busy hands...

I've been rather busy lately getting things ready for the Charlottesville Arts & Crafts Festival this Saturday, August 29th. I do feel a bit guilty for letting my Etsy shop get a little stagnant, but to be honest, when sales slow down, I don't have all that much motivation. I have however created so many new little goodies, all of which I'll be taking to Charlottesville, but what doesn't sell will be listed in my shop, and I hope to then get back into the regular Etsy schedule of listing everyday. Here's a little peek at my hard work:

roadtrip: north carolina pt. quatre

Back to the good ole road trip series. After a few random stops, we make our way to the first city on our tour: Chapel Hill, NC. I know there's more to Chapel Hill than just Franklin Street, but there is so much to do that you'll spend an entire day there, promise. From vintage shops to restaurants and everything in between, it's the bee's knees. I thought the sticker on the door to this cupcake shop gave sound advice:

It's never as much fun jumping on your own bed, but don't take my word for it, have a look at this site! http://www.hotelsbycity.net/blog/bed-jump/

look up, no not that high...

I made a new banner. Of course I liked the old banner, but since I have an attention span of about thirty seconds, I really thought it was time for a change. That's all, I'm too tired to type more, and it's only 9:45. Sad. Really sad. I'll be back tomorrow!

roadtrip: north carolina pt. trois

Moving on from Clarksville and well on our journey to North Carolina, we met up with an interesting artist, Tommy Winn. His medium is wood and his tool is a chainsaw. Impressive. Since we went a new route, we didn't go through our usual North Carolina border towns, instead, we discovered a new one; Oxford, North Carolina. It was so wholesome and pretty, and I have the pictures to prove it! It's one of those, "blink-and you-miss-it" type towns. I'm glad my eyes were open.

roadtrip: north carolina, pt. deux

After finishing a delicious and fat/calorie/cholesterol filled breakfast, we hopped on the bike and headed toward Clarksville, VA, home of Buggs Island Lake. If you haven't had a chance to visit the lake, you should, it's beautiful. One of my favorite forms of art is architecture, and more specifically, any OLD architecture. From residential to commercial, I love the beauty and integrity that is preserved in buildings and homes from long ago (more architecture when our road trip hits NC). Here are a few snapshots I took while riding (and I discovered how difficult it is to ride and photograph at the same time)!

roadtrip: north carolina, pt. un

For the last few days, the mister and I have been doing a little exploring on two wheels. Loaded with only the items that could fit in a backpack, we headed out (rather, sped like we were running from the cops) on our sport bike with our destination being Chapel Hill, NC, Greensboro, NC and all points in between. First stop, breakfast. I'm a light morning eater, but since it's the man's favorite meal, we went home cookin'. I had a bit of self control, but the same cannot be said for him. -P.S. If you're ever passing through South Boston, Virginia and looking for the best bacon on the planet, look for CJ's Country Kitchen. Good. Cheap.

creepy lady, bad blogger

Okay, so I've become a terrible blogger lately. If you're in the Lynchburg, VA area, please come and smack me,or kick me in the forehead, your choice. You'd think it wouldn't be too hard a task considering I'm literally within a few feet of a computer at all times, but alas, I get lazy. On to the news. I got my creepy mannequin hand in the mail! It'll be easier for bracelet pictures (as opposed to photographing myself), and I think it will make a good display for shows! Maybe I'm just weird, but when I pick the hand up, because of the way her fingers curl in, I swear it feels like she's holding my hand. A little spooky!

the psycho-neurotic institute for the very, very nervous

I just love this movie! The first time I started watching High Anxiety, I was at someone else's house and had to rush home (which was about 2 minutes away) during a commercial break so I wouldn't miss anything! Sadly, I fell asleep, and I've never actually watched it in it's entirety in one sitting, but whenever it's on TV, you can bet I'm watching it! Old comedies are nothing like today's comedies, and I love it!

etsy favorite: randomness

While I'm relaxing by the clam pool, listening to the birds (it's a hard life, I know) I thought I'd share some items from my favorites. I do wish I could buy them all, but window shopping will do for now!

vase from redhotpottery

print from jennifersquires

necklace from lienrebecca