See it in a room.

I can't remember if I posted about it on my blog or not, but (I have no doubt those who follow me on instagram or facebook got sick of hearing about it) I had an art opening/reception (whichever makes it sound most legit) at my friend's shop back in October; because my paintings would be hanging for the entire month, I had to get in serious painter mode and finish a few more so my wall didn't look so bare.  Here are a few of the newest paintings, in rooms...

All more-photo-worthy-than-my-rooms rooms via Pinterest.  Paintings from the top: Self Portrait // New York // Doris // Goodbye // Golden Years // Red Lion

A Blogging Resolution Giveaway!

Hi, friends!  I've been thinking about my blog a lot lately - how I've neglected it, and how I've kind of missed it - and I've resolved to do better.  So my first attempt at doing such is a giveaway (because I love free shit, and I think you do, too) of one of the most popular items from my shop!  It's a 'BONJOUR Y'ALL' screen printed canvas tote, and you choose the ink color!

So if you're wondering where 'bonjour y'all' came from, it's from my pop.  When I was about 11 and started taking French, he used to greet me with a hearty, and very southern sounding, "BONJOUR Y'ALL!"  He told me that's what they said in the south of France (he also used to tell me he went to school with MacGuyver [when I was really young and was in love with MacGuyver], that we were related to Peter Jennings [because we had the same last name], etc., and for a while I believed everything).  My dad's kind of weird.

Okay, so here's how you enter to win!

Leave me a comment with one awesome resolution, your ink color preference should you win the tote bag (black, metallic gold, neon lime green, neon pink, or neon orange), and an email address so I can contact you to let you know you've won!  This giveaway is open to everyone in every country!