if i tattooed myself with art...

the sun is out, the birds are chirping, and i'm ready for a day of jumping on the trampoline!  it's been so rainy and gross here for what feels like forever, and it's amazing what waking up to sunshine can do for the mood!  sunny days make me feel creative and inspired, and that sudden surge of creativity doesn't just apply to what i'm working on, but art in general.  since i've got a stack of birthday cash (okay, that may be an exaggeration) i've been thinking more about getting another tattoo.  i've got a few in my head, but sometimes while perusing the shops of so many talented artists on etsy, i imagine having a version of one of their works on my body.  these are a few i really love...

you can find these beauties here (from the top): leah duncan, chipmunk cheeks, mister finch, amanda michael harris, corella design.

and finally, a giveaway winner has been randomly chosen for the custom watercolor portrait!  thank you to everyone who entered, and a MILLION thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement!  if i had unlimited time (and paper) i'd give you all a painting!  but, since life can get busy, for now we'll just stick to one winner...  AMELIE OBSCURA!


  1. I love the tangled knot one after the bird :)

  2. i am a huge fan of birthday tattoo's! i get one every year :) i love the idea of getting someone's art on you. i think the elephant is super cute. where are you thinking of getting it?

    1. i have a few ideas, but i can never decide on just one! i really want to get one with a bird stack (a swallow, a mockingbird, and flojo since they all have special meaning to me).

  3. I LOVE that elephant one, you could probably place him/her{?} anywhere because of how it starts at the head! I'm probably going to get this orca whale piece by Brooke Reidt http://pinterest.com/pin/112027109451038198/ I've never had another artists work on me before but I know that I'm 100% with this one! I can't wait to see what you get! =)

  4. Ohhh all of these are sooooo pretty. I can get lost in Etsy for hours & hours...

  5. I've been wanting a new tattoo as well. Great inspiration!

  6. this is such a lovely arrangement. i'd get a tattoo if i weren't such a sissy! but i am, alas. love that you included leah duncan...she's kind of the best. adore your blog! xo.

  7. wow! I really love the last one! <3(:


  8. I love my girls sexy and tattooed...

    Also you spelled "Caitlin" wrong when you wrote the winner. No big deal.

  9. THE ELEPHANT!!!! I am such a loooooooser too. Your birthday treat is still sitting in my car. I will post it as soon as I can. Boo to meeee.
    toni xo

  10. oh, i love them all!! i've been contemplating another tattoo too....i never thought to turn to etsy for inspiration. thanks for the tip my dear.


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