Anthropologie, and that's what made me want it so bad! I wish the color wasn't as bright, but for $15 each piece as opposed to anthro's $78 each piece, I can deal with the color! Have you gotten a new bathing suit for this year? Where do you find yours when you shop?

whew, where have the days gone?

I'm usually somewhat of a homebody, but this weekend was packed full of sunny deliciousness! It's true weather can change a person's mood. I was high on spring and I didn't want the weekend to end! I met up with a few lovely ladies while Haley was in town getting her newest tattoo, and I even got a possible business opportunity with the bullet necklaces!

Yes, I'm the short one in the middle. I honestly didn't realize that 5'2" was that short until I looked at the pictures! After that I went to my dad's house and watched the end of New Moon with my lil sister, then I met up with a friend and scored. Seriously. Polaroid SX-70 and a 10 pack of 600 film. Oh boy. Pictures to come. Then on Sunday I spent the entire day with Lauren (or as I call her, Clarence), my tiny little sister. We worked on her graduation announcements and ate, and ate and ate and ate and ate...

Then today I took a nice walk on what was supposed to be a rainy day, but ended up being beautiful. I also found some old photo albums and scanned in a few old pictures. I love looking back through pictures that were taken 20 or more years ago!

I need to get back into the normal (boring) routine, but I had such a fun weekend that I don't want to have to get back to work! I want a spring break for adults! Anyway, how was your weekend? Was it as sunny where you are as it is in Virginia?

what i've been working on

Last Saturday, I managed not to be so lazy and made myself get in the garage so I could drill some shell casings with the drill press. The only bad thing about making these bullet necklaces is that I want to keep so many of them for myself!

From the top: .38 shell casing with aquamarine, .22 shell casing with aquamarine, .38 shell casing with rutilated quartz (my favorite stone).

Tomorrow afternoon I'm meeting these two lovely ladies to have some girl talk and watch them get their newest tattoos. I've been trying to convince Chris that I can barely function without another tattoo, but he's not having it. Hmph (arms crossed with a frown on my face). Sharon (with the dark hair) is the tattletale and Haley (the blonde) is the one who would probably get tattled on. I'll just sit back and watch. What are your plans for the weekend?

I need to tell you about two blogs... If you like positive stories and random acts of kindness, you should definitely check out A Million To One. Also, if you're artsy and creative, you should sign up for The Notebook Journey! You'll get to decorate one page, then send it along to the next person (after seeing all the other beautiful pages, of course).

wishlist wednesday...and something silly

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, the birds are singing, and there are little buds on the trees. Spring is right around the corner and I can't wait to see some life outside; I love seeing bulbs start blooming and trees' foliage start to come out. This list is absolutely dedicated to spring!

From the top: pink meadow necklace by staceywinters, dogwood flower lidded vessel by whitneysmith, lucky feather silver by thepaperapartment, straw purse by thebestthings, beige and blue ruffle by myazaria.

My dad and I have interesting ways of communicating with one another, and this is one of them: talk/singing to each other Barry Gibb style. I even dance while I'm telling him about, oh I don't know, what I had for lunch. It never gets old, and the fact that I think my dad is one of the funniest people on the planet makes it even better!

two things i love around my home

Today's favorite things are these two Russian matryoshka, or nesting dolls. The largest one was given to me yesterday by my auntie-in-law, Amy, who got a few the last time she went to Russia. I love them and wouldn't mind having more!

If you'd like to play along, you can link up on Kassi's blog.

A few other things... The lovely sisters at mucho mucho bueno bueno are having another awesome giveaway! And speaking of giveaways, I hope to have one either this weekend of early next week for a little tiny terrarium. You remember how I told you that my grandma got me a jump rope? Well, it worked my butt...literally, so if you're looking for a new exercise that's fun, I suggest the old childhood favorite!

pretty: people

I'm not nosey by any means, but I love to look at people. I love to look at what they're wearing, how they've styled their hair, etc. Maybe it's for inspiration because I'm sort of a mess! I think these people are exceptionally pretty...

images via weheartit.com

I know I've gotten a little lazy lately with blogging and blog reading, but I promise to get better! I've got some "what I've been working on" pictures lined up to share this week, and some pictures of a pretty gift I received today!

finally, my dining room has life!

I've been telling Chris for quite some time now that our house makes us look like we're serial killers because it's unusually bare. After all the time we spent doing drywall, spackling, sanding, painting, etc., neither one of us wanted to have too many holes in our walls, but I still wanted to have at least a few things hanging! After just over a year now, our once bare dining room has stuff!

My husband the handyman hung a collage of antique plates (I'll take another picture of it with natural sunlight because I'm not a fan of flash) and these two framed prints I got on my antiquing adventure with Pop. I got lucky with the prints, $5 each! And in case they look crooked, they are, Flojo pulled them that way (as she's doing in the picture).

Aside from breathing life into our previously boring dining room, I spent LOTS of time outside taking walks, jumping on the trampoline and using my new jump rope (thanks, Grandma)! Also of note, when Chris and I were out running errands today, he asked a magic 8 ball if, uh, a personal question 6 times and don't you know it turned out that little toy was telling the truth! I used to trust my fate to those things when I was young! I also got some bullet casings drilled and some stones set, so I'll try to catch up and get lots of necklaces made tomorrow!

How has your weekend been? Have you done anything exciting?