and the answers are...

Before I get to the answers of all the questions you asked, I wanted to share this super sweet gift I received today. Micaela surprised me with the sweetest book, and I can't wait to curl up with it while the snow comes down (hopefully) tomorrow afternoon!

-How did you and Mr. D-toes meet? This is pretty embarrassing. When I was 17, my step mom blocked me from sending and receiving IM's, so a friend from work and I decided that we'd meet in the Roanoke, VA chat room on AOL because we had things to talk about. Who knows how Chris and I started talking, but we did, and he was actually kind of rude to begin with, but we ended up discovering that our families knew each other, and things moved right on from there!

-What is the difference in age between you and your brother, and who's older? My brother Derek and I are 4 years and 356 days apart in age (to be exact), and I'm the oldest. Although he's almost 23, I'll always think of him as a little boy!

-Are you from this area? if not, where are you from and what brought you here? I'm from Lynchburg, but I moved to Pennsylvania when my parents divorced. I couldn't get used to it and I was REALLY homesick, so I moved back down to VA to live with my dad. Unless I have the opportunity to move to SF, I'll stay in VA.

-Favourite excerpt from a novel? I don't have one favorite, but I always love when Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic Series says that she did things, "accidentally on purpose." It always makes me laugh!

-What is your favourite book? At the risk of sounding like a nerd, I really love Beowulf. I also love The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, and every book in the Shopaholic series.

-How did you begin making such unusual and beautiful jewellery? I never thought I'd end up making jewelry since I don't wear much of it, but I really started to love metal after Chris taught me how to weld and use the torch, so I guess jewelry is sort of a toned down version of what I originally started doing. I always thought I'd do something more along the lines of fine art as I really love drawing.

-Hey, how old is Flojo? She'll be 5 on Valentine's Day.

-When did you first know you were in love with Mr. D? When I was moving out of my dad's house and in with my grandparents, my grandpa asked, "Would you marry him?" That was the first time I really, truly thought about it, and I knew that I would!

-If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be? That one is easy! Skinny jeans, a t-shirt, sandals, sunglasses and a messenger bag.

-Do you have a secret talent nobody knows about? I wouldn't exactly call this a talent, but I've never been beat in a burping contest. ;) I've also played several instruments and was invited to play with the Lynchburg Symphony when I was in middle school, so I think I used to be musically inclined. I'm not as good now that I'm old.

-What's the one makeup item you could not live without? The only type of makeup I wear is eyeshadow (because my skin is pale and my eyelids look purple due to the veins), so that would be it!

-Can you tell us more about you bird? How old is she? How did you decide to get a bird? How old was he when you got her? Flojo will be 5 on Valentine's Day. When I was younger, we had a parrot named E.T. that lived with us, so I've loved their beauty and personalities for a long time! Chris surprised me and drove me 9 hours to South Carolina to meet my new baby. She was only a few weeks old, and she was completely bald! We hand raised her for a couple months until she was weened and would eat on her own. She's owned me since then!

-When did you get married and how long have you been married for? Chris and I got married on September 30th, and we'll celebrate our 10 year anniversary this year!

-Any kids in the near future? Hmmm, I'm not sure. Chris is ready, but I'm still not sure if I am. I know we will one day. People give me a pretty hard time because I'm nearly 28 and haven't had any, but I try to ignore it.

-What is your favourite piece of art in your house? My favorite piece of art is this Sharpie drawing done of Chris and I at my high school prom. Chris says it's weird to have a picture of us hanging in our den, but I told him that unless we've commissioned a large masterpiece of ourselves wearing fine furs and silks, it isn't weird.

pretty: masks

Number one, I wish it was socially acceptable to wear pretty masks on days that aren't Halloween. I don't know why, I just like them! Number two, I was having one of those wild hair, wild eyebrows, wild everything days, and I think a mask would have helped!

Now on to the exciting news... I decided that when I had 100 followers, I'd do another giveaway. Yesterday afternoon I had 99, and by the time I went to bed, I had 102, so THANK YOU! I'll be introducing the giveaway on Saturday, so be sure to check back and enter. This will be for followers only! My way of saying thanks, folks!

Images from weheartit.

wishlist wednesday!

Today's wish list Wednesday is all about vintage displays. Pretty much everything in my house has come from a thrift shop or antique store, and it's all had a previous life which I think makes it so much more exciting! Sometimes, it's fun to give new life to an old item in a completely different way!

I don't currently have a glass dome, or cloche, but it's on my list of things to look for. I plan to put mine on an old plate or tray (of which I have MANY) and put a small plant under it.

I've got pencils and pens all over the place, and a nice and interesting way to control the madness is by putting them in a flower frog, be it metal or glass!

I only have a few actual vases (which stay in the cabinet under the kitchen sink) because I'd much rather put flowers in an old pitcher or decorative old drinking glass. I think it gives the arrangement more character, and it gives me a reason to have even more old dishes!

I like using trays to hang on the wall and use as magnetic memo or polaroid boards. It gives my walls some color, it's easy on my wallet and it gives me a reason to use some of my vintage button stash to make cute magnets!

Not only do I like regular framed art hanging on the walls, but I also love to hang beautiful old plates with pretty designs. It's a nice way to make the walls of your kitchen or dining room (or any room for that matter) a little more festive, and I don't think you can go wrong with the delicate beauty of old plates and serving trays!
From the top: three small vintage glass cloches from kissavintagedesign, fruitful display from fromgraytogold, frog for flowers by ellacinders, vintage pastel banded glass pitcher from sosovintage, beaded vintage drinking glasses from vintageinteriors, large round vintage light blue metal tray from modishvintage, pretty collection of small vintage plates from theprettynest.
Last, you can ask me any question you'd like, and I'll post the answers on Friday. And if you haven't signed up for the knick knack exchange or emailed me your address yet, please do, the partner info will be sent out on February 1st!

two things i love around my home

I didn't really know what I wanted to share today for the two things I love, so these are kind of random, but I love them nonetheless! The first thing is a super girly lampshade I got a couple years ago for the big ole price of $1. It's pale pink with velvet dot flowers and lace trim!

The second item is this ceramic plaque depicting The Last Supper. Way back down in the woods is the house where my husband's grandpa grew up, and it's since caved in, but a few years ago it was still mostly standing, and every now and then, we'd take a walk into the woods and walk through the house. Many things were too far gone to bring back home, but this was one of the things that was still in pretty decent shape, so it now resides on the mantle in my living room. I love it, and green is my favorite color!

if i could do some shopping...

...this is what I'd buy. I saw Lauren's post about polyvore outfits, and I must be the last person to hear about the site, but I'm completely obsessed! I probablywouldn't wear the outfit with the skirt because I'm a hardcore jeans fan, but if I weren't such a cheapskate (and if Chris wouldn't get mad), I'd definitely buy all of these things!

we need your help...

I was given strict orders NOT to update my blog until I got an email from Chris. He wanted to do the post today because he's kind of excited, so here it is...

From the keyboard of Mr. Dinosaur Toes:

Madame and I (Madame is my pet name for Mrs. Dinosaur Toes) have been debating where we would like to go for our TEN YEAR anniversary in September! Danielle and I got married young at 18 and 22 respectively, to the trepidation of many. While doubts may have flourished, I can't say I blame the naysayers for their opinions because I frequently have to stop myself from judging other young marriages, many of which don't make it. What would I say if I have a daughter one day who wants to get married at 18?
I digress...the subject at hand is our anniversary destination. We have discussed a number of places including Paris, Hawaii, New York, San Francisco, Bahamas, etc. We initially weeded out Paris and Hawaii because of the extreme cost of airfare so anything continental or in neighboring islands is game at this point.
We need your help! Leave us a comment with your ideas for an anniversary destination!

getting to know me

Today after church, Chris and I went to lunch at La Caretta and we ate like pigs. After we waddled out, we went to Best Buy and then got some vanilla ice cream because apparently we didn't feel as though we'd eaten enough already! And here's the proof...

I'm answering these questions from Kassi's blog, and If you want to, you can leave your link in the comments section so I can read your answers!

1. Waffles, pancakes or french toast? Blueberry pancakes for me!
2. Dream home..What would it look like? A small-ish cottage with lots of flowers and huge old trees.
3. Favorite sport to watch during the Winter Olympics? I don't really watch them, but I guess figure skating.
4. The first word that comes to mind when describing yourself? small.
5. Dresses, pants (jeans, leggings, etc.) or skirts? I like skirts and dresses, but I really love skinny jeans the most.
6. What is your favorite time of day? Afternoon and late at night, I'm the most productive then.
7. Beach or Mountains..which do you prefer? They're both equally beautiful, so I can't choose a favorite.
8.Will you watch the Super Bowl? Nope. I don't like "regular" sports, I prefer motocross, skateboarding, those types of things.

today i've been...

...sort of busy and sort of lazy. I slept in until 9am which never happens, but it felt so good! I had lunch with Chris, his grandma and his aunt, and then I drilled a few bullet casings and had Chris drill a few, too (my heart still races when my hands get near a spinning bit). I did a little house cleaning (which still needs to be finished), and I also did some hammering and made these earrings...

The first pair is 12K gold-filled and citrine, and the second pair is made with sterling silver and amethyst. I stopped wearing earrings several years ago when Flojo decided to start pulling them out (I lost lots of earrings & backs), so I'm still trying to decide if I should put these in my etsy shop or give them away.

Have you had a good weekend so far, and what have you done? I hope you've eaten a healthier snack than my black cherry ice cream (and I'm going back for seconds)!

i'm open for questions

Whew, I'm so glad it's Friday! I have lots of things to catch up on, mainly Etsy orders and SLEEP, and the fleece sheets on my bed are calling my name. I'm planning to fix something super easy for dinner so I can fall asleep on the sofa under a fluffy throw. I'm married, I'm allowed to be boring on a Friday night, plus it's too cold to go out. So, I'm following some other bloggers and telling my deepest, darkest secrets! Ask me anything you want. Seriously. Leave your question in the comments section, or send me an email!

It feels like this outside, but with rain :( not snow.

I'm hoping it will feel like this again soon.

I'll post all the questions and answers one day next week, and hopefully I will have caught up on sleep so I'll quit whining about it! I hope everyone has a fun weekend, and be sure to enter Brittan's giveaway & Kassi's giveaway!

Oh, and one last thing... I do try my best to visit blogs of everyone who comments, and then leave comments for them, but sometimes I get a little slow. I promise I'm on my way to visit if I haven't already! xoxo

pretty: spaces

Time for another pretty series post. I actually have some other things to talk about, but I'm so tired and my eyes are so heavy, I thought I'd save that for tomorrow and just show you a few pretty pictures. I like seeing how others decorate their spaces, and sometimes they give me a few ideas...

I especially love the bedroom in the first picture, and I just might get some ideas from it... Pretty pictures found at weheartit.

I wanted to say a big huge thank you to all of the lovely followers and those who read my blog. I probably think about that way too much, but I'm always smiling when I see that I have a new comment or follower!

Lastly, I'll be emailing those participating in the knick knack exchange on February 1st with their partner's info. It's not too late to sign up, and I still need addresses from a few people who wanted to participate. I can't wait to send and receive these little packages!

wishlist wednesday!

Today's wish list is inspired by my tired eyes and sleep deprivation; my strong need for a comfy place to lay my heavy head. I've been meaning to make a colorful pillow or two for my giant sofa, but window shopping is more fun!

I've been meaning to take a few pictures of this next item for the last two weeks, and I've finally managed to do it! I'm not much of a coat person, but I adore most any type of sweater or cardigan (especially when they're vintage), and anything is better if it has animals, so obviously I'm in love with this one! I got it for the tiny price of $3, and once I finally get around to hand washing it (it's wool), I'll finally be able to wear it!

Pillows, from the top: missmosh, lpfleiger, west elm, appetitehome, anthropologie, lilybethgoodies.

Last, don't forget to sign up for the knick knack exchange! If you've said you wanted to participate but haven't emailed me your mailing address, please do because I'll be sending out partner info on February 1st!

two things i love around my home

Once again, I'm joining in on the fun and sharing two things I love around my home. This time, it's all about pretty victorian people! The first is this little Victorian couple. They're super old, and I got them a few years ago for $3 or $4 from my favorite antique store. They sit on the mantle in my living room. The second thing I love is this vintage porcelain and brass lamp with a two pretty victorian ladies. I'm completely obsessed with buying and rewiring old lamps, and luckily it isn't an expensive habit. I got this one for $4 and the rewiring supplies were only $4. Aaaaand, don't forget to join the knick knack exchange!

Now onto something I've been working on... I started making this cluster to wear as a brooch, but then I held it up above my ear and decided that I'd like it more as a headband. It's a combination of silk, lace and vintage buttons (I also hoard vintage buttons).

I'm certainly no model, and one day I'm hoping to find a vintage head mannequin (if that's even what they're called), then I hope to have some decent pictures to share!

If you want to share the two things you're loving in your home, you can link up on Kassi's blog or you can leave your link in the comments. Also, show me what you're working on! If you're a dinosaur toes fan on Facebook, you may even win a cold forged hammered brass bangle if you show me your projects!

getting to know me

After you read these, be sure to do it on your blog and then link up here because for every link, she will be donating 25 cents to the American Red Cross for relief efforts in Haiti.
Also, don't forget to join us in the "get to know me knick knack exchange!" All the fun details can be found by clicking that link!

1. Hair color..Au naturale..or not? I'm completely natural. I seriously don't spend enough time on my looks to keep up with coloring, and that probably makes me sound really lazy!

2. If somebody has food in their teeth or lipstick on their teeth do you tell them? Without a doubt. There have been times that I realize after the fact that I'd been talking to someone with leftovers in my teeth, and it's pretty embarrassing!

3. Would you rather have a million dollars or your vision of the perfect body? Probably the perfect body. I don't really spend that much money, so that part isn't too important, but longer, thinner legs are pretty important (and impossible at a measly 5'2").

4. Favorite magazine? This shouldn't come as a surprise, but it's Birds & Blooms. The more I talk about birds, the more I think I'm starting to look like an old lady posing as a 27-year-old blogger! I also love the Anthopologie catalogs if that counts as a magazine.

5. Bra style..lacy or plain? I'm too casual to wear anything but plain!

6. If you walked into Victoria's Secret..would you most likely come out with something sexy or comfy? I usually always wear their satin thongs, so I guess they'd be considered sexy compared to granny panties, but I don't wear the transparent feather boa nighties, if that's what you mean!

7. Do you fake and bake? NO way. I've got fair skin, so I try to avoid such close contact with those strong rays!

8. What's your favorite body part on a man? Definitely the shoulders. I like the shoulders strong and the rest of the man skinny, just like my hubby!

If you decide to answer these questions, feel free to leave a link in the comments so I can see!