two things i love around my home

I'm joining in on Kassi's fun and posting two things I love in my home! I have to tell you, it was pretty difficult considering I love my home and all its contents! First is this old silver tray I got no too long ago at a thrift store, specifically for holding photos. I made the vintage button magnets, and I change out the polaroids every week or so. I think it dresses up my kitchen wall nicely!

This set of dice is REALLY special to me because they belonged to my Grandpa. He always had a few drawers in his dresser that were filled with the most random and crazy knick knacks, just because he couldn't throw anything away! It was always fun to take a peek at what he was collecting in there, but after he died, the treasures took on a whole new meaning. After he passed away last February, Grandma let us all look in his drawers and take a little trinket. Grandpa wasn't a gambling man, and I'm not a gambling woman, but I just thought these were cute, and they're my favorite color. I keep them by my bed, always displaying 6 and 4, 3 and 5, as he was born in October (6+4=10) of 1935.


  1. so glad you joined in the fun! yay!

    i love the silver tray, the magnets and the polaroids - such a great idea!

    and anything from grandparents is my favorite. love the dice!

    yay for two things you are lovin!!!!

  2. the silver tray on the wall is such a clever idea.

    and the way you arranged the dice is a sweet reminder of your grandpa.

  3. i love the tray idea! so so so cool!
    and the dice is touching. I have a lot of my grandpas old things too. He was such a great man! The lil things that remind us keep them near right?
    I still need to do this.

    maybe tomorrow !

  4. i love this! glad you did this post. i always love kassi's :).

  5. That tray + polaroids is gorgeous!! And i keep wanting to make button magnets.


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