gifts for me

Hey kids, look what I got yesterday! A few posts ago, I mentioned a shop I found, paola loves to shop, and I promised a picture of the scarf I bought. Not only did I get one, but she included another as a gift! If that wasn't exciting enough, I won a giveaway on Julianna Swaney's blog, so I got some free prizes from one of my favorite artists!

Maybe it's a bit juvenile of me to continually get giddy when I find a package in my mailbox or on my doorstep, but I just can't help it! It's like Christmas all through the year!

On another note, I'm a complete fashion disaster (which maybe helps to explain my addiction to fashion blogs), so I think, or at least I tell myself, that scarves can add a bit more interest to my rather dull and boring wardrobe. Either way, I'm hoping it's cold tomorrow so I can wear one of my new favorite accessories!


  1. i get completely overjoyed as well when i receive mail! i think letter writing should make a comeback! lovely pretties your received - so fun!

  2. Letter writing is a lost art if you ask me; the real thing is so much more meaningful than an email!


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