what i've been working on...

i really haven't been working on much jewelry lately, aside from made to order items that need to ship, because sometimes i just need a break from it.  what i have been doing (besides traipsing through the woods and getting into ATV wrecks with chris) is working on things for my art shop.  i spent a good chunk of last saturday taking pictures of prints in a simple white frame to give them a more finished look.  i don't know about you, but something that's always a deal breaker for me when looking for art is showing it hanging or framed.  in a frame?  it's in my shopping cart.

i still have several more to add to my shop, and a few that need to be finished so i can make prints, but all in all i'm happy to have this little escape from jewelry making.  and my fingers and nails appreciate the break from metal, too.

what have you been working on lately?

one pattern shy of crazy

you know that feeling you get when you love the outfit you're wearing - you feel confident and awesome and you kind of don't want to take it off?  this skirt makes me feel that way about my outfit.  also, it has pockets so i know what to do with my hands which we all know adds a ton of bonus points.

shirt: banana republic (thrifted) // skirt: target (thanks, birthday money) // sandals: aldo // necklace: dinosaur toes

there is one accessory i decided to leave out of this equation.  i love pattern mixing to the point it can cause my eyes to hurt from all that's going on, and if i had the confidence i wish i had, i'd mix like that.  BUT, since i can be a little insecure, and because this conservative little town isn't ready for stripes and polka dots AND floral unless the wearer is crazy (bless their little heart), i opted for the tan belt instead of the floral on i was this close (my thumb and forefinger are nearly touching) to wearing.  maybe next time.

so how was your memorial day weekend?  great, i hope!  we pool partied and cooked out, went exploring through the woods, and playing in the creek, and i loved every minute of it!

ice ice baby

first, the good news: CHRIS IS HOME!  he ended up not getting home until monday instead of sunday because they made stops along the way to fully enjoy the road trip experience, and i really am glad he had fun and made the most of their trip (even if it meant i sat at home feeling sorry for myself)!  anyway, it's hot here.  i always find myself longing for snow around may or june, and that's when i really start becoming attracted to things that seem cool and crisp or remind me of ice; things that almost make you feel the cold winter air; or at the very least, make me feel the cool breeze that accompanies a summer storm.  that's why i'm really loving these things...

find these beauties here (from the top): specimental, sirli mosaic, ben forgey dot com, meg a myers, the revolver, agjc, lucky hemlock.

have you been coveting anything recently?  and is it hot where you are?  i went to grandma's on saturday and hung out while the pool was being opened, and in no time i had a clog and shorts farmer tan, which means it's officially summer!

half of me is in wisconsin

yesterday morning, before the sun came up, before the birds were chirping, and before any sane person gets out of bed, my chrissie was kissing me goodbye see you later.  whenever i know i'm going to have most of the day to myself, i'm excited, because it means i can get into whatever i want, make as big a mess as i want, and make as much noise as i want, but i know that chris will always be back home before a full day has passed.  he left yesterday morning for several days, wisconsin-bound (via atlanta because it makes sense to airlines) to move his cousin from concordia university in mequon, wi, back to north carolina.  i didn't realize i could miss him so much.

i know i've told beca several times that it can test a business partnership (like she and i both have with our men) and sanity being around the same person all day everyday, but i'm seriously missing that perv.  anyway, enough whining for one day!  i wanted to tell you 1. have a good weekend, and 2. the winner of the giveaway from printrunner.com for 100 postcards is kyla!  congrats kyla, and email me when you get a chance to claim your loot!

where have i been?!

i always feel sort of guilty when i go for a few days without posting; almost like blogging is a job and i just decided not to show up.  i'd like to say i had 8 million things to do that kept me from it, but i'd be lying.  the only thing that kept me from doing just about anything besides complaining and eating crazy bread is cramps.  those little jerks.  but i did want to tell you about the locavore festival in charlottesville on saturday!

scarf: birthday gift to myself via ross // dress: birthday gift from chris via forever 21 //  jewelry: i made it (dinosaur toes) // clogs: lotta from stockholm

when i'm going to something like this i always like to dress so that 1. i'm comfortable (duh), and 2. so that i can wear something i've made and be walking advertisement!  remember in my last post the picture of flojo caught in the act of brooch destruction?  i had to laugh when i saw these pictures because i've caught her again!  only this time she's chewing at the little strings on my scarf.  she's so pretty though, how can i be mad with her?

so i have to admit something to you - i'm so, so, so bad about actually remembering to pull out my camera when i really WANT to take pictures.  i took my big film camera with us on saturday so i could take pictures of my little display, of arlie and i, and of charlottesville in general since it's so pretty.  but can you believe i left the camera in our vehicle which was parked several blocks away?  i'm really doing something i do NOT like here and posting cell phone pictures, but i want to at least show you a few things from the day (including the most delicious popsicle i've ever eaten - a homemade lemon ginger dream)!

and one more thing: the giveaway for 100 postcards with your design will end tonight before i go to bed, and the winner will be announced on friday, so don't miss out on the chance to be an awesome penpal or promote your business!

the case of the missing eyeball

on friday afternoon a little gold bird was victimized right under my nose, quite literally.  while i was busy making faces at my husband, i heard a crunch, i heard a crack, and i realized that a crime had been committed.  one of my little blue-eyed brooch birds had been assaulted and was lucky to escape the attack with its life, but only one of its two eyes.  it didn't take me long to identify the attacker thanks to exhibit A:

jacket: american eagle // lace dress: h&m via ebay // neon belt: gap // bird brooch: vintage // sandals: aldo

a few things about this outfit: first, i almost died when i saw that i'd won this dress on ebay.  i've been wanting a lace dress for so long, but seeing as how i'm a cheapskate, i wasn't willing to pay what most of them went for.  and then i found this one.  $17 later, i'm the proud new owner of this brand new dress with a €30 price tag.  next, i've had this neon yellow belt for years, and although i love it so much, i've never been sure of how to wear it because i'm pretty low key and i didn't want it to make me stand out so much.  i guess this is another reason i really needed this dress.

so how was your weekend?  mine was nice, and i'll tell you more about it tomorrow!  but until then, be sure to enter the giveaway i've got going on from printrunner.com for 100 postcards with your very own design! 

keep in touch: A GIVEAWAY!

i don't know about you, but i get excited to the point of squealing when i get a postcard in the mail.  tweets, wall posts, and emails are definitely nice, but they just don't compare to a little handwritten hello, don't you agree?  and that's why i'm so excited to be working with PrintRunner to offer you this giveaway for a set of 100 postcards!  i think it would be a great way to help promote your business, show off your artwork, share an old photo you've scanned in, or anything else - the possibilities are endless - on postcards.  PrintRunner is also kind enough to send me a set of postcards, and i think i'm going to get them made with a painting of an elephant i finished yesterday!

here are the rules for entering:
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now for the details about the postcards you could win!  you will recieve: 5x7 postcards, quantity of 100, colors 4/0 front printing only, 14 pt. UV coating on front only paper, rounded corners, no proof, ready to ship in 4 business days!

in the meantime, check out PrintRunner, where you can print online and check out their custom postcard printing to surprise your friends with a little snail mail!

granny style, but i love it.

so, i caved.  i thought i stood firmly against midi skirts - not because i didn't like them, but because i wasn't convinced i could pull them off on my 5'2" frame - but it turns out i was only firm until i found one that fit well.  is it the best cut or style for me?  i don't know, but with a great floral print, and a price tag of a massive $3, i knew this baby was going to be mine.

shirt: h&m (i actually typed shit at first, but luckily i caught myself) // skirt: vintage/thrifted // sandals: aldo // bag: vintage/thrifted

i also have two other vintage midi skirts that i originally got with the intention of hemming up to knee length (but actually getting around to alterations can take anywhere from a week to 6 years), but after wearing this skirt and realizing that unlike shorter skirts, midi skirts aren't at all dangerous or pervert magnets on windy days, i think i'm going to keep them just like they are!

also, EXCITING NEWS!!!  if you didn't win the watercolor portrait i gave away last week, you needn't worry, because HERE'S ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!  beca was sweet enough to host a giveaway for a custom pet portrait on her blog, so if you haven't entered yet, be sure to go do it because it ends tomorrow!  and speaking of giveaways, i'll be having one here tomorrow, so be sure to come back and see what you could win!

around here...

this morning has been filled with sewing, drawing, dyeing fabrics, attaching earrings to their little cards, and all sorts of things in preparation for the big event in charlottesville this saturday.  actually, this whole last week has been pretty much like that, which means my house (because my supplies and work seem to work their way into almost every room of the house) looks like it's been dumped on by a fabric & supply store tornado...

the good news is: i think (i don't want to jinx myself by saying this) i'm a little bit ahead of schedule which NEVER happens; i did manage to get some of my fabric cleaned up so that i can walk on and see the floor in my studio; you can expect a giveaway from my Girl + Parrot store happening soon on a friend's blog; i stole a few peonies from chris's granny's yard so they make my house smell sweet; and i get to meet the super talented arlie from urban revisions this weekend!

what i've been working on...

lately, well, i haven't many new ideas.  at all.  but i've had to force it because if i want to be even close to ready for the event in charlottesville on may 12, i can't let my lack of ideas stop me!  i'm still waiting on one of those creative awakenings where there's not enough time in the day or week to bring to fruition all the ideas swirling around in my head, but i'm hoping that with the arrival of a new tool (either today or tomorrow) the creative juices may start flowing a little more.

the pyrite earrings in the second picture are definitely my new favorites, and i think other people may like them as well, because when i added them to my shop earlier this week, before i could even open photoshop to edit the other pictures, the earrings had already sold!  i love it when that happens.  luckily i have several more pairs, and i think a few of them will go in the charlottesville pile.

what have you been working on lately?  and have you been feeling especially creative?

the one i'm afraid of

are you prone to ripping, snagging, and generally ruining clothes that you really like?  i am.  big time.  i'm not sure why that is, but it seems like the clothes i don't particularly like are invincible to my unintentional destruction, yet the pretty, lacy, favorite things always get hung or ripped on a ring or bracelet, stained by mustard, eaten by dragons accidentally thrown in the dryer and shrunk beyond recognition, etc.  this is one of those skirts i'm almost afraid to wear because i like it so much...

shirt: banana republic (thrifted) // necklace: gift from beca // skirt: forever 21 (gift from chris) // shoes: i think i got them at the rugged wearhouse but i'm not sure

if i tattooed myself with art...

the sun is out, the birds are chirping, and i'm ready for a day of jumping on the trampoline!  it's been so rainy and gross here for what feels like forever, and it's amazing what waking up to sunshine can do for the mood!  sunny days make me feel creative and inspired, and that sudden surge of creativity doesn't just apply to what i'm working on, but art in general.  since i've got a stack of birthday cash (okay, that may be an exaggeration) i've been thinking more about getting another tattoo.  i've got a few in my head, but sometimes while perusing the shops of so many talented artists on etsy, i imagine having a version of one of their works on my body.  these are a few i really love...

you can find these beauties here (from the top): leah duncan, chipmunk cheeks, mister finch, amanda michael harris, corella design.

and finally, a giveaway winner has been randomly chosen for the custom watercolor portrait!  thank you to everyone who entered, and a MILLION thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement!  if i had unlimited time (and paper) i'd give you all a painting!  but, since life can get busy, for now we'll just stick to one winner...  AMELIE OBSCURA!