newly made favorites

As bad as it may sound, I won't be upset at all if the bracelet doesn't sell, that way I can keep it for myself! The one problem with vintage: you may not ever see it again.

so much for the snow, but color me lucky

"At least an inch of snow followed by ice." Yeah right. I'd like to know where Lynchburg, Virginia's meteorologists go to school. Apparently not a credible one. Thanks to global warming, the only snow I see now is in pictures or on TV. Rain, however, is ever-present. So, the last two days have been wet, but not white as expected. But I'm not too upset, oh no, I've been on the front page four times since the 23rd and here are the latest screenshots! The whistle necklace (to the right) sold out not ten minutes after it hit the front page, hip hip hooray!

well, slap me silly

Etsy admin, I just can't thank you enough for including my shop in the gift guides and on the front page. Just when I'm thinking the slow down of business is getting a little scary, you give me not one, not two, but FOUR pick-me-ups! Two front pages and two items in gift guides! My lace necklace sold in no time, and they must have been popular because I sold three of them this weekend!

my treasure hunt

This morning, my favorite aunt (Cindy) called to see if I wanted to go to our favorite antique/junk store and lunch. Of course I said yes, I couldn't refuse girl talk and treasure hunting! Sadly, I found more than my wallet would allow me, but I did come home with some real treats!

The best find of the day was a large, painted wood tray with fold out legs. By the sticker on the back, I can tell this baby is REALLY old! It was a steal at $10. I also decided to bring home two bluebird mugs, a victorian couple plate (I can't resist anything victorian), two frames (one with a pretty print), odd earrings and a German health book...Deutsche, ja!

fictional characters...

When I don't have too much to do, it's always nice to sit down at my computer and enjoy a little Bo Burnham. Whether it's an offensive tune about Helen Keller or pre-marital sex, it always makes me laugh. I think this one about the rehab center for fictional characters just might be my favorite. (If you don't have a sense of humor or are easily offended, Bo may not be for you).