i've got bang envy

When I used to have bangs, I didn't want them. Now that I have none, I want them! The rest of my hair is big and thick and wild, but when I have bangs, I want them to do that sexy sweep, but they just hang, like limp, boring bangs. I'm not sure if I should be putting some sort of product on them or what, but I want 'em! I love these:

I'll be leaving in less than an hour to go to my dad's, then he, my stepmom and myself will go to an antique store to pick up the 1930's diamond ring he bought her. I can't wait to see it, and I can't wait to see the store because they've been raving about it for the last few weeks. When I get back, I'll have pictures of the new projects I've been working on!

Images found at weheartrit, where else? I love that site!


  1. I remember a long time ago, I wanted my barbie to have bangs so I cut her hair then I did the same to myself just looking at the mirror. Needless to say, Barbie and I had the same bang; way too short. My mother was not pleased with that; but you know they grow back fortunately but I was bumming for my barbie. Anyway, I love bangs. It is fun to try something different. Nice selection of photographs!

  2. i don't know the trick :(.

    i want mine to be big and chunky and hang straight down but mine always want to swoop. oh well...

    i think bangs are a lovely idea.

  3. i got bangs a few months ago for the first time! i loved them, but now they have grown out and i want to cut them again and make them thick, but sean wants me to keep growing them out. even though he wanted me to get them in the first place. geeze! he is more indecisive about it than me! anyway, i bet you would look awesome either way!

  4. Catherine, I used to cut my Barbie's hair, too! I'd get them with long hair specifically to play beauty shop! My mom would always say, "this one isn't for the salon." I wouldn't listen, though!

    Lauren, I wish mine could swoop. You're lucky!

    Chloe, my husband is indecisive about my hair, too. He likes it long, which it is, but then he complains that it gets in his face and tickles when it stretches half way across the bed. I don't know what to do!

  5. i love bangs! i found with mine that the more i cut the thicker and better they hung... i have super fine hair though...
    i love bangs
    i was reading the comments and i, too, used to cut my barbies hair... and dip them in mud... the first time my sister and i did this my mom spanked us ten times with her paddle... bare butt. from then on out whenever we would get in trouble we would get the "barbie" spanks... and we knew that was ten in row bare butt with the paddle. horrid.

    anyway, back to bangs... do it do it.. although i just looked through your whole blog back to the very beginning and i LOVE your pretty long hair...it makes me want to grow out my bangs...

  6. Kassi, that's so funny that you dipped your barbies in mud! I never did that, but I would dye their hair with food coloring. My brother even used to play barbies with me, but he would insist they be naked. Yeah, he's strange!

    That's funny that you had a name for the spankings! My mom used to spank my brother and I, but we'd tell her it didn't hurt which would make her even more upset, so she'd spank harder, but it still didn't hurt. We knew how to work her. Weren't we awful?!? Ahh, the joys of childhood!

  7. i feel the same way! i always want bangs, then i get them and want them to be gone. i'd love a flat across fringe, but i don't think it would look right on me, haha. :)

  8. GET BANGS!!!!
    and 1930s diamond ring I hope you show us!! wow!
    i love old jewelry with a story! or making up a story!
    have fun!


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