my wildlife adventure

No neighbors, no streetlights, no running water. Okay, so the last part is a joke, but I do live in the country, and anyone who makes the journey for the first time, or even a repeat visit, is sure to tell me that I'm "way out there." Living in the sticks does have its perks, though. I'm constantly surrounded by wildlife and have regular bird visitors that my city friends have never even seen before! After leaving for work yesterday, my husband called to tell me that there was a turtle in the road just up from our house. I put on my running shoes and did the hundred yard dash (1/8 mile dash, actually) to save my little friend! On the way there, I passed a snake skeleton (of which I'm not so fond) and was met by four goldfinches, two indigo buntings and a male hummingbird. My jog was nice, and the best part about it is I get to see that kind of beauty everyday! (Minus the snake skeleton).

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