finally, my dining room has life!

I've been telling Chris for quite some time now that our house makes us look like we're serial killers because it's unusually bare. After all the time we spent doing drywall, spackling, sanding, painting, etc., neither one of us wanted to have too many holes in our walls, but I still wanted to have at least a few things hanging! After just over a year now, our once bare dining room has stuff!

My husband the handyman hung a collage of antique plates (I'll take another picture of it with natural sunlight because I'm not a fan of flash) and these two framed prints I got on my antiquing adventure with Pop. I got lucky with the prints, $5 each! And in case they look crooked, they are, Flojo pulled them that way (as she's doing in the picture).

Aside from breathing life into our previously boring dining room, I spent LOTS of time outside taking walks, jumping on the trampoline and using my new jump rope (thanks, Grandma)! Also of note, when Chris and I were out running errands today, he asked a magic 8 ball if, uh, a personal question 6 times and don't you know it turned out that little toy was telling the truth! I used to trust my fate to those things when I was young! I also got some bullet casings drilled and some stones set, so I'll try to catch up and get lots of necklaces made tomorrow!

How has your weekend been? Have you done anything exciting?


  1. Hahahaha, no I am NOT pregnant, but thanks for making me laugh! I deleted what I first thought because I realized that maybe it wasn't appropriate, but he wanted to know if things would get romantical!

  2. romantical... haha. What a question to ask! Boys will always be boys ;)

  3. The three of y'all are quite the team. I like that you included the romantical secret :)

    Don't mind Brandi...she's baby crazy

  4. sounds like a great weekend! I always love when you show flojo... I am such a bird junkie! (plus I love sun conures and flojo is soooo cute!) Posey likes to pull at frames and edges of doors and handles, its so funny, I don't know why its so interesting, but it is... That is so funny that chris asked the magic 8 ball the same question that many times! have fun, ha ha ha :)

  5. Fallon, he asked it first and got "my sources say yes" so I told him it was lying and asked it the next 5 times only to get yes answers! Hahaha!

    Kelly, that's funny! People always ask me if I'm pregnant because they think I'm too old not to be!

    Brittan, it is funny how birds always like to pull at things. Flojo likes to pull things off tables and desks, and it seems to be really amusing for her! She also likes to throw things I'm holding out of my hand! They're so cute!

  6. why is it so hard to get men to hang stuff up on the walls?
    i didn't do anything fun this weekend but get the stomach flu. ugh.

  7. LOL "Romantical" Practice makes perfect!?

  8. i was just going to ask if you were prego...but someone beat me to it dang it.

    i love that you rope. i love to jump rope too, it helps tighten the booty...haha

  9. i'm not baby crazy, but i always get excited about other people getting pregnant. wouldn't that be so funny if you, brandi and i all got pregnant around the same time. we could all complain about the awkward body changes together. ha! i think craig would want a magic 8 ball too if it told him we were going to be romantical :). oh boys....

    oh...and your new wall hangings look lovely! nice work.

    happy monday friend!

  10. Anna, that's too bad :( I hope you're feeling better soon!

    Monica, if it helps tighten my big ol booty, I'm there! I like jumping in general, but it looks funny to do it without a rope, so Grandma surprised me!

    Lauren, that would be so neat to all be preggo together! I think Chris and I will start trying this fall, so be sure to let Craig know your plans. Haha.

    Mara, jumping rope makes me feel like a kid again, so it's a fun exercise! My grandma saw that I said something on Facebook about getting one, so she beat me to it!

  11. This is such a pretty wall color.

    I have a plate addiction myself. I was thinking about blogging my wall one of these days!

    I can't wait to see your plate display!

  12. hooray for wall hangings! mine has been empty for some time too! yours looks lovely though!


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