it's art to me

In my town, practically owned and controlled by the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University - the eye that sees all - differences are not tolerated, the individual is lost, and conformity is a requirement. I say, it's about time someone not only voiced contradictory opinions, but posted them for all to see. After an article on the tooth art was published in the local newspaper, another opinion was shared:

"...could never sell a painting elsewhere." WHAT?!?!? I'd buy one. What I would not buy, however, is a Thomas Kincaid, regardless of the praise his paintings have received. In my opinion, one cannot judge what is art, and what is not. It's the artist's vision. To find more, you can visit this group.

my blogging vacation

I must admit, from time to time I can have a sort of perfunctory attitude about blogging if I don't have many ideas. For example, the last two weeks! So, I've been away, but that doesn't mean that my hands haven't been busy. I've included a few pictures, merch hot off the dinosaur toes press, and I have a few Etsy favorites to share with you in the coming week!

baby bananas

I do love fruit, and I quite like bananas, but I find myself only eating half before I'm feeling full, even with the help of Flojo. While browsing in the produce section at the grocery store today, I discovered something I've never had the pleasure of meeting - baby bananas! When I peeled one of these babies, Flojo did the usual, ran down my arm to get the first bite, and I couldn't help but giggle; we were enjoying a Flojo sized banana! Of course, I had to document the cuteness with pictures! Enjoy!


So, in honor of our independence, I thought I'd browse Etsy for some fourth of July related merch. However, it's not all about stars and stripes, I wanted something fun! Fireworks! Here are a few of my favorite searched items.

Items from top to bottom can be found at: papercutdiecut, capow (and no, I didn't name this post after the lovely shop, I only just realised it) and truLuxe.

ear candy

I heart this song. I actually happen to like all of Matt & Kim's songs! It's a bit of a stretch from my usual classic punk preferences, but who says we have to fit into one, single proverbial music mold? Not me, ooooooh no!