if i were to make resolutions...

...here are some ideas:

1. Eat more vegetables without fatty deliciousness added for flavor.

2. Not get so frustrated with people in my family.

3. Break my addiction to Coca-Cola.

4. Have more date nights with Mr. Dinosaur Toes.

5. Put my clothes away after washing rather than stacking them in the chair by my bed.

6. Clean out my desk and get rid of supplies I'll never use, then not accumulate so much!

7. Do more sewing! I can get a little lazy with that, but I need to make more tote bags today!


  1. more date nights are always needed... i think i'll be copying that resolution.

    happy new year danielle!

  2. I don't even have kids and it can be hard to fit in more quality time; you must be a supermom! Happy new year to you and your family!

  3. Beautiful tote bag. I love your blog.Happy New Year!

  4. i don't know if i'm blind, but i didn't see a link on your sidebar to your etsy shop, but you should put one up if you don't already have one, because i found you on etsy through searching and your lace totebags are completely lovely. i officially made you a favorite. sorry if i'm totally stalking your entire blog right now and leaving you a million comments, but i seriously can't believe i've never seen your blog before. so much awesomeness to be had.

    ok...promise. last comment.


  5. that tote is gorgeous.
    i wish i would get around to using my sewing machine more often.

  6. Ashlee, thank you for the compliment. Sadly, my sewing machine gets a little dusty from time to time, and I STILL haven't done any sewing!

    Lauren, I take the stalking as a compliment! I moved the etsy widget to the bottom of the page, but I guess I should move it back to the sidebar so it becomes more visible!


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