wishlist wednesday!

Today's wish list is all about warmth seeing as how today's high in Lynchburg, VA was a warm 36 degrees. Chilly! I like spring weather the best as I prefer sandals, but I can't turn down a good scarf!

my new toy...

No, I'm not a teenager. I can assure you I'm an adult (pushing 28), but I can't seem to break myself away from my new Wii! Last year at this time, Mr. Dinosaur Toes and I went to our pastor's house for dinner and a Wii competition and I absolutely fell in love! I didn't ask for one, but my sweet aunt & uncle-in-law surprised us with it! While I suck at golf in real life, I've been whipping up on Mr. Dinosaur Toes in Wii world, and I've decided that my next purchase will the the Tiger Woods PGA Tour game! Silly, huh?

Aside from the Wii, We had a really nice Christmas together (with the exception of Mr. Dinosaur Toes wanting to sleep in on Christmas morning) and a fun day of playing with our new toys! How was your Christmas, and what sorts of goodies did you get?

Beautiful polaroid from futurowoman on flickr.

wishlist wednesday!

This isn't something that would typically land a spot on a wishlist, but after a little mishap on Sunday, I've added it to mine! After filling my washing machine with water, detergent and clothes, it just decided to quit working with no warning. I went 1800's and moved my soapy clothes into the bathtub to give them a rinse and I've been without a washing machine since then!

I adore pastel retro appliances - pink in particular - and if I were in the market for a new washer (Mr. Dinosaur Toes is able to fix the temper tantrum our washing machine had) I'd like this one! Also, you may remember these bangles from my last post...I bought them for myself! I just decided that I was being cruel to my wrists by not giving them a little decoration.

i've been working

...on new bow ties. They seemed to be pretty popular, and I gotta give the people what they want! I need to make some more leather bow tie bracelets as well as a few types of fabric flowers, but with all this snow, I can't make myself stop playing and start working!

Also, have you tried the Pillsbury Cinnabon cookies? Mmmmm, I made them last night and my mouth is watering just thinking about them. But I have to remember, "a second on the lips, forever on the hips!"

i wanted it, and i got it

You remember a few posts back when I said that I wanted snow? I got it, and I got it big time! Late yesterday afternoon, what my friend Jeff now refers to as, "The Big Dump," started. By the time we woke up this morning we had about a foot or more of beautiful snow!

I bundled up and headed out to play, but I couldn't find the nice, waterproof wellies, so I had to wear my snowboarding boots which are too big and super stiff. The 12+ inches of snow, plus my stiff boots, plus my short legs, combined with little physical strength made for one heck of a workout! I don't see a treadmill in my future today as my legs did enough fat burning already!

It was so pretty, and the little snowbirds were so cute running on top of the snow. Cheesecake, the fat lab loves snow, and his favorite activity is putting his mouth down to the ground and running, so he shovels lots of snow in his mouth to eat! After I warm up a little and make some lunch, it's back out to play...I mean workout!

ear candy

Finally, FINALLY!!! I finally got this CD after talking about it for a few months now! Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros make me want to put a flower in my milkmaid braids and dance in a field of daisies while wearing a soft cotton sundress...

wishlist wednesday!

One may think, because of all the items I'm lusting over, that I'm quite the shopaholic. I can assure you, I am not, I just love so much stuff! If I just made money and had no responsibilities, I probably would buy it all, but those annoying bills keep coming every month. So until then, it's just eye candy for me!

I've never owned a knuckle, or double finger ring, but I've always wanted to. I love them, and I just love metal!

From the top: double finger ring by fleathers on etsy, custom raw brass bangle by BrillianceFound on etsy, knuckle ring from ATHD on etsy, travel memories necklace by MetalPressions on etsy.

etsy favorite: restless things

Olivia Jeffries, the artist behind restlessthings on etsy has become one of my absolute favorites. A wallflower to the core, I'm not big on tons of flashy, bright colors, so her neutral color palette just sucked me right in! At first glance, her work may seem simple, but the more I look, the more I see, and the more it seems to say.

I have two or three more Christmas presents to buy, and then it's time for a little treat all for myself...prints! Last, I'm doing something new, a weekly series if you will, "Wish List Wednesday." Check back tomorrow!

i keep singing this song

I heard the DayQuil commercial twice now, and I wanted to find out who that band was because I thought the song sounded pretty good (and might I add, I was surprised that DayQuil would have something that didn't sound like elevator music). Being a total music snob, I couldn't let myself like this band if they were signed with a major label, but they are currently unsigned, so I think they're okay!

i'm dreaming of a white anything

Living in southern Virginia, it isn't that often that we see much snow, and certainly not snow that sticks, but I'm holding out hope! This year hasn't been quite as warm, and we've had a lot more rain than usual... maybe I'm grabbing at straws or talking myself into this winter frenzy, but I can't help thinking we may see some beautiful white flakes this year!

From the top: Snow Flower from kittyrogers on etsy, Goldfinch in Snow No. 4 from NatureMandalas on etsy, motocchio on flickr, Pink Sherbet Photography on flickr, Kai1818 on flickr.


My husband the philanthropist has a project he hopes will change the world. I know it may sound silly, but I think he could. I put on my Barbara Walters hat and played reporter to introduce him and his mission. Just imagine he and I are sitting in a room across from one another and I have that stern, serious tone. And we begin...

Me: Tell us your name and three things about yourself.
Him: Yes, ma'am (sarcasm). My name is Chris. One, I've always enjoyed helping others no matter what the task; helping others is the drive behind altruismed. Two, motorcycles are another passion of mine, I prefer two wheels to four. Three, I live on a farm and wish farming were my full time job.

Me: How long have you been thinking about bringing this idea to fruition?
Him: Since December of 2007.

Me: Where do you hope altruismed will be in three years?
Him: A continually growing worldwide effort in kindness.

Me: If time, money and safety were not issues, what would be the one altruism you'd like to do?
Him: I have thought long and hard about "huge" altruisms, and while it would be amazing to think that someone might altruism another with a house or a car, I would prefer to pass on smaller altruisms such as treating someone to lunch, or simple things like assisting someone with their yardwork, even a quarter for a parking meter. Smaller altruisms would be more apt to continually be passed from one person to another.

Me: You wanna cook dinner for me tonight, and then brush my hair until I fall asleep?
Him: (silence).
(Well, it never hurts to ask!)

Image from Heath Cash.

i'm gun-toting crazy!

Crazy for target practice. Crazy for gem stones. Crazy for bullet necklaces. I got a bit behind when my little brother came to visit over Thanksgiving, but I'm back in action with new bullet necklaces all ready for le shoppe!

i want too much stuff.

It's true, I've got a wishlist longer than the distance from here to Mars, but I was having a talk with my auntie-in-law, and we agreed it's a good thing to want, because if you had everything, it would take the excitement out of new treasures. Anyway, Mr. Dinosaur Toes stole the laptop today, and I'm too tired to type much, so here are a few things for your viewing pleasure, all from Urban Outfitters.

gifts for me

Hey kids, look what I got yesterday! A few posts ago, I mentioned a shop I found, paola loves to shop, and I promised a picture of the scarf I bought. Not only did I get one, but she included another as a gift! If that wasn't exciting enough, I won a giveaway on Julianna Swaney's blog, so I got some free prizes from one of my favorite artists!

Maybe it's a bit juvenile of me to continually get giddy when I find a package in my mailbox or on my doorstep, but I just can't help it! It's like Christmas all through the year!

On another note, I'm a complete fashion disaster (which maybe helps to explain my addiction to fashion blogs), so I think, or at least I tell myself, that scarves can add a bit more interest to my rather dull and boring wardrobe. Either way, I'm hoping it's cold tomorrow so I can wear one of my new favorite accessories!

new daily candy

I just discovered this blog through another blog, and I'm so in love! I don't know how I've never seen it before, but it's just beautiful, candy for the eyes! I was about to say, "and the best part is..." but the pictures are the best part, so one good part is that it makes me practice my French. In the words of my stepmom, "if you don't use it, you lose it." Well, I'm usin' it, alright!

the cutest pictures. ever.

Seriously. I challenge you to find something cuter! I found some of these pictures over at weheartit, and I couldn't wipe that silly smile off of my face. Each picture just seemed more perfect than the last! Here are a few, in no particular order as it would be impossible to rate the cuteness!

got a light?

I'm head over heels in love with vintage lamps, and I have a hard time turning down a nice, bright beauty when I see one! Since I've turned into a bit of a minimalist as far a furniture goes, I don't have many surfaces on which to display lamps, but a girl can dream, right? I'm totally lusting over these little dreamboats:

Etsy shops from the top: fabulousmess, backstashandbygones, and findingfabulous.

new ink

Just a short post, but I thought I'd show you my newly purchased art (and the extent of my Black Friday shopping). It's a feather, and considering my love of birds, it should come as no surprise!

Next, I plan to get, "Dinosaur Toes" on the inside of my arm between my pitter and my elbow. It's not the lowest form of shameless self-promotion, I can assure you, but Dinosaur Toes is a little nickname I have for my feathered friends, and what better way to say I love them than to wear it?!?

after thanksgiving blues

I had a great Thanksgiving, how about you? I ate my weight in mashed potatoes, bread and stuffing (I'm a total carboholic) and I got to spend some time with one of my best friends, my brother. Derek lives in Pennsylvania, which isn't thousands of miles away, but still not close enough for me to see him all that often. I know it'll pass, but for about a week after he leaves, I'm a little down in the dumps. Luckily, he'll be visiting over Christmas, so I don't have too long to wait!

Now, on to the happier stuff! I love leather (but the recycled scraps since I'm an animal lover), so it should come as no surprise that I'm totally in love with making and wearing these little leather pouch necklaces! I made an itty bitty one for myself to keep a few of Miss Flojo's feathers with me, and I currently have a few photographed and for sale in my shop, but there are more on the way!

a pretty gift for myself & a great new shop

So, I just discovered a rad little shop at big cartel yesterday. Paola Loves To Shop has cute little accessories at uber cute prices. I treated myself to a pretty plaid scarf with shades of blue, pink and orange on a white background (I'll add a picture when I receive it), and the little gem was only $5. Yeah, that's right, $5. I should have gotten these as well, but I plan to purchase them soon; I love sunglasses!

back to the san francisco pics

So far, I've uploaded about 150 pictures to facebook and I still have quite a few more, plus videos! I promise I won't obsessively share all of those on this blog, but since I always like to see what others are doing, I figured I'd share as well. Also, do you ever wonder what the person behind the blog/shop/computer looks like? I know I do, and now you know what I look like (in case you're as curious as me).

From the top: looking down (all the way down) from the Golden Gate Bridge, and me at the Golden Gate Bridge.

From the top: looking down the Greenwich steps. If you've ever watched "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill," you'll remember that Mark Bittner lived in a cottage on these steps! The next three pictures show a wild cherry headed conure and her baby (you can tell the baby is only a few months old because of the lack of red feathers). Lastly, Telegraph Hill is my absolute favorite place in San Francisco. Not only is it beautiful because of the view and lush landscaping, but the parrots make it absolutely magical. We saw about 50 parrots and got close enough to touch them, but I didn't, I only took pictures (and they're the main reason I want to go back so badly)!

From the top: Lombard Street is so much more beautiful than I would have thought, and the landscaping inside of the curves is just gorgeous! The last picture is of Amy and I, she's Mr. Dinosaur Toes' aunt, and she was nice enough to take me on this girl's only trip!