fun day

Without officially declaring it, I think my new year's resolution may be having more dates with Mr. Dinosaur Toes. In addition to our fun night on Friday, we had an enjoyable afternoon today, too! After church we had a nice lunch, did a little shopping and ran a few errands, all the while giggling and holding hands like we were still dating! We went to Forever 21 since my cousin gave me a gift card for Christmas, and I casually tried on a ring and commented on how neat it was. While I was trying on too many clothes (I wish I could have gotten them all), my sweet hubby bought it for me! A little while later he slipped it in my hand when I wasn't expecting it!

I got the softest, most comfy grey cardigan, a cute puff sleeve tan and navy striped top with neat stitching detail that gives it a sort of wavy look (sorry, it wasn't on the F21 website) and of course the pretty ring I was surprised with! I didn't get any today, but soon I'm going to find a pair of distressed looser fitting skinny jeans (like I tried on a few months ago, but like a moron, did not buy). What did you do over the weekend?


  1. Nice cardigan. What a nice story! I spent my weekend knitting a hat with hearts. I love hearts. Have a good day! Take care.

  2. You knit such beautiful things. I've thought for years that I'd love to learn knitting, but I don't have near enough patience or the attention span I should!

  3. that ring is pretty, and surprises are the sweetest. my hubs isn't super great with little surprises like that. it's lame too, because you can't really drop hints about something like that either.

    glad you had a fun date. i think it's always important to go on's one of the little things that's so important but that often slips away when busy-ness strikes.


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