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lately things have been busy.  i've not given the time to my blog i should, and although part of me wants to because i do enjoy it, the other part of me knows that there are more pressing issues - like getting caught up on orders as well as making triple the amount of items i usually do in preparation for a new store i'll be selling at, and a holiday pop up shop.  when i haven't been working on making more pyrite heart bracelets or pulling more prints, i've been getting used to this new lens and taking pictures of other things i've been doing...

sometimes just taking pictures of simple things around the house can be fun... or maybe i think it's fun because it's my way of putting off work, who knows!  i've re-potted a few succulents, i've cleaned off my dining room table of thrifting finds (the owl lamp and the bride and groom cake topper) so that i have more room to make block prints and paint portraits, and i'd like to say i didn't stop one or ten too many times to eat the pretzels i baked, but i'd be lying.

also, completely random, but do you ever talk to friends, significant others, etc. while they're falling asleep in an effort to get them to talk in their sleep?  i love doing it to chris, because it's usually successful.  the last time he did it i actually wrote down what he said because it was too funny to forget.  here it is:

me: "what?"
chris: "a mouse spider ran from under the sofa and went across the den.  it was like a mouse, and a spider, too."
me: "where were you sitting when you saw it?"
chris: "they're like school chairs with desks."
me: "what?  where are you?"
chris: "at the drugstore.  i bought a cup and saucer for beca and doug."
me: "oh.  what does it look like?"
chris: "it was an eighth.  they measured it before they built it."

how was your weekend?

our weekend was busy but awesome.  a huge, and i mean HUGE, group of people surprised my pop with a retirement party on saturday night.  we ate, we laughed, we talked about him buying a motor home so we can road trip to san francisco, and i dank my new favorite drink - angry orchard traditional dry hard cider.  yum.  but i didn't really take pictures until sunday, and even then i hardly took any.

we started off our morning (really early) with a visit to chris' aunt & uncle's dragonfly ridge and had brunch, art talk, then did some hiking to work it off.  we also had a chipmunk spy watch us eat.  after that we went to the firefish gallery to pick up the watercolor portrait i did of carrie & simon to show in the project perry art show and auction.  it's the first time anything i've painted has been in a gallery, so i was both excited and nervous!  after we picked it up we went to a pretty park to drink coffee (chris) and lemonade (me) and eat snacks, and because it was so pretty, i told chris that i wanted him to take outfit pictures of me.  you won't see those because they never happened.  a local outreach was giving out bowls of chili to the needy and homeless in the park, so obiously i'd feel a little weird standing there like an idiot having my picture taken eleventy billion times.  maybe next time!  then we had dinner and laughs with some of our favorite friends and called it a night.  oh man was it nice to go to bed after such a long day.

i also did the whole messy bun deal and decided that it just didn't work for me.  not even a little bit.

so what did you do over the weekend?