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I was given strict orders NOT to update my blog until I got an email from Chris. He wanted to do the post today because he's kind of excited, so here it is...

From the keyboard of Mr. Dinosaur Toes:

Madame and I (Madame is my pet name for Mrs. Dinosaur Toes) have been debating where we would like to go for our TEN YEAR anniversary in September! Danielle and I got married young at 18 and 22 respectively, to the trepidation of many. While doubts may have flourished, I can't say I blame the naysayers for their opinions because I frequently have to stop myself from judging other young marriages, many of which don't make it. What would I say if I have a daughter one day who wants to get married at 18?
I digress...the subject at hand is our anniversary destination. We have discussed a number of places including Paris, Hawaii, New York, San Francisco, Bahamas, etc. We initially weeded out Paris and Hawaii because of the extreme cost of airfare so anything continental or in neighboring islands is game at this point.
We need your help! Leave us a comment with your ideas for an anniversary destination!


  1. How stinkin ADORABLE! Im a HUGE fan of NYC...or you could always come to California!!

  2. Laurnie, SF is my number one choice...over anywhere else in the world! Chris hasn't been, but I know he'd love it as much as I do!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, I just celebrated 7 years, so CONGRATS on the 10!!!
    Come to Vancouver. It's green its has ocean and mountains, so you like sushi? You can have a free tour guide. he he

    Tell Mrs. Dinosaur Toes, i will be checking to see if I can find her a bird kaleidoscope and send it as a thanks for the exchange hosting.

  4. san francisco!
    i live rught next door and i love going, it never gets old!

    so sooo many things to see and do!

  5. the cutest! sf for sure!!! you can road trip to napa for the day or a night! uber romantic:)

    yay for 10 years!!!

  6. happy 10 year anniversary! the best part is that you'd have fun together anywhere!

  7. Oh there is so many places to see in California... I am pretty partial (being that I live here) but if you need any recommendations I would love to send them your way!! I've never been to New York but plan to go this summer so... I would also suggest there... how very exciting for you 10 years wahoo!! xo

  8. ricebabies, I've been suggesting Canada, so we'll see!

    I'm so glad that so many of you have suggested San Francisco, becuase that is my absolute favorite city, and I'm hoping he'll decide he wants to go there, too!

  9. how about a cruise? :) congrats btw! <3


  10. my vote is for san francisco.
    and not just because i live here!
    happy 10!

  11. If it were me, I'd choose New York. I've only been once and have been dying to go back since, and Cori used to dream about living there, but has never even visited.
    Congrats on (almost) 10 years! That is awesome, especially for marrying young. (We did the same, I was 19 and Cori was 21.)

  12. congrats on ten years! when is your actual anniversary?
    i think you should come to california... big sur is WONDERFUL and i can get you in touch with a lady who owns the cutest, most intimate cabin overlooking the ocean. i can send you pics too... it's gorgeous! also, it's close enough to SF which i know you love. if you come to cali, you should definitely stay there for a night or two! let me know if you want more info on it.

    ps. i got your package today! i sent you an email... you should read it :-)

    pps: how cute is chris to take over your blog today... what a man! loved it!


  13. first of all, congrats on 10 years! that's amazing! second, i'd suggest austin, tx...maybe just because i've been missing it. but, really austin is SUCH a fun city..the food alone is reason to go! i've also heard that boston and montreal are pretty amazing! xox

  14. I think you should go to San Juan Puerto Rico! It's cheap(er), it's GORGEOUS, and there is a near by rainforest you can hike! It's really an amazing place to visit!

  15. this is so cute! i'm in love with chicago. so that would be my first suggestion but i think california would be insanely great too!

    but i'm bias cause i live here but tennessee is actually pretty fun too!


  16. WOW! Congrats to you both... It is so sweet that you were married young and still loving it!
    I think all of those places sound wonderful and like you couldn't go wrong with choosing any of them...
    But I am an extremely indecisive person, so I am not much help, sorry...
    But whatever you choose and where ever you go, have a blast!!!

  17. go to canada! it's lovely there. although i've only been to vancouver b.c. and whistler and i absolutely adored it there!

    or somewhere warm and sunny in california. i LOVE santa cruise. san diego & san fran would be fun too.

    p.s. i love that your hubs put it out there for the blogging world to suggest :). what a sweetie!

    happy 10 years! that's so impressive.

  18. Well...
    This is just so cute! Hubby and I just celebrated our 5th anni and we told each other that Paris would be our 10th Anniversary destination! But if airfare cost is an issue, let me give a big shout out for Vancouver/Whistler/ Victoria( were I am from) I lovvvve the West Coast and really can't say enough just how beautiful it is here. So much to do, and see. Come to Canada, you will never want to leave...

  19. my vote is for San Fran. i got engaged there, so it has a special place in my heart.

    it has the greatest mix of culture and life too. you can walk all over town or ride the trolley, so you don't need a car and there are LOTs of great places to shop too.

    that's just my vote, but whatever you choose will be great i am sure.

    props to your hubby for posting this too!

  20. What a lovely story!!!! I love it. Congratulations!! This is wonderful. The offer from Kassi sounds lovely. I have heard that wineries in Napa Valley are nice. Have a good day!:0)

  21. Holy Moly, I can't believe you guys were so young when you got married! What about Costa Rica? That's where my fiance & I are going for our honeymoon, it's still pretty cheap to get there.

  22. wow 10 years!!! just beautiful. and what a cute post from Mr. Dinosaur Toes. I just had a friend pick up her life and move to San Fran. She said that me and my fiance need to plan a trip there because it was a romantic one... so you guys should def. go! :)

    bc with out a doubt you will have the best time of your life!
    THIS IS 10 years! wow congrats guys!!

  24. wow!! 10 years... a big congratulations to you guys :)

    my vote is NEW YORK!! love it there... so much to do.. watch a show, go shopping, sight seeing, eating!!! the list can go on and on


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