two things i love around my home

Once again, I'm joining in on the fun and sharing two things I love around my home. This time, it's all about pretty victorian people! The first is this little Victorian couple. They're super old, and I got them a few years ago for $3 or $4 from my favorite antique store. They sit on the mantle in my living room. The second thing I love is this vintage porcelain and brass lamp with a two pretty victorian ladies. I'm completely obsessed with buying and rewiring old lamps, and luckily it isn't an expensive habit. I got this one for $4 and the rewiring supplies were only $4. Aaaaand, don't forget to join the knick knack exchange!

Now onto something I've been working on... I started making this cluster to wear as a brooch, but then I held it up above my ear and decided that I'd like it more as a headband. It's a combination of silk, lace and vintage buttons (I also hoard vintage buttons).

I'm certainly no model, and one day I'm hoping to find a vintage head mannequin (if that's even what they're called), then I hope to have some decent pictures to share!

If you want to share the two things you're loving in your home, you can link up on Kassi's blog or you can leave your link in the comments. Also, show me what you're working on! If you're a dinosaur toes fan on Facebook, you may even win a cold forged hammered brass bangle if you show me your projects!


  1. That headband is super cute!!

    That's awseome that you rewire cool..

    Great finds!


  2. thanks for linking up my friend!

    i love the victorian couple and the lamp - and what a deal!

    you ARE a model (and i would be sad if you didn't model your pretties and used a fake head instead)... i love the pic and i love the headband and love your birdie (what's her name again?) on your shoulder... look at her... so stinkin cute!

    xxoo x' 10,000,000,000,000,000

  3. Keely, thanks! Rewiring lamps is super easy. So easy, you could do it with your eyes closed!

    Kassi, I can't help myself when I see a great old lamp, I just have to get it!
    I always feel silly in my pictures, and I think maybe it's because I'd rather be the one taking them. Oh well, they'll have to do! In that picture, Flojo was trying to give me a kiss, so I wanted to kiss her back, but I also wanted to have my head in the right position to show the headband, so I got all mixed up!
    I'm going to find a mathemetician to give me some really big numbers!
    xoxo (and on, and on, and on, etc.)!

  4. cute things!
    especially that little bird of yours.

  5. here from bacwoods fern. cute little blog, lady! :)

    tiny twig

  6. I love your post! Great finds...and your feathered friend as well... they make such great accessories :)
    (I have one, too, check my blog, he, he he...)

    little owl

  7. Thanks for all the Flojo compliments. She's such a sweetie, she was even trying to give me a kiss in that picture!

  8. Mara, thank you so much, I think I'm blushing from an online compliment!

    I think Victorian costimes are the best! I wish I had a reason to wear one, but no one I know has costume parties...maybe I should host my own this year!

  9. first you have the prettiest eyelashes!
    and you are adorable!
    i love your item around your home post!
    i hope to do one this week too!
    that lamp is amazing!
    i agree model instead of the fake head! you are so much cuter!

  10. Brandi, you're sweet. Thanks so much! The eyelashes are pain. They're so long that they bend backwards when I put on sunglasses. Ugh!

    I look forward to your items around your house post because I like your style!

  11. i LOVE your two things. I will keep in mind if i ever find a vintage lamp that needs rewiring, to email you politely and have you over for tea so you can work on it ;) lol speaking of our shared City, as i was driving to a mexi place for dinner with my brand new fiance, i saw "the rock garden!" i told Max that you talked about how nice the owner was and that's where you find your beautiful stones. It's really close to our casa. It was neat to see something i read about on here. (Kassi, don't you wish you were me?! you girls are too cute to each other)

    i'm loving the new creation! and um you ARE a model :)

    ps. i got my necklace from Christin with an extra pair of good luck earrings. She's such a doll! thanks to you i know about her etsy. i hope to blog about it soon.

    you really are lovely.

  12. you are a cute model :).

    oh...and just to let you know...i got all my pretties in the mail today and i was so excited!

  13. Thanks for your sweet comment,
    I wish you could paint your hair,. Red or orange.
    And I've read that you have a parrot, that is so nice,
    I wish I had a parrot;)

    I'll be right back and take a look at your blog.

    xx Judith ^ ^ Hartje-Bloem

  14. Hi Danielle,
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I love your Victorian people piece. It is so pretty. What a great found!!! Your headpiece is really well done. So chic and elegant. I will write later on this week about two things that I like in my home. It sounds like fun. Have a good day! Take care.

  15. Cute things - and the headband is really cute...dont' sell yourself short - you're adorable (as is your picture with the bird...what a great touch!)

    And, you rewire lamps??? You are COOL!

  16. Thanks, Pennie, that's sweet! I tried to get Flojo to play while I took that picture, but she flew to me and was going in for a kiss in that picture. She's my lil sidekick!

  17. I'm just finding you today and already enjoying your blog so much! Your two things are excellent, especially that victorian couple! They look so happy!

  18. oh that lamp! and the head band! so pretty!


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