My Simple Boot Strap DIY

Because I'm not courageous enough to have an asymmetrical haircut, get a sleeve of tattoos, or have unusual piercings, I have to get a little punk rock in in more subtle ways.  I figured studded boot straps were a good accessory to add just a teeny bit of rock & roll to my outfit.

These were so simple to make, and luckily I had all the supplies already.  I was originally going to stud the entire way around, but once I got three in, I kind of liked that look.  Who knows, I may end up adding more later.

Here's what I used to make them:
- black leather (or vinyl as a budget option, and JoAnn has some pretty believable faux leather)
- silver and gold tone double cap rivets/studs, size small (I got mine from Michael's)
- a leather punch (also from Michael's)
- a rivet setter & anvil (but you could just use a hammer and a hard surface)
- large brass rings

Here's how I made them:
- I measured how long I needed each section of leather to be, and added some length so it could be doubled under the the studded/riveted area
- Cut my leather strips with an exacto knife.
- Folded the leather around the brass ring.
- Punched my holes in the leather where I want the studs to go.  It's probably best to measure, but I just tend to eyeball everything.
- Hammered in my rivets/studs.
- Moved onto the next side and repeated all the steps to get the leather around the second ring.
- Did the same thing all over again for the second strap!

It's super simple, and these slide off, that way I can wear them on other boots!


  1. such a fun DIY! love that the straps slip off and you can wear them on other boots.



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