my new toy...

No, I'm not a teenager. I can assure you I'm an adult (pushing 28), but I can't seem to break myself away from my new Wii! Last year at this time, Mr. Dinosaur Toes and I went to our pastor's house for dinner and a Wii competition and I absolutely fell in love! I didn't ask for one, but my sweet aunt & uncle-in-law surprised us with it! While I suck at golf in real life, I've been whipping up on Mr. Dinosaur Toes in Wii world, and I've decided that my next purchase will the the Tiger Woods PGA Tour game! Silly, huh?

Aside from the Wii, We had a really nice Christmas together (with the exception of Mr. Dinosaur Toes wanting to sleep in on Christmas morning) and a fun day of playing with our new toys! How was your Christmas, and what sorts of goodies did you get?

Beautiful polaroid from futurowoman on flickr.

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  1. the wii is so fun! i was addicted to guitar hero for a few months after we got it last christmas. it really is so fun. and i love bowling!
    glad you guys had a nice christmas danielle!


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