roadtrip: north carolina, pt. deux

After finishing a delicious and fat/calorie/cholesterol filled breakfast, we hopped on the bike and headed toward Clarksville, VA, home of Buggs Island Lake. If you haven't had a chance to visit the lake, you should, it's beautiful. One of my favorite forms of art is architecture, and more specifically, any OLD architecture. From residential to commercial, I love the beauty and integrity that is preserved in buildings and homes from long ago (more architecture when our road trip hits NC). Here are a few snapshots I took while riding (and I discovered how difficult it is to ride and photograph at the same time)!


  1. Really lovely pictures. I used to live in Virginia so these feel very nostalgic to me.


  2. Thank you! I love Virginia. I left and went to Pennsylvania, but Virginia had my heart, so I came back!


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