As you may have guessed from seeing corn in the background of my pictures, I live on a farm.  I was feeling kind of frustrated and a little overwhelmed the other day, and being that fresh air does the soul good, I figured I'd take a little walk around my yard and up my road to help clear my head.  I felt so much better when I got back in.

1.  I picked myself a few flowers and weeds to put in a tiny antique vase on my kitchen counter.
2.  My farty, annoying, and always loving dog, Kona.
3.  Chris' grandma let me take her picture.  "Good," she said, when I told her I wouldn't get her face. / One of the many butterflies enjoying nectar on my butterfly bush.
4.  Flojo can't come out on walks, so she watches patiently at the window (and this always makes me kind of sad since we do everything else together).
5.  Where the kind of gravel road turns to complete gravel road.
6.  More of my weed bouquet.
7.  Another butterfly, and Kona's favorite position on the front porch.

When you're feeling overwhelmed or bummed out, what helps you clear your head?

My Simple Boot Strap DIY

Because I'm not courageous enough to have an asymmetrical haircut, get a sleeve of tattoos, or have unusual piercings, I have to get a little punk rock in in more subtle ways.  I figured studded boot straps were a good accessory to add just a teeny bit of rock & roll to my outfit.

These were so simple to make, and luckily I had all the supplies already.  I was originally going to stud the entire way around, but once I got three in, I kind of liked that look.  Who knows, I may end up adding more later.

Here's what I used to make them:
- black leather (or vinyl as a budget option, and JoAnn has some pretty believable faux leather)
- silver and gold tone double cap rivets/studs, size small (I got mine from Michael's)
- a leather punch (also from Michael's)
- a rivet setter & anvil (but you could just use a hammer and a hard surface)
- large brass rings

Here's how I made them:
- I measured how long I needed each section of leather to be, and added some length so it could be doubled under the the studded/riveted area
- Cut my leather strips with an exacto knife.
- Folded the leather around the brass ring.
- Punched my holes in the leather where I want the studs to go.  It's probably best to measure, but I just tend to eyeball everything.
- Hammered in my rivets/studs.
- Moved onto the next side and repeated all the steps to get the leather around the second ring.
- Did the same thing all over again for the second strap!

It's super simple, and these slide off, that way I can wear them on other boots!