get in my closet: vintage

I didn't really have anything in particular to post today, but I did however have time to browse Etsy. While someone such as myself, a fashion disaster, probably should not share apparel picks, I've decided to anyway! My uniform consists mainly of jeans, skinny or boot cut, a comfy, flowy top (ruffles, gathering and puffed sleeves preferred) and sandals, but I do occasionally get my girl on with a pretty dress or two!

blouse can be found at PlatypiVintage on etsy.
scarf can be found at kissesfromana on etsy.
shoes can be found at vjones1 on etsy.
dress can be found at vonlenskavintage on etsy.

urban art bazaar

If you're in or around Lynchburg, Virginia, then I suggest you come and pay me a visit Friday, July 3rd from 5pm - 8pm at the Riverviews Artspace for the urban art bazaar! I'll have what's in the shops, plus new jewelry & prints that haven't yet made their debut! Like those feathers? You can come see them in person. Just something to think about...

Also, don't for get to enter the brooch giveaway! Dinosaur Toes for FREE, and a winner will be chosen on July 4th, so don't wait!

etsy favorite: sooooound

Melbourne has one hot commodity: sooooound! Vintage paper and ephemera, LOVE. Birds, LOVE LOOOOOVE! Whether it's the vintage, whimsical style prints, or the modern and abstract works of art, this is one shop that's worth checking out! Have I used too many exclamation points? It's because I've found a new Etsy love!!!!!

awkward is right

Want a good laugh? If you haven't spent far too many hours laughing at this site, then you absolutely MUST! From mullets to inappropriate nude pregnant portraits to wedding days with guns, this site has all those family photos that are too funny and unbelievable to believe they're real. For example, can we say, "boring family?"

Photo from

giveaway time!

I'm pleased to announce that I have good news and good news. So which do you want first? I'll start with the good news; I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, allowing me to save two itty bitty box turtles from imminent danger. Neither were shy, and it was hard to let them go, but alas, they're wild and deserve to remain so. The next bit of good news is...IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME! The lucky winner will receive the flower brooch pictured below. Made of golden satin, pale green tulle and a vintage beaded earring.
The Rules:
-Leave a comment with a link to your favorite item in my shop as well as a link to your blog or twitter page.
-Post a link to this giveaway on your blog. If you don't have a blog, post a link to this giveaway 3 different days on your twitter page or on your facebook page.
>Giveaway ends July 4th. Winner will be chosen by someone with no interest in or connection to this blog.<

etsy favorite: thebritboutique

Hello, eco, meet chic. The crafty lady behind thebritboutique merges vintage elements to make some absolutely gorgeous modern accessories. Jeans and t-shirt or little black dress, her clutches are sure to add a touch of style and statement to any look. I have a strong feeling that my next purchase just might be one of the braided leather bangles.....

budgie scare

On Sunday night, when putting my little Flojo to bed, I noticed that Frankenstein the parakeet had a strange look on her face. My first thought was that she had broken her wing by the way it was drooping, but upon further inspection I discovered that a string she'd been chewing on had frayed and wrapped itself around her wing during her playing. It took my husband and I both to hold her still and remove the offending string, but we managed. One flight feather had been pulled, causing some bleeding, and much fear on my part. Because I was too scared to sleep, I sat on the floor beside her cage all night long to be sure she would be okay. Now, two days later, I'm sure she's recovered as she's back to her biting and hyperactive behavior. On a lighter note, I found this picture on a friend's facebook page and thought I'd share!

no, it's not a spoof

So I just discovered this "amazing" gadget via Twitter. I hesitate to ask what they'll think of next as I know it'll be even more ridiculous or repulsive than the current novelties. Have a look for yourself...

beautiful recyclables

If it's old, it's gold. I love the story that an old chandelier crystal, key, brooch, etc. can tell. I imagine that it saw a debutante ball or a cocktail party back when ladies were ladies and gentlemen were gentlemen. I get a magical rush when I find these bits and baubles tucked away in an old box or drawer, long forgotten, but begging to live again as something completely new. One of my latest favorites sold almost as soon as it was listed, but I plan to make more lariat necklaces in the same style, and even one for myself while I'm at it!

my wildlife adventure

No neighbors, no streetlights, no running water. Okay, so the last part is a joke, but I do live in the country, and anyone who makes the journey for the first time, or even a repeat visit, is sure to tell me that I'm "way out there." Living in the sticks does have its perks, though. I'm constantly surrounded by wildlife and have regular bird visitors that my city friends have never even seen before! After leaving for work yesterday, my husband called to tell me that there was a turtle in the road just up from our house. I put on my running shoes and did the hundred yard dash (1/8 mile dash, actually) to save my little friend! On the way there, I passed a snake skeleton (of which I'm not so fond) and was met by four goldfinches, two indigo buntings and a male hummingbird. My jog was nice, and the best part about it is I get to see that kind of beauty everyday! (Minus the snake skeleton).

etsy favorite: makepienotwar

The lovely Alana of has a beautiful shop with the overall theme being positivity. With stamped necklaces reading, "amour" and, "peace and love" to name a few, you can't help but love her optimistic designs! I received my first piece of makepienotwar jewelry yesterday, and it was love at first sight. Visit her shop, or just say hi, she's as sweet as her creations!


So my left index finger was accidentally, and quite painfully pierced (yeah, I'm talking all the way through) when my drill bit broke. Since April 15, my finger has been healing up nicely and the hole through my fingernail has almost completely grown out. Yes, things were looking up for my finger...until today. Why I can't use less force is beyond me. Am I trying to prove that a 95 lb. woman is strong? Am I trying to prove that this jump ring CAN go through that hole? I don't know, but whatever the case, by stubbornness caused me to be without a big chunk of flesh. Too much force + pliers slipping out of my hand = missing meat. To liven this post up a little, I thought I'd look for some interesting bandages, and I do believe I've found the band aid holy grail! Luxury bandages come in Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Dior. These could dress up my injuries just fine!

ohhh perfect.

Well this is just great. I accidentally messed up my counter. Before the carelessness it was at 1660, now we're back to 1. Next time I'll try to use a bit more caution when editing!

rosette love

Whether they're on a bracelet, on a headband or pinned to a lapel, I'm nuts for rosettes. Luckily others like them, too, that way I get to keep on making them! I recently finished two custom orders with rosettes, and I think they turned out beautifully!

this is a sad one...

You know how songs can really stick with you when something big is going on in your life? I lost my Grandpa on February 28th. Along with my family, I sat with my Grandpa for the last 14 hours of his life watching his color change, feeling his skin turn cold and hearing his last breaths. The next few days were a blur, and while I can't remember when or where exactly I heard it, Viva La Vida was the first song I remembered hearing, so for whatever reason, it stuck. Now whenever I hear it, I think only of Grandpa.

etsy favorite: vintagesoapcompany

Rub a dub dub, it smells pretty in my tub! Okay, so maybe that's a little corny, but in all honesty, I don't think my bathroom has ever smelled so good during and after a shower. I'm hooked for life, and I think I may be an addict of soaps and lip balms from Vintage Soap Co. The husband and wife team make soaps that smell so good I want to eat them, and as an added bonus, they're both so friendly, you really want to buy their soaps regardless of the delicious scents! So far I've used citrus lavender, lemongrass rose geranium, rose and tangerine. I can't pick a favorite! In addition to the sweet aroma, I stopped using lotion after starting on the "Vintage Soap Co. regimen" as my skin is so moisturized from my shower. Yes, I'm in love!

cocktail anyone?

After receiving a very old and very large mother of pearl ring from my Grandma's jewelry box, I've become slightly obsessed with beautiful, bold cocktail rings. Although I do love jewelry (as I should since I make it), I find myself sometimes wearing nothing more than Grandma's old ring as it commands attention all by itself. While it will always remain my favorite, I'm in the market for a new ring, and here are some of my favorites.

Ring #1 from 2007musarra, Ring #2 from jillian1984, Ring #3 from Moon Faces.