wishlist wednesday...on a thursday

I really have no excuse for my absence. None at all. I hope you'll forgive me, or even come and smack me silly for not being more involved with my blog lately! This wish list is inspired by my one true love in life...animals! It would have been easy for me to include nothing but birds, and I very well may do that sometime, but I really do love all animals, so the spotlight needed to be shared.

From the top: vintage cast iron dog nutcracker from LucyandEllen, tiny hedgehog from MossMountain, whimsical goblets from theprettynest, flocked wooden bunny pin from thelittlechickadee, i miss you deer frame purse from emedemarta.

Moving right along, I got a new bathing suit! I told myself this if I "trampolined" my thighs and stomach 1" thinner, then I'd let myself get a new bathing suit. Well, my thighs are .75" smaller in diameter (I know, it isn't a whole lot, but it's still something), but my stomach is exactly the same. My sister and I went to run a few errands on Sunday afternoon before we came back to my house, and I found a bathing suit I absolutely LOVED (here and here)! The bottom is really similar to one I saw at Anthropologie, and that's what made me want it so bad! I wish the color wasn't as bright, but for $15 each piece as opposed to anthro's $78 each piece, I can deal with the color! Have you gotten a new bathing suit for this year? Where do you find yours when you shop?


  1. I got my new bathing suit at Target too.. and I love that dog figurine thing!

  2. I love your wishlist!
    I need a new swimsuit but am in no way swimsuit ready. I need to take a page out of your book and get on that.
    PS Did you see that I am hosting a gift exchange? I wasn't sure if you did and thought I'd let you know (sorry for the annoying self promotion haha)

  3. Maddy, which suit did you get? There were SO many cute ones, but since I have surgery scars (eww, I hate them), I have to get something that isn't incredibly low cut, and luckily I really like this one!

    Cole, I did see your gift exchange, I'm just late signing up. I also owe you an email for the sweet surprise I found in my mailbox ;)

  4. i love that bathing suit and color! target has the best things. I'm still putting off thinking about bathing suits cos i've also been putting off gym time ;) but Target is my go-to place. Last year i got one from there that had bright 80's colors and was that cut out on the sides type? though it made for interesting tan lines, i love it.

    j'adore your wish list for so many reasons (animals mainly!). I can't get enough of that dog figurine.

  5. Oh my I love that button with the rabbit!! You always have the best finds! xo

  6. i did my wedsnesday wishlist a day late too. thanks for the sweet comment for on my last post, it made my day!
    i just bought a bathing suit top at walmart, they're op stuff is cute and cheap, good to wear on the river. but i get all my nice bathing suits at pacific sun. their billabong suits have really great bottoms that fully cover my tush! i am that girl that never has on a matching top & bottom. i blame all my mis-matchiness on punky brewster!

  7. ohmygod that tiny hedgehog is toooo adorable!!!

  8. I love target. They have great stuff at great prices. I absolutely love their flower collection from London. I got a dress there. You can't beat the price. I liek the fact that target brings style to the mass. The whimsical gobelet are gorgeous. I love the swimsuit. I bought for myself a one piece as I am currently taking some prenatal water classes. I splurge and bought it at Jcrew. It is navy blue. I have two more months to go and I promised myself that I will get back into shape so I can wear my other swimsuits that I like better. Trampoline sounds fun. Awesome!!! I go twice a week to the gym as I am so afraid to gain to much weight. Have a good day!! It is a pure delight to read your blog. It is fun and fresh.

  9. that little hedgehog is my favorite.

    oh...and i'm TOTALLY not ready for swimsuit weather. don't know if i'll ever be. i have a super cute one from victoria's secret. their swimsuits are probably the most flattering i've ever tried on. you should check them out if you're looking for another one ever!

    i bet the one you chose is so cute! hope we get to use them in cali!

  10. you have the best taste! and i love goals for swim suits!
    you go girl!!!
    woooo can you come june 12th weekend to cali!!! puhleeze!

  11. Everytime you post this, it makes me want all these things too!

  12. what a great list! i love the tiny little hedgehog and the wine glasses with the asian inspired birds!

    the swim suite is just darling too! i still need to find one!

  13. Love that bunny brooch.

    I am having a package exchange this time. =)
    Come join in.

  14. That little hedgehog is too adorable for words... Great wishlist! :D

  15. i have a vintage one piece that i absolutely adore.

    and it was only a buck!


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