my fun (i hope) idea, steal my music

So, in my last post I mentioned an idea that I got from the super rad package that Christin sent me. You know how other bloggers do book exchanges or ornament exchanges? Maybe someone else is already doing this, but I was thinking it would be neat to start a "get to know me knick knack exchange."

Since there are so many blogging friends to be made, I thought we could get paired up with someone (a new someone each time) and send an item that told them a little about us. For example, if you make things, send a sample, or if you like polaroids, send one you took, or if you like birds (I'm using myself as an example), you could send a little bird knick knack or something with feathers. Nothing expensive or difficult, just a fun little thing that says something about you. Then to really make it personal, add a hand written note about the item, about yourself, about anything you want!

Maybe this is a silly idea, so I'm hoping to hear your feedback. I thought it would be a fun excuse to send and receive special packages, and it could introduce us to bloggers we haven't yet met or get to know some a little better.

I'm still not able to upload all of the songs I'd hoped to share (still having ftp problems I can't figure out), but here are a few for you to love, hate or steal...your choice!

poison - you say party! we say die!
no need for oxygen - the donkeys
yea yeah - matt & kim
40 day dream - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
dark sedan - karl blau
hindsight - built to spill
i know what boys like - the waitresses
bird song - karl blau (sorry, I just really like him)
two weeks - grizzly bear
young bride - midlake
the funeral - band of horses


  1. i'm in! i LOVE this idea!!!!! yay! i hope others do too!

  2. Sounds like fun. I'd love to participate. :)

  3. i'm listening to your music and love it, esp. "hindsight" and the fun energy of the waitresses. For a song by Carla Bruni to try, look up "Quelqu'un m'a dit." :)

    Danielle, BRILLIANT idea on the "knick knack exchange." I'm in! :) i'm already thinking of what i could find to send... this may call for a trip to the antique store i've discovered downtown or search on etsy. I'm in! love love love the idea.

  4. Yippeeeee, you're all so sweet for responding so quickly! I think I'll go ahead and plan on it, then. I'm making a button for it right now, so those participating can add it to a blog, website, whatever to help spread the word! I'll let you know when it's finished and ready for sharing. Thanks again!

  5. i will totally do this!!!
    great idea!
    how do we sign up?

  6. okay, i just read on lydia's blog (in her comments on her seven things) that you loved mannequin (the movie) when you were younger...

    i was in love with that movie. watched it all the time. i wanted to be her.... i thought she was the most gorgeous woman in the world.... anyway, thought it was funny that you and your brother watched it too... :-)

  7. Oh how I love Mannequin! I actually watched it not too long ago and it brought back such good memories. My brother and I were always sooooo close, best friends, but now because we live in different states I hardly get to see him. So it's pretty nostalgic for me!

    Brandi, I'll do an official post about it either tomorrow or Monday, and I've also made a little button to go on blogs or websites of the people who are participating, so hopefully we can get even more people to join in!

  8. this is fabulous! im in love. sign me up!!


  9. yay! i love this! so fun! i'll definitely be signing up.

  10. that's a cool idea!
    ps- I gave you a blog award

  11. i'm in too! what a cute idea :)

    p.s. love love LOVE your music choices also.


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