wishlist wednesday!

One may think, because of all the items I'm lusting over, that I'm quite the shopaholic. I can assure you, I am not, I just love so much stuff! If I just made money and had no responsibilities, I probably would buy it all, but those annoying bills keep coming every month. So until then, it's just eye candy for me!

I've never owned a knuckle, or double finger ring, but I've always wanted to. I love them, and I just love metal!

From the top: double finger ring by fleathers on etsy, custom raw brass bangle by BrillianceFound on etsy, knuckle ring from ATHD on etsy, travel memories necklace by MetalPressions on etsy.


  1. oooh, i like the bird ring at the top! pretty pretty

    i agree, bills suck. especially around this time of year. ugh.

  2. Oh gosh, no kidding on the bills. In addition to those and Christmas shopping, I've got to get a new alternator for my car! Oh well, it could be worse, so I'm not complaining!


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