our new babies

No, we aren't parents to human babies; I just wanted to clear that up before the thought even entered your mind! Also, I know that not everyone is gaga over animals, so I promise I don't plan to continue doing nothing but cute animals posts, it's just that they seem to have found me a lot lately. So, we're new parents to four little kittens. They were in the top of a barn, and after hearing crying all morning long, Chris finally decided to go see what it was coming from. He found four little kittens, but didn't realize until later that afternoon that their mother had been hit by a car. I'll admit, I'm more of a bird or dog person than I am a cat person, but you can't help loving something so cute!

I tried my best to get some pictures of them, but it proved to be incredibly difficult since they won't hold still! Having never raised kittens before, I did research pretty much all weekend long to determine their age. I've come to the conclusion that they are less than two weeks old, which means lots of feeding and little sleep on my end. It's so worth it, because when their little ears start fluttering and they start purring after a full belly, I know they're happy. The orange one is my favorite. He (or she, it's too early to tell) is the most voracious eater, and once his belly is full, he falls asleep in my arms.

Aside from being a kitten mom, I really haven't done much this weekend. I sort of thought about swimming a few times, but I guess I'm just too lazy. Have you done anything exciting over your holiday weekend?

Terrapene Carolina

I'm sure you probably all know about my immeasurable love for birds, but you may or may not know that I have the same fondness for turtles. I've always loved turtles (see), but the older I've gotten, the more I've learned about their (box turtles, or terrapene carolina) rapid decline due to habitat destruction and fragmentation. It's because of the information I've read that I've basically become a turtle-saving maniac. Up until today, I've only ever run into the highway or blocked traffic for two turtles in one day, but in less than two hours of driving I got 5, yes FIVE, turtles from the road!

turtle pictures found here and here.

Like a fool, I left my camera at home today, but any turtle is cute! So, back to my story. I was told the other year (regarding orphaned or injured birds, and any wild animal in a perilous situation) that, basically, I'm stepping in and disturbing nature, and I should leave all wildlife alone. I, on the other hand, disagree. I feel that I'm put in a specific place at a specific time because I'm supposed to be there, and I can help. Do we think that doctors are disrupting things by saving lives? No.

Okay, rant over, back to the silly stuff. Two of the turtles were at the edge of the road on my way to work this morning, and three of them were in the road on my way to see my first client. There was a car a ways behind me when I stopped to get the fifth turtle out of the road, so I pulled over, jumped out of the car, and put my hand up to say, "stop" while I was walking to the turtle. Well, they didn't obey the sign, but the turtle is now safe, so that's all that matters!

A couple years ago when I was at my favorite local junk/antique shop, I spotted this pretty necklace, and I felt like was made for me! Fitting, no? In addition to mingling with turtles, I also went to pick up this CD from Karl Blau at my local indie record store, Speakertree Records, and I love it!

bows, not for beaus

I've had a fondness for tow ties for quite some time now, and I keep trying to think of different ways to wear them. First I put them on bracelets, then I put them on headbands, and now I've decided that I really like them as brooches. I made this batch yesterday (you can consider this your sneak peek), and I decided that a cluster of bow ties is très mignon!

Black suede, grey and mustard yellow leather, all with pin backs. I've been wanting to do a little thrifting for tacky, brightly colored leather bags or clothes that I could use as donor leather because I'd like a cluster for myself, but I really want green or teal leather!

Two weeks from this very moment, I will be in the sky on my way from Philadelphia to California! I've decided that since I won't be blogging for a few days, I'll post the giveaway before I leave on the 10th!

wishlist wednesday!

Whether it's for home decor, clothing, jewelry, or anything else, I'm a big fan of the natural, earthy style. #1 it's a great source of inspiration for me, and #2 I think I may have been a hippie in another life, so it just feels natural (no pun intended)! So today's wish list has been pulled together with the common thread being nature.

#1 and #8 from the social cellar, #2 from feather children, #3 from sukan, #4 from moon raven designs, #5 from jean pelle, #6 from terminy, #7 from vonlenska vintage.

If you'd like to join and make your own Wednesday wish list, link back to me from your post, and leave a link to your list in the comments section! I can't wait to see you found! While I've got you here, I need to ask you something. You know how men can be a little blunt or insensitive sometimes? Chris was honest enough to tell me a few weeks ago that maybe my blog and I are boring. So, do have any ideas of things you'd like to see? I'm open to suggestions (which doesn't happen often because I'm incredibly stubborn)!

a few things i love around other homes

I'm sorry, but I didn't have time to take pictures of the two things I'm loving around my home this Tuesday, but to still (kind of) get in on the action, I figured I'd share a few things I'm loving in someone elses home! I think these rooms are super amazing because I'm not one for bright or excessive colors, and I also love the look of mixing old and new, hard and soft; I can appreciate a good juxtaposition!

What's your decoration style like, and do you have specific colors or collections that you use or look for when you're shopping? I'll admit that I collect pretty much everything, but when the majority or your home's contents come from thrift and junk shops (such as mine), it's hard to pass up such a bargain! My favorites are milk glass, old dishes (they're good for wall hangings and for collecting jewelry or just about anything else), painted or enameled trays, and old silver or brass.

Super exciting news... I've decided what the next giveaway will be, and I'll post it in the next few weeks! If you like vintage, I think you're going to like this!

paper from the past

I wouldn't say I'm a big wallpaper person, in fact I'm quite the opposite (especially when it comes to the bright, bold monstrosities I remember from childhood homes), but there's something about the delicate colors and patterns of vintage 9or vintage inspired) and antique wallpaper that I just love. For example...

images via flickr

Sometimes I think maybe I'd like a wallpapered room in my house, but it would have to be a bathroom since I'm leery of prints and patterns. If I did any wallpaper though, I'd want it to be a large pastel pattern with flowers or leaves, and birds of course, like the first picture! So what do you think? Do you have any wallpaper in your house?

Also, I must tell you about my love of lambs. I've been begging Chris for years to let me have a donkey and a lamb, otherwise this farmland will just go to waste (that's what I tell him, at least). Well obviously I'm sans lamb and donkey, but yesterday on our way home from Culpeper we went the scenic route to see the multi-million dollar estates. Most have horses, but there was one (beautiful) farm with hundreds of sheep and cute little lambs! It was love!

How was your weekend?

pretty pressies & metal

First off, let me say that I'm not insulting your intelligence by stating the obvious, but I've made a few changes to le blog. I wanted my pictures to be a bit wider, and that meant editing my html and finally making a new banner. I'm still not sure if I'm sold, so if you'd care to share your thoughts, I'd happy to hear/read them!

I'm not sure how many of you participated in the love vintage exchange that Kellie over at rice babies hosted, but let me just say that the idea was genius, and I seriously got the best packages (I had two partners)! I couldn't photograph everything I received since there's a storm brewin' and the sun has disappeared, but here are my favorites...

These two items were sent to my by Lucy. When I started to open the necklace I didn't actually know what in the world it was, but I could see rocks, which I thought was awesome since I love rocks so much. Then I saw a bit of the rope and i was completely confused. Finally I saw that it was a necklace and I was in love. I've already tried it on with several solid color tops and dresses, and it definitely gives a boring outfit the right amount of awesome!

My second favorite from that package is this pretty bird dish. I know it will be hung somewhere in my kitchen, but I haven't decided on the perfect spot yet; somewhere that will bring it the attention it deserves! In addition to the necklace and dish, I got a pretty mini picture in a gold frame, 1940's black and white photos (many from Germany, my homeland), a brooch and a pair of earrings!

The other package I got was from the sweet as candy Carlen. I have to admit, I wasn't able to pick a favorite, so I photographed the items that were closest. I'm not sure if she saw the "two things I love around my home" post where I shared a vintage hand mirror, but I really love them, so imagine my surprise when i opened up that golden beauty!

Candy. Enough said, right? I may or may not have eaten an entire box of the candy cigarettes in one sitting. Yeah. Yum. She also sent me pretty embroidered hankies and dresser scarves, handmade tissue cozies, and cute little notes explaining each item she picked for me! Aren't packages fun?!?!? Yes, they are!

I had originally planned on walking up to the garage (in the country there are fields between any and all structures) to test out an idea I had for pendants on the metal lathe, but considering the rain is coming down hard enough to possibly drown me as I step out of the door, I guess I'll wait. have you done anything fun or crafty this weekend? Oh, and in case you're wondering what in the heck a metal lathe is, here's a deep and informative voice to explain it for you...

fill in the blanks: fashion

Today's fill in the blanks are about fashion. Yeah, that's about as foreign to me as Swahili, but I still love clothes like 99.9% of the women out there! if you want to play along in fill in your answers, you can link up on Lauren's blog. If you have a chance, check out an interview I did on Jessica's pretty blog!

1. One fashion trend I really regret is Sun In. I'm proud to be a brunette, so i can't for the life of me understand why I wanted to intentionally turn my hair yellowish orange. I deserve to be jailed!

2. The one thing that always completes any outfit is a nice long necklace.

3. I would describe my personal style as um, eclectic? I like so many different styles, and I usually have a few different things going on at once.

4. My fashion muse is anyone who is unique. I love looking at fashion blogs and indie magazines to get ideas on how to wear some of my clothes differently.

5. If I could own one designer piece of clothing it would be something from Nadinoo. I'm loving their spring/summer collection (see pics above)!

6. I would love to raid the wardrobe of Sarah Jessica Parker since she got to keep all of her outfits from Sex and the City!

7. Today I am wearing a dark denim skirt, a loose-fitting grey t-shirt, black braided gladiator sandals, a stone claw necklace, a bullet necklace, these sunglasses and a black forever 21 messenger bag.

wishlist wednesday!

That's right, folks, it's time for another wish list! I'm trying my darnedest not to talk about it to everyone all the time, but I just can't hide my excitement for the June California trip when I get to meet up with Haley, Kassi, Lauren and Brandi! So, this wish list is loosely based on travel "necessities" (and I use that term loosely as well).

Let's face it, plane rides are boring, and if they last longer than the in-flight movie, you'll need something else to occupy your time. Or, if you're unlucky enough to have one of the Harry Potter movies (sorry fans) as the selection, you'll need even more to occupy your time! Might I suggest mini books for journaling or sketching?

More than likely, with all the maps, road signs and GPS gadgets in cars, you won't get lost (too bad). However, should you find yourself deep in the forest with out your car (and its fancy GPS thing) and cell phone, you'd probably be pretty thankful you packed that compass!

I don't know about you, but when I travel, I like bringing back little knick knacks and souvenirs (not spoons, good stuff) that I can't get at home. Not only that, but I like to have some snacks, my camera, phone, etc. on the plane with me, and it takes a large bag to haul everything!

One of the best souvenirs to bring back from a trip is a whole collection of pictures! Don't get me wrong, I'll always love the convenience of digital photography, but nothing beats good old fashioned film & vintage cameras!

Last but not least, if you check your luggage and have to wait at the baggage carousel, the worst thing that could happen would be for someone else to take off with your goods. Fun & customized luggage tags would insure your bags only go with you!

Do you have fun plans for trips this summer? Have you met blogger friends in person? If you want to share your wish list, and I hope you do, link back to me from your list, and leave a link to it in the comments section so I can see!

the bathing suit post

So, this one is going to require a bit of wordage (or maybe that's just because I'm so painfully shy); I'd suggest getting comfortable with a nice cup of tea, or a stiff drink, your choice. You know how I told you yesterday about my new favorite bathing suit that I got from J. Crew on Sunday? Well, I wanted to show you, but I couldn't get a decent picture of it hanging up, and I don't know anyone my size or have any neighbors, so I had to use myself. Ugh. Don't laugh, and please don't judge! I'm definitely not the showy type, so the fact that I'm using pictures of myself doesn't mean I'm in love with myself!

This top is super cute, and I REALLY love bandeau tops (the halter strap can be removed). I got a different color bottom to go with it because I really love the look of mix & match suits, but unfortunately it isn't the right fit. I'm SOOOO self conscious about it, but there are these scars from a surgery I had when I was younger, and the older I get, the more I hate them. When I was younger, I just assumed that everyones lower stomach looked like mine, but when I finally realized mine was different, it sort of started to bother me. I used to cry about the scars, and sometimes if I'm feeling blue, I still do! Anyway, so many bikini bottoms these days are made super duper low cut, and I can't wear them because I REFUSE to show the top scar (it's the deepest). So, the bottom I got for this top was cut too low, but at least I have another bottom that will work!

And this one is my favorite! It just barely covers the top scar, but just barely is better than bare! I don't even know where to begin. I love the color (most any shade of green is my favorite), I love the ultra soft, smooth fabric, I love the sort of vintage inspired style, I love everything about it, and most of all, I love that it cost me less than $10! That's right, J. Crew for less than $10!

So thanks for reading through my blah and icky feelings, and I hope you don't think I'm weird for posting bathing suit pictures of myself. Maybe I'm just weird because I get so crazy about it. I don't know.

This bit actually has nothing to do with my bathing suit (or, I guess it could loosely relate since I was in a swimming pool), but I'm watching an episode of Made on MTV with cheerleaders, and it made me think of this one Saturday at the pool when my sister and cousin decided they wanted to use me as a stunt girl since I'm the smallest. They made me stand on their shoulders, and the dumb part is, we were in the shallow end. All I know is, someones foot slipped and I fell all that way and landed flat on my back on the bottom of the pool. I seriously thought I'd drown. Then I got up, but I still couldn't breathe. Dad came and pulled me out of the pool, and when I finally started breathing and could move again, I told Lauren and Emily that I would not play cheerleader with them again. Definitely not worth the pain and lack of oxygen!

i survived...

...the cage of death. I have no idea what the ride was called, but boy am I glad it's over! Chris suggested that we ride to the carnival that was passing through town, and anytime I get a chance to ride "the scrambler," I do! He was also the one to propose a ride on the spinning, twisting, upset-my-lo-mein-noodles-stomach ferris wheel on crack! Okay, so the big wheel went round and round, but each of those cars also spun around with a steering wheel that was inside. I like spinning just as much as any 7-year-old, but I think even that was a little much!

In addition to the carnival, I got the heads up from a friend on a J. Crew sample sale (and I scored jeans, shirts, and two bikinis). I probably could have stayed all day, but I'd venture to say that Chris wouldn't have been so happy. I'll see if I can get some pictures of my favorite new bathing suit, but I will NOT be modeling it!

Saturday was spent at my little sister's graduation, then at my pop's house for the after party. My family is crazy, and while it may be wise to down a vallium ahead of time, they sure are fun to be around!

What's your favorite carnival ride or game? And did you do anything special this weekend!