A Blogging Resolution Giveaway!

Hi, friends!  I've been thinking about my blog a lot lately - how I've neglected it, and how I've kind of missed it - and I've resolved to do better.  So my first attempt at doing such is a giveaway (because I love free shit, and I think you do, too) of one of the most popular items from my shop!  It's a 'BONJOUR Y'ALL' screen printed canvas tote, and you choose the ink color!

So if you're wondering where 'bonjour y'all' came from, it's from my pop.  When I was about 11 and started taking French, he used to greet me with a hearty, and very southern sounding, "BONJOUR Y'ALL!"  He told me that's what they said in the south of France (he also used to tell me he went to school with MacGuyver [when I was really young and was in love with MacGuyver], that we were related to Peter Jennings [because we had the same last name], etc., and for a while I believed everything).  My dad's kind of weird.

Okay, so here's how you enter to win!

Leave me a comment with one awesome resolution, your ink color preference should you win the tote bag (black, metallic gold, neon lime green, neon pink, or neon orange), and an email address so I can contact you to let you know you've won!  This giveaway is open to everyone in every country!


  1. My resolution?! To get my drivers license! (I'm too embarrassing old to not have one...)
    Neon Orange.

  2. Resolution: Accomplish a 10K and participate in the 10 miler.. even if I have to walk some!
    Neon Pink

  3. To get organized! I also don't have my driver's license, but I'm giving myself until I'm 30 to get that. ;) ha!

    I love the neon green! (lisa@goodknits.com)

  4. Metallic gold nocoffeethanks@gmail.com
    I have three new year resolutions....
    1. To finish my crochet elvis...
    2. To loose 3 stone (this is on my list every year but this year it has to happen as im wearing yellow as maid of honour to my best friends wedding and it scares me.
    3. Get craftier....no specifics ideally itwill involve plastic laser cutting screen printing and antiques !
    Watch this space
    Ps keep up instgram I ♡ it !!

  5. My resolution is to interact with more bloggers and online content creators. I've been super out of touch as of late as well, and I'd love to use 2014 to expand my network online.

    Ink Color: Metallic Gold
    Email: HollyC.Norris@gmail.com

    Help me with my resolution? Check out my blog! www.adarlingdisaster.com

  6. Yaye! Happy New Year! Oddly, this is the first year I didn't write a long list of what I most likely wont accomplish and make me feel like I suck. I decided my resolution is I am going to work on getting better at the things I am already trying to achieve. I want to be able to say I am good at something rather than so so. I also plan to purge like I have never purged before. Thanks for the awesome give away. I love the Metallic Gold! xendlessvacationx@hotmail.com

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  8. You know you want to give this to me because you love my boobs so much. I didn't make a ton of resolutions but I've been trying really hard not to panic about this pregnancy and assume the worst is going to happen at every step, so we'll go with that. I want the ink to be written in your own blood, but I'll settle for metallic gold. <3

    1. Oh! and my email is tomakelovestay at gmail :)

  9. What a great story of your pops! I was in Austin over New Year's & my friend that's from there (but also lived in France for a few years) said Bonjour Y'all and I totally thought of you & these bags :) Hmmm... color choice is tough but prob metallic gold. Or black... My resolution or big goal is to get better at sewing so I'm going to challenge myself to a dress a month. I'm happy you'll be blogging more! lalafauxbois@gmail.com

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