addiction is no joke.

consider this a public service announcement if you will, but i feel it's my responsibility as an adult to alert you to the addict living in my house. i've noticed the addict consuming more and more of his drug of choice, i've picked up on the warning signs, but out of fear for our friendship, i didn't confront him. today i realized that he had just about hit rock bottom when he asked me to help him get his drug. this is what i witnessed...

laugh if you will, but please remember that addiction isn't a joke. a nutella addiction, just like my need for the crack pipe chick-fil-a french fries is serious and should be handled delicately. it started with mr. stink bugg sneaking a little nutella that was left on my napkin after i finished my bagel. i turned a blind eye, but his addiction only got worse. when i noticed he'd made his way to my knife with leftover nutella smears after i'd finished preparing my bagel, i decided he needed help, but it wasn't until today when he asked for help removing the lid that i realized his addiction has affected my life negatively in the following ways:

1. i'm forced to share my nutella, and it's something i don't like to do.
2. i live in constant fear of mr. bugg slipping inside the jar - smooth like a panther - when i have the lid off.
3. what if he gets so desperate he clings to the bottom and i accidentally smush him?

so now you understand the trouble at home. i don't know how he'll react to the intervention, but i know it needs to happen. in other news, i hope you don't actually think i use or have a crack pipe.

and one last thing - the winner of the bracelet giveaway is angie from lariats & lavender! thank you to everyone for entering!


how was your weekend? mine was really nice! on saturday i had lunch with chris's family, did some manual labor here on the old farm, and thought about making some alterations to some vintage skirts, but didn't. then on sunday chris and i did a lot of eating and riding around and thoroughly enjoyed it! sometimes it's nice not to have a plan or obligations.

uhhhmmmmm, i'm not entirely sure why i didn't do regular pictures for an outfit post, but it must have been because i was most interested in showing you my necklace and bag! when i got dressed on sunday afternoon, i decided i needed a bold necklace with color... but i didn't have one. so i made this one with vintage chains and enameled discs, and i'm really happy with the way it turned out, because my outfit needed a little color.

i've been wanting to show you this bag forever because it's one of my favorite thrifting finds. it holds my wallet, phone, collection of lip balms, change of clothes, a pair of boots, and a small child or two, which is exactly what i look for in a bag! $4 spent, and i made it mine.

shoe minimalist vs. shoe hoarder

behind every man that believes three pairs of shoes - one for biking/hiking/running/whatever, one for the beach, and one for weddings and funerals - is sufficient for life, i imagine is a woman who believes three pairs of shoes is sufficient for that many days of the week (or, depending on what your plans are that evening, three pairs may only be sufficient for a single day). such is the difference with chris and i.

chris's everyday shoe is his beloved pair of black etnies that are older than some of my friends' old-enough-to-ride-a-bike-without-training-wheels kids. while he'll probably wear them until the soles fall off, i've been thinking maybe it's time for an upgrade. notice i didn't say replacement? so without insulting his etnies, i asked him to sit down with me and look at fashion shoes for men on macy's site (because really, who doesn't love a store with a wooden escalator?). here are his picks:

i was really curious to see what he'd choose and how it would compare to my favorites (which tend to be anything that would make a guy look like a skater from 1980's southern california), and i was surprised and excited to see that his two favorites (converse and lacoste) were among my top picks! apparently i don't only get excited about shoes for myself! and to prove my 80's skater taste in shoes, here are my two favorites for him:

does your husband or boyfriend believe in the three pairs way of living as well? if you could go shoe shopping for him, which styles would you choose?

head over heels: an outfit post

as soon as i typed "head over heels" as the title, i figured you may think i fell hard today. surprisingly i didn't, but if you knew me in real life, you'd know that i'm clumsy enough for the title to fit. anyway, i'll explain that later! today i mixed stripes and i liked it...

scarf: i can't remember, jacket: american eagle, shirt: banana republic, skirt: richard chai, tights: target, booties: steve madden, clutch: vintage/thrifted, bracelets: vintage and jade from chinatown in san francisco

this is probably one of my favorite skirts, but i don't wear it that often because the chiffon is so lightweight that i feel like i'm constantly rubbing my hand over my butt to make sure it's still down; it's so light that i can't feel it's there! the clutch i love because of the different textured leather, and it was a steal at only $1. and those shoes, what's not to love about finishing off an outfit with a pair of six pound wedges? good for the calves, i'm sure.

when i run on the treadmill i find that i feel like i've been on for an hour when in fact it's only been 7 minutes thanks to boredom... UNLESS i watch a movie while i run, then 30 minutes goes by in no time. one of the more recent movies i watched was 13 going on 30. i'm prepared to lose all my street cred here, but it's one of my favorite movies, and i can never get enough 80's music. because i love that movie, and this song is in it, i've been singing this all day (and there's the title of the post)...

what i've been working on...

lately i've been trying something a little different, and if you know me, that's almost as serious as going without air, pizza, or worse, flojo kisses. but, i'm not so set in my ways that i can't admit change is sometimes okay. although i had plans to do more this weekend, i ended up staying at home in pajamas because i just felt so inspired to make jewelry! i also completed the new look of, so hopefully i'll have new jewelry and the whole new look uploaded this evening!

in other news, today's a rainy day which kind of makes me want to forget about the dishes in my sink, the pile of clothes in my bedroom floor, and the stack of random things on the counter by the fridge, and just watch TV under a warm blanket. it just might happen

what have you been working on lately? have you been feeling inspired to work on new projects?

navy dress take 3: an outift post

last night i had absolutely no idea what in the world i'd wear today, and when that happens, i always think the easiest thing to do is go with solid colors, because they're so much easier to work with (for me, at least). so then i figured, "hey, why not wear the navy dress again for outfit number 3?" i apologize for the pictures not being that great, but when you combine wind, cold, and a husband with a bad knee, well, i'm lucky to get pictures at all!

jacket: american eagle (from probably 8 years ago), cardigan: vintage/thrifted, dress: lulu's, scarf: gift, tights: target, shoes: target

i have to tell you a few things about this outfit. first, that cardigan is straight out of the 1950's. i was so happy when i found it (because it's a tiny size that fits me perfectly) and because it still had the original tag on it so i know it had never been worn. and the price on the tag was $17, so if it was that much back in the 50's i know it must have been something pretty special! the next thing i'm so excited about is the shoes! i love this style, although i wasn't so sure about the color, but now that i have them, AND I PAID LESS THAT TEN DOLLARS, i can't understand how i lived without them! i get so crazy about a deal.

other than that, it was sort of a weird day. i'm glad to be home, and i'll be even more glad to be eating greek pizza later. ooohh yeah.

have / want

it's that time again to show you some of my current favorites from the interwebs and dream of how i'd pair them if only i could find a way to become independently wealthy so want would always equal have. on a somewhat related note, i'm glad to finally be dressing like a woman rather than an androgynous preteen, aren't you?

the first look includes a white chiffon blouse i already own and a pretty vintage tribal print skirt from pasadena vintage. i'd probably also pair this with ballet flats and bouncy hair and wear it seven days a week.

the second look actually isn't a look, but i'd wear it to dress up a simple outfit. included: a vintage faux fur collar and one of my great-grandma's old rhinestone brooches, as well as (be still, my beating heart) ritzy gold flats from wanted. i'd probably wear this with skinny jeans and a striped shirt. or maybe colorful cropped pants and a cream sweater. my point is - the possibilities are endless!

the third look is for when i have to dress up or want to be taken seriously (read: when i have to meet a client that may not take me seriously because of my small stature and soft voice). it's so ladylike, isn't it? shown is a vintage beaded clutch that's sadly been collecting dust, and a gorgeous velvet blazer from fine and dandy vintage.

whether i go to the rodeo, take a walk through the country, or just go to the grocery store, this outfit would make me feel lighthearted and cheerful all day - a side effect of a good novelty print. the amazing vintage rodeo print skirt is mine all mine, and the ugglebo lisbon clogs should be!

what are you dreaming of today?


like i told you yesterday, i've been planning to announce a little giveaway today. it's nothing fancy, but just something to say thanks for continuing to read my blog, for leaving me comments that i always enjoy reading, and for supporting dinosaur toes! the bracelet that will soon be on its way to the winner is made from white howlite rounds, square peridot beads, brown shell slices, and a few little brass heishi beads. i also have a few other little surprises to throw in! find out how to enter below...

to enter this giveaway, you MUST leave a comment WITH your email address telling me something about you.

for additional entries (please leave a separate comment for each):
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mention this giveaway on your blog, and leave me a link to it.

locks of love

remember how i told you last thursday that i wanted to go ahead and get that outfit post up before a change happened? well, the change happened. eleven inches shorter, and quite a bit lighter, i'm a new woman! or at least i feel like one. i'd been debating these last few months whether or not i wanted to donate my hair to locks of love, or keep it long and continue complaining about it. back in early december, before i had a chance to talk myself out of it, i made an appointment with carli for friday the 13th. i'm still trying to get used to this new person looking back at me in the mirror, but i think i really like it...

can i tell you something without you thinking i'm a terrible person? once my cut was finished, obviously all i could do was stare at my reflection, because hey, that's a big change! i also couldn't help thinking that i wanted my long hair back. then on saturday morning i got up, looked in the mirror, and really started feeling pitiful. i didn't realize how much of an accessory my hair was, and i got sort of self-conscious and thought maybe people that had been used to seeing me with long hair would laugh at me. then i had to give myself a little pep talk and remind myself that i'm lucky enough to have hair that will continue to grow back, and i did it to help someone else who really needs it, and furthermore, i needed to stop feeling so sorry for myself. so i looked on the locks of love site at the pictures of people who had received wigs, and then i felt guilty for being so ridiculous and so glad that i could help. once i took a shower and let my hair get wavy (carli straightened it after she cut it which i decided was what made me not like it at first) i realized just how much i like my new hair!

i took carli these pictures of the always beautiful alexa chung as my hair inspiration, because what girl wouldn't want those perfect waves and that healthy shine?! i'm still trying to decide whether or not i want to add a little ombre to mine or just leave it natural, but i think for right now i'll just try to work on getting used to the length and the fact that it won't take 4 hours to dry after a shower! WOOOOO!

and one other exciting piece of news i wanted to tell you about - tomorrow i'm going to be giving away a little piece of dinosaur toes jewelry just to thank you for all of your lovely comments and support, so be sure to come back and enter!

i hope you had an enjoyable weekend, and will have a nice monday!

granny pants take 1: an outfit post

i really shouldn't be unfair and call these granny pants since 1. they do not have an elastic waistband, rather a zipper and hook & eye closure, 2. they don't have the crease perma-made down the front of the legs, 3. they don't smell like powdery musk, and 4. they're navy and not a pastel shade. they are polyester though, so there is that. and static. still, i think high waist pants are going to take some getting used to. to be honest, i always thought that part of thrifting was off limits until i saw monkeyface wearing vintage high waist pants a few months ago, and voila, a whole new world of thrifting possibilities.

the comfort begins here - blouse: express, pants: vintage/thrifted, necklace: i made it, ring: c/o lola and george, shoes: payless.

i really didn't plan to do another outfit post today since i swear i have other things going on in my life other than getting dressed, but i needed to get it out of the way because of some change that's going to happen, only i can't tell you what hat change will be until a few days from now. hello, vague information. until then, i hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend!
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colored tights and leftovers: an outfit post

i'm going to be honest - after the last outfit post where i said i couldn't be picky about what i wore because i was behind on laundry, i still didn't do laundry. so again, i had to wear the leftovers that weren't in the hamper. that makes me sound like such a man, doesn't it? so my goal today, because i don't like that skirt and don't want to have to wear something else i don't like, is to do one load of laundry (two if i'm lucky).

shirt: banana republic, skirt: i don't remember, green tights: target, boots: vintage, necklaces: i made the pearl one, white necklace c/o camp & quarry

what fun is doing an outfit post without doing the robot? also, i can't help but feel awkward just standing there with a weird look on my face because that's not really me; i'd much rather cross my eyes or do the robot. so there it is. at first i put on the pearl necklace but i felt it wasn't quite big enough. then i took it off and put on the necklace from sarah, but i still felt like i wanted something big and over-the-top gaudy. so i put the pearl necklace back on and figured i'd have more street cred if i wore two, and that made it big enough.

i've got some good news: the sun is back out which means i'll be able to take some pictures without wasting my time like i did yesterday in the rain! wooooo!

thanks a lot, eyes.

i spent part of the morning hammering out some hoop earrings, taking pictures, and enjoying the sound of raining gently falling against my windows. sometimes i get impatient as far as pictures go, and i feel that if i've made a piece of jewelry, i want to hurry up and photograph it so i can get it added to my shop. i should have stopped and thought about it though, because a grey and rainy day doesn't exactly give the best light for photographing things. but i threw common sense to the wind and snapped, snapped snapped...

not only was it a little too dark for decent pictures, but i can't for the life of me get my eyes to work correctly. i'll swear that my subject looks completely in focus, but when i open the pictures on my computer i'm left with a blur so bad it makes my eyes hurt! so hopefully tomorrow the lighting will be a little better along with my eyes. i'm afraid i'm getting old and my eyes are giving out.

so how was your weekend? what did you do? mine started of with me not feeling well (and i refuse to be sick!), then on sunday we headed north to charlottesville where i picked up a few pieces of jewelry that didn't sell from a gallery (and got a big ole check for what did sell!!!), we ate, we did some walking, we went to some old bookstores, and we ate a lot more.

in addition to that, ummm, i cleaned my floors, so that's good. i've run so much my legs ache, so that's pretty good, too. i got outbid on a sweater on ebay just now which isn't good (especially since i bid dirty and wait until the last few seconds so i think no one else will be able to sneak in). and, let's see... i guess that's it. hopefully i'll have some (clear) pictures to share tomorrow!

when you're behind on laundry: an outfit post

bye bye until april, bare legs. this outfit sort of has me going in circles - one minute i think i like it, the next minute i'm telling myself i shouldn't wear it again. it always helps me make decisions (and i never like making decisions) when i can list out the pros and cons, so let's do that...

scarf: vintage/thrifted, corduroy blazer: vintage/thrifted, dress: target, boots: vintage/thrifted

- this scarf is one of my favorites
-green is my favorite color, and i think the pale green color of the blazer is perfect
-it's comfortable
-i have pockets so i don't have to worry about what to do with my hands
-i like that there's some print mixing

-because of the blazer's longer length i think it makes me look shorter, so maybe i shouldn't have worn flats.
-although it's not a loose-fitting outfit, i don't think it's necessarily figure-flattering
-i saw my stepmom's stepdad when i was wearing this outfit, and before any pleasantries were exchanged he said, "it looks like you've gained some weight." nice. i don't think i've gained weight, so i'm wondering if the outfit adds non-existent pounds.

what i would do different the next time i wear this outfit: trade the flat riding boots for a pair of black wedge ankle boots and add black tights. what do you think? yes or no?

my pop's arm & my opinions.

i'm a daddy's girl. my pop has always been a source of entertainment and humor, and i stand by the proclamation i made years and years ago (although, i guess now it's been decades) that my pop is the funniest person i know. he taught me that it is totally acceptable, no matter the occasion or crowd, to add, "my underwear are on fire" to any conversation; he taught me that it's okay to walk with a pretend and overly-exaggerated limp through a busy store if regular walking has become boring; and he taught me that people should always be greeted and bid farewell with a big, GENUINE hug (none of that half, loose, fake hug stuff). sounds like a pretty awesome guy, right?

my pop doesn't actually look like this now, although he still wears that suit to weddings. i kid. or do i? i just really like that picture (and the tux reminds me of the movie dumb & dumber). so, last week my pop got hurt. he was standing in my aunt's backyard - which, truth be told, is more like a cliff than a yard - and he said he started to feel his feet slip out from under him, so he grabbed the nearest thing to keep from falling hard, which was a low tree branch, and when he slipped and his body weight was being supported by his right arm, his bicep tore. he has an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon today to get a definitive answer on whether or not he needs surgery, and i won't lie, i've been so worried about him. you know how when you love someone so much you wish you could take their pain and make it yours just so they wouldn't have to feel it? that's how i've been feeling, because dammit, i don't want my pop to have any pain! i'm curious to find out what the doctor says, and i'm just hoping for a quick recovery.

now, my opinions. maybe i shouldn't even be sharing this, but i feel it needs to be addressed. i've been told several times by several people that i should contact some big name style bloggers about having them choose a piece of jewelry to incorporate into an outfit post on their blog. i know that plenty of people do this, i know it's a great way to gain more exposure, and i think it's a great idea in theory. in practice, however, i guess it's sort of a luck of the draw type deal. i talked with one of my good friends before who sent an expensive item from her line to one of these big bloggers, only to find that the blogger never wore it or even mentioned it. i thought that was a one in a million chance dealing with a disrespectful blogger and anyone else would surely appreciate and share an item they received for FREE, right? so i decided that since sales had dropped off on my website, and i needed to reach a new group of people, i'd contact two big bloggers whose style i really liked. i didn't expect them to wear the item they chose in the first post after they received their new jewelry, but i kind of thought i'd see it within a few weeks at least. now, coming up on two months later, after outfit posts on nearly a daily basis, i still haven't seen them in their dinosaur toes jewelry. i know that i can be a little impatient at times, but like i said, it's been almost two months, and i'm starting to feel like it's kind of shitty for anyone to take something for free, agreeing to incorporate it into a post, only to flake on their end of the deal. i mean, if it was forever 21 sending out free things, well, they make billions, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but whether it's my friend, myself, or any other small handmade business, it's kind of a big deal to send out freebies, so to feel like your gesture has gone unappreciated, well, it's like a smack in the face, or "i'm too cool for your stuff with my 4,000 followers."

hopefully i don't come off like too much of a jerk, but i just feel like it's a matter of having manners. or maybe i've just been in the south for too long and expect too much from people.

what i've been working on...

in addition to painting my fingernails, trying to convince chris that he'll like brussel sprouts, and working on my endurance (so i can kick at least a few butts in a spetember marathon - yes, i know that's a long ways away), i've been making a few pieces of jewelry. every year since i've been selling online has been slow from about a week before christmas until the middle of january, so i feel like now i can take a little break and work on jewelry when i want rather than round the clock. here are a few pieces of jewelry i've been working on for my shop...

i hope you had a fun new year's eve and started your new year off well! i started my new year off the way any significant occasion should be welcomed or celebrated - WITH FOOD! honestly, i think about it sometimes, and if i ate less (and i could certainly stand to do it) but kept running the same amount, i'd basically be invisible if i turned sideways. but i just can't give up my food. not gonna happen. i'm not sure how i went from talking about jewelry to talking about food, but before i start telling you about my love for orange cinnamon rolls and bacon, i will bid you adieu.