i wanted it, and i got it

You remember a few posts back when I said that I wanted snow? I got it, and I got it big time! Late yesterday afternoon, what my friend Jeff now refers to as, "The Big Dump," started. By the time we woke up this morning we had about a foot or more of beautiful snow!

I bundled up and headed out to play, but I couldn't find the nice, waterproof wellies, so I had to wear my snowboarding boots which are too big and super stiff. The 12+ inches of snow, plus my stiff boots, plus my short legs, combined with little physical strength made for one heck of a workout! I don't see a treadmill in my future today as my legs did enough fat burning already!

It was so pretty, and the little snowbirds were so cute running on top of the snow. Cheesecake, the fat lab loves snow, and his favorite activity is putting his mouth down to the ground and running, so he shovels lots of snow in his mouth to eat! After I warm up a little and make some lunch, it's back out to play...I mean workout!


  1. you got snow! how fun... enjoy your workout today!

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  3. I put your link on my blog!

    Judith ^Hartje-Bloem^


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