7 things about me, i've been tagged

I was tagged by Brandi from mucho mucho bueno bueno and Lauren from the little things we do, so I have to share 7 facts about myself. I hope these are interesting enough! Go ahead and laugh at the pictures, I'm sure I've made a fool of myself by posting them!

1. I'm definitely an introvert, but when I have the opportunity to put on a show for my family in one of the many characters I've made up, I'll do it! It's fun pretending to be someone else and making people laugh.

2. I drilled a hole through my finger last April (the day before my birthday, to be exact) so now I have serious nerve damage in my left index and I can't play my violin because it hurts too much!

3. I want to go back to California so bad I can barely function.

4. I love animals more than I could ever begin to explain, and I've decided that if one day I come into a large sum of money, I'd split it equally between Greenpeace, World Parrot Trust and IDA.

5. In November, when I was on the plane leaving San Francisco, I started crying because I missed the wild cherry headed conures that live around Telegraph Hill. I even cried for the next week after I got home because I couldn't stop thinking about them (and they're still on my mind).

6. My number one dream job is a goldsmith. I keep thinking that if I can get up the nerve, I'll talk to a local jeweler (precious metals, not stones) and see if they may consider letting me do an apprenticeship.

7. I'm a total food junkie, and my favorite part about going to a new city is eating! I even research restaurants in the city I'm planning to visit so I can make the most of it! Side note - I also make weird faces which should explain this picture, and I didn't eat all of the baklava and pitas by myself, Chris just made it look that way!

Since I was tagged twice, I'll do another 7!

8. At my grandpa's funeral, when I got to see him for the last time before the service began, I promised him that I'd try to lead a life he'd be proud of, and since he was such a good and selfless person, it can be difficult!

9. When birdies need our help, Chris and I rescue, raise and release them, so a few years ago, we were parents to mockingbirds from the time they were two days old until they were 2 months old. For the next couple weeks after we released them back into the wild, I could go to that spot in the woods and call, "little baby biiiirdiiiieeess," and they'd fly out and sit on a branch beside me and chirp while I talked to them. I know it sounds made up, just like something out of a Disney movie, but it's the truth!

10. Chris calls me Madame and I call him Mister, and all of our friends laugh at us. It may be weird, but I like it!

11. My dad and I always act crazy together and have weird sayings, and even a few made up words. My two favorite fictional words are: kaflintashinta and koffotashoffus. I have no idea what they mean, they just sort of fit into conversations however we think they should!

12. When my mother-in-law was going to France a few years ago, she wanted to know a few phrases, so I taught her how to say, "let's get naked" and I didn't tell her what it meant. I hope she said it to someone :)

13. I wash the sheets and comforter on my bed way too often, even though they aren't dirty, because I like that it makes my bedroom smell so fresh. It irritates Chris.

14. One day I'd like to own either my own store with a combination of handmade and vintage, or a bakery, but I wouldn't have cakes, just cookies, cupcakes and candy.

I'm tagging Ashlee, Micaela, Twila, Taz, Fallon, Crissy and Lydia. If I didn't tag you, please leave a comment with interesting, random facts about yourself so I can get to know you better!


  1. i love your pictures
    ouch... i had to get stitches in my hand from stabbing it with a knife while cutting an avocado last july... but i have no nerve damage.... i used to play the violin!
    come to cali! you can visit meeeeeee ! ;-)
    totally go for that apprenticeship - how rad would that be!
    i love food too and used to plan what i was going to eat for dinner before i even ate breakfast... i've changed my ways though.
    i love the bird story. i'm calling you snow white from now on.
    madame and mister is so cute!
    you should have done 14 since you were tagged twice.

  2. Kassi, I've never had to get stitches, and if I did, I think I'd puke! There wasn't really anything the doc could do for a hole, so I just got a tetanus shot and kept it clean. I'm still planning on coming to CA sometime this spring or summer, so if I do, it would be so fun to meet!
    That's funny that you thought about dinner before breakfast because I do the same thing! I should change my ways, but I just love eating so darn much!
    You can call me Snow White, my dad did for a while! When I went in the woods for the first time after we realeased them, I really didn't expect to see them, so I was completely surprised when I did! As much as I wanted to continue seeing them, I knew that they would eventually meet up with other mockingbirds and leave that area, but it was fun and special while it lasted!
    I'm going to add 14 now!

    P.S. I always feel like I write a book in response to your comments, so I hope you like reading!

  3. dad's are the best. i love hearing other father/daughter stories. and those made up words... ha, i couldn't even pronounce them... so funny. and totally reminds me of my daughter, tannyn, who makes up words and names ALL the time. we love it.
    that's hilarious about your mom in law
    dude, you'll do it i'm sure. with your talent... how could you not! plus, you already are half way there with an etsy store!

    yes yes yes! i would love to meet you. when are you coming? aren't you staying more in LA?? or are you going to be in orange county? you can email me at kassiunderwood@hotmail.com if you want... and we can chat more about it!

    ps. i love reading. ;-)

  4. I love "snow white". That's cute. I love that you love birds so much. I think it's awesome. I think they're cool from far away but up close and flapping in my business... Not so much.

    Your finger injury sounds super painful... All in the name of jewelry making :). You should totally apprentice. Your jewelry is awesome!

    Also...Madame and mister is maybe the cutest thing ever. Craig and I call each other "friend". Sometimes it sounds silly but I like it.

  5. Lauren, the piece of metal I was drilling was a pendant on a necklace, and it sold for only $18. Not worth the trauma! It actually didn't hurt when I did it, I just saw blood and didn't know what it was from. Once I figured it out, I called Chris and told him and he thought I was joking!

    Kassi, Tannyn sounds silly, and it's always fun to make things up!
    If I lived in a bigger city, I would definitely try owning my own shop, but around here it's so conservative, and people don't appreciate things that don't come from the mall.
    When I go back to CA, I'll be staying with my friend Haley in Venice Beach, so I'm not sure how close or far that is from Orange County, but if it's not too far, I'll definitely let you know!
    Glad you like reading! xo

  6. j'adore tags! i think they are fun ways to learn about someone... like i may not have known that you told your mother-in-law a blushful phrase in french in a normal conversation. i giggled. random facts are always the best (added with cute pics, even better).

    i have always wanted to volunteer at a bird rescue and nearly did in Texas but ran out of time. one day.

    #8 is precious.

    is there anything better than the feeling of soft clean sheets? add a hint of lavender aromatherapy pillow mist- DELIGHT.

    i'll come work at your shop when you open it. ;)

    and i love what you guys call each other. sweetest thing.

    can't wait to play! xo

  7. Micaela, luckily my mother-in-law and I have a close relationship, so I can get away with things like that!

    I've been wanting to become a wildlife rehabilitator for a long time now, but I know it's more than a full tim job. There is a lady named Gwen who lives in Thaxton that specializes in birds, and she said that you can become an apprentice, so you'll care for birds that basically just need feeding and minor care before being released, so I'm seriously thinking of doing that.

    I'll be sure to check out your random facts!

  8. ooooh these are GOOOOOd!
    Thank you!
    where do i begin?
    your faces i love it! i make them all the time in the mirror sometime i make scary ones and i freak out!
    your finger i am so sorry dear!
    how do you pronounce those words!
    mine is GOMACITA! its my fake spanish word used however i want. made it up when i was a lil girl.
    i love yalls nick names. we have names but it's too embarrassing..maybe thats a future post:)
    you and chris are so sweet for helping birds!
    my uncle saves stray cats and tames them, he grows butterflies, and i save earthworms!
    i like you and your blog so mucho!

  9. Brandi, I liked your facts, too, especially the ones about the afro and jumping a car!
    Those words are silly, and we've been saying them ever sine I can remember! The first is pronounced kuh-flint-uh-shint-uh and the other one is pronounced kuh-fah-tuh-sha-fus. The other weekend, my dad (I call him Pop) told me that he got me a kaflintashinta at an antique store because they were out of the koffotashoffus. It ended up being an antique wooden birdcage!
    I hope you get tagged again so you can tag me back because I've thought of even more random stuff about myself!

  10. How did you drill a hole in your finger!? Oh my! And my aunt rescues/rehabilitates birds. It's always an event going to her house because there are always TONS of them. Good for you :) I know she loves it and I'm sure you do too!

    Cute blog! I'll definitely be reading! :)

  11. Nicole, here's the finger story... I was using the hand drill rather than the drill press (which is much safer) to drill through a piece of brass to use a pendant. I was pushing a little too hard because I was trying to hurry, and the bit broke in half, causing the drill to go sideways and right through my finger! Luckily, it happened so fast I didn't even realize it, and it didn't hurt when it happened. I just saw blood everywhere. I washed my hand & finger off and saw that there was a hole through my fingernail which really freaked me out. Then I saw that there was blood on the bottom of my finger and I realized what happened!

    Good for your aunt, we need more people that love birds! The wildlife rehabilitator that I deal with specializes in birds, so she has a whole section of her house dedicated to them, and I'd LOVE to be able to see it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope to see you again!

  12. yay, tagged! :)

    i love that you love birds so much.
    that's so neat and interesting.
    especially that you are apparently the real life version of snow white.

  13. I just came across your blog, it's very cute!! I can't wait to read more!


  14. oh my this is wonderful! the eating in new cities is just the best! and the mockingbird raising! just amazing. and your handmade + bakery is exactly what my best friend and i discussed all weekend! (i'm a new follower and i just love your little blog!)


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