My husband the philanthropist has a project he hopes will change the world. I know it may sound silly, but I think he could. I put on my Barbara Walters hat and played reporter to introduce him and his mission. Just imagine he and I are sitting in a room across from one another and I have that stern, serious tone. And we begin...

Me: Tell us your name and three things about yourself.
Him: Yes, ma'am (sarcasm). My name is Chris. One, I've always enjoyed helping others no matter what the task; helping others is the drive behind altruismed. Two, motorcycles are another passion of mine, I prefer two wheels to four. Three, I live on a farm and wish farming were my full time job.

Me: How long have you been thinking about bringing this idea to fruition?
Him: Since December of 2007.

Me: Where do you hope altruismed will be in three years?
Him: A continually growing worldwide effort in kindness.

Me: If time, money and safety were not issues, what would be the one altruism you'd like to do?
Him: I have thought long and hard about "huge" altruisms, and while it would be amazing to think that someone might altruism another with a house or a car, I would prefer to pass on smaller altruisms such as treating someone to lunch, or simple things like assisting someone with their yardwork, even a quarter for a parking meter. Smaller altruisms would be more apt to continually be passed from one person to another.

Me: You wanna cook dinner for me tonight, and then brush my hair until I fall asleep?
Him: (silence).
(Well, it never hurts to ask!)

Image from Heath Cash.

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  1. Well, all I can say is that Chris has been living this dream ever since I first met him about 10 years ago and his unselfish ways inspire me to want to do the same. Now, if we just didn't have to work and pay bills.....


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