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I spent the majority of my day eating and lazing around the house, either watching TV or stalking people on facebook. Thrilling, I know. I'm glad to discover that after tomorrow, the weather will be spring-like again, so I can get off of my jello butt and get outside! Two fun things I wanted to share with you are exchanges you may be interested in joining...

From the top: vintage round floral rose tin from PatinaVintage, vintage enamel tray from GingersGirl, vintage gold filigree tabletop mirror from ThisOldHouseDress, embroidered pillow cases bird pair from littlebyrdvintage, vintage marigold carnival glass flower frog from GemsOfTimeVintage, vintage mid century industrial magazine rack from havenvintage.

So, if you can't tell by the pictures of my new favorites, the first exchange is the "Love Vintage Package Exchange" hosted by Rice Babies. If you love vintage as much as I do, or even a fraction a much, you should definitely sign up! The next swap is the "Brown Paper Packages Gift Exchange" hosted by Cole at Adventures in Love and Happiness. Just send three of your favorite things, and receive three of someone else's favorite things!
How has your weekend been so far? Are you currently signed up for any blog swaps?


  1. I am signed up for both you mentioned as well as the ohhellofriends Lovely package exchange and the package project
    Yes, I might be crazy!

  2. I really cant afford to join any more swaps but at the same time I cant resist. Pipalachic is having an accessory swap at the moment. Link is on my blog if you want to check it out.

  3. i loooove swaps! but i'm signed up for way too many and i don't have the funds to provide. but the brown package swap sounds AMAZING. i have a mix cd swap going on at my blog! you should check it out :)

    xo tiffany

  4. I signed up for the Brown Paper Packages exchange. :)

  5. I'm going to have to check out those links, thanks for sharing! I'm sort of strapped for time, but I just can't say no to a good swap!

  6. these swaps sound like such fun! thanks for sharing miss danielle!

  7. oh my gosh totally love that mirror! it is so dreamy

  8. i'm a sucker for swaps and i might have things already picked out for both... ha! anyone that gets you will be lucky, you have THE best vintage taste!

    do you ever go to the estate place downtown? i think there's two locations near community market and by the terry craddock hotel. I LOVE those places! I went there this afternoon and found some beauties.

    i've signed up for all the ones mentioned on your post and the comments... again, i'm such a sucker for swaps :) but the vintage one was a for sure from the moment she told me about it. I love thrifting!


  9. i own the gold mirror's twin.

    these exchanges look like fun...such a variety of lovely things.


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