shoe minimalist vs. shoe hoarder

behind every man that believes three pairs of shoes - one for biking/hiking/running/whatever, one for the beach, and one for weddings and funerals - is sufficient for life, i imagine is a woman who believes three pairs of shoes is sufficient for that many days of the week (or, depending on what your plans are that evening, three pairs may only be sufficient for a single day). such is the difference with chris and i.

chris's everyday shoe is his beloved pair of black etnies that are older than some of my friends' old-enough-to-ride-a-bike-without-training-wheels kids. while he'll probably wear them until the soles fall off, i've been thinking maybe it's time for an upgrade. notice i didn't say replacement? so without insulting his etnies, i asked him to sit down with me and look at fashion shoes for men on macy's site (because really, who doesn't love a store with a wooden escalator?). here are his picks:

i was really curious to see what he'd choose and how it would compare to my favorites (which tend to be anything that would make a guy look like a skater from 1980's southern california), and i was surprised and excited to see that his two favorites (converse and lacoste) were among my top picks! apparently i don't only get excited about shoes for myself! and to prove my 80's skater taste in shoes, here are my two favorites for him:

does your husband or boyfriend believe in the three pairs way of living as well? if you could go shoe shopping for him, which styles would you choose?


  1. haha that is hilarious! my husband has a ton of shoes (i still i have him beat though), but he clearly wins on clothing. he has so much more than i do! and trying get him to part with a tshirt that he never wears is always a losing battle...

    1. jess, i had to laugh at your comment because it's so opposite of chris that i almost forget there are men out there that do like having clothes and shoes!

  2. my husband has WAY more than three pairs, but only wears a couple. basketball shoes for morning b-ball with his boys, vans, another pair of vans, and a pair of boots. funny how boys get set in their ways. on the subject of vans though, i highly recommend the OTW vans collection. chris rants and raves about them, so maybe your chris will like them too? have a good weekend.

  3. Hahah my husband has several pairs of shoes but they all serve a distinct purpose...heavy-duty fire boots for work, Sambas for every day shoes, hiking boots for super snowy days, falling-apart lighter boots for lighter hiking, and running sneakers. Oh, and sandals for when we're frolicking outside. None are all that fashion-forward but the man wears jeans or camo shorts and white shirts every day so...

  4. My husband literally has 3 pairs of shoes- Vans for afterwork/weekends, dress shoes for work, and hiking gym shoes for everything drives me INSANE...especially if I'm trying to get him to dress up for something-if it doesn't go with his black shoes, well he is SOL....boys are weird

  5. i'm pretty sure andrew has more shoes than i do. and he just got those lacoste sneakers! in grey! i love lacoste, they are super comfy, when we first met we had matching pairs ... um yeah, otherwise he sticks to adidas, new balance, vans and converse. he would really like a nice pair of loafer-esque dress shoes but is super picky. we keep scouring thrift shops. if i could buy shoes for him (which i don't because he is really picky unless i know he needs a new pair of new balances) i would buy him some boots, probably combat style but waterproof for when he goes fishing. man, now i want to go shoe shopping!

  6. haha, doug has probably 60 pairs of shoes. its stupid. i am like Chris. I have maybe 5 pairs of shoes and I only wear 2 of them. haha!

  7. My boyfriend wears ONE pair of shoes every single day. It drives me nuts! I did force him to buy a pair of dress shoes though, and shortly after I convinced him that he needed Vibram fivefingers (toe shoes!) for us to go hiking together in :)

  8. caitlin, chris an rob sound a lot alike in that respect - who cares about style when you can focus on function?!

    lori, that's so funny! there have been a few times when chris has needed o dress nicer for something, but he couldn't because he didn't own a single pair of nice shoes!

    danielle, i thought those lacoste shoes were awesome! but i like a lot of their stuff...

    beca, are you serious?! i don't know why, but i just never pictured doug as the kind of guy who would have such an impressive shoe collection!

    heather, i'm glad you had luck convincing your boyfriend to live a little and buy more shoes!!!

  9. We sound a lot alike :) I have WAYYYYY too many shoes and my husband has 3 also!

  10. Ha! This had me laughing out loud, you have no idea how lucky you are. My husband has a pair for running, for basketball, for mowing, for other misc "projects", (these are all trashed, btw), work shoes, every day shoes, every day back-ups.. And REFUSES to ever buy new ones b/c he hates to shop. So he has a whole collection of borderline-embarassing footwear.

    Just don't tell him I told you. ;)

  11. My husband is so weird about shoes. He will walk around with holes in them for days and hates to budge on a new pair unless its for his birthday or christmas. oh those guys.

  12. Dave has a pair of green supra skate shoes, a pair of blue converse chucks, 1 pair of blue havaiana thongs/flip flops, and one pair of leather (going out) vans. Beca's sunnies look rad on him too!
    toni xo


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