have / want

it's that time again to show you some of my current favorites from the interwebs and dream of how i'd pair them if only i could find a way to become independently wealthy so want would always equal have. on a somewhat related note, i'm glad to finally be dressing like a woman rather than an androgynous preteen, aren't you?

the first look includes a white chiffon blouse i already own and a pretty vintage tribal print skirt from pasadena vintage. i'd probably also pair this with ballet flats and bouncy hair and wear it seven days a week.

the second look actually isn't a look, but i'd wear it to dress up a simple outfit. included: a vintage faux fur collar and one of my great-grandma's old rhinestone brooches, as well as (be still, my beating heart) ritzy gold flats from wanted. i'd probably wear this with skinny jeans and a striped shirt. or maybe colorful cropped pants and a cream sweater. my point is - the possibilities are endless!

the third look is for when i have to dress up or want to be taken seriously (read: when i have to meet a client that may not take me seriously because of my small stature and soft voice). it's so ladylike, isn't it? shown is a vintage beaded clutch that's sadly been collecting dust, and a gorgeous velvet blazer from fine and dandy vintage.

whether i go to the rodeo, take a walk through the country, or just go to the grocery store, this outfit would make me feel lighthearted and cheerful all day - a side effect of a good novelty print. the amazing vintage rodeo print skirt is mine all mine, and the ugglebo lisbon clogs should be!

what are you dreaming of today?


  1. Those are fun... I really, really wanted a faux fur vintage vest, but it's already January, and it will be warm here in two months. Having a major skirt deficit, and I always see cute ones in blogs and on people, but they look so awful on me.

  2. I love pasadenavintage, have just added them to my favourite shops on etsy. Nice choices! Those gold flats are ace. Nice choices! I too dress more like an androgynous teen and have to make a conscious effort to dress like a lady. x

  3. ahhhh i can't get enough of that rodeo skirt! :)

    i love this feature of yours.

    btw girl fiancee, have i told you lately how MEOW your shorter hair is? ;) love and miss you!!!

  4. I like all of these, but my favorite is by far the last one. I want something in that pattern!

  5. those clogs are pretty sweet! i finally got a pair from lotta of stockholm and just patiently waiting their arrival!

  6. oh my! great finds! especially the skirts!!

    i was actually dreaming of doing some thrifting today since it's 1/2off at our local salvation army. but, i had no sitter and three sick kids so i never made it out. next time!

  7. such a great idea for a post! love it!

  8. So many fun pieces! I think I still dress like an androgynous preteen, how'd you know?!

  9. loving that skirt and those clogs! too bad we can't share clothing!

  10. four jedis, i know what you mean about the vest; i've been wanting one too, but after i had my christmas money i thought, "i won't be able to wear it for too long before it will be warm again!"

    nicola, that's why i do outfit posts, because it encourages me to dress like a woman rather than a slob!

    micaela, isn't that skirt he best?! i almost passed out when i saw it! love you, fiancee!

    april, i wish i could just find that fabric so i could make all sorts of things from it!

    cb, i had actually just heard of lotta from stockholm the other day. i can't wait to see how you style them!

    yellow finch, sometimes i have thrifting plans too, but my problem is i seem to run out of time. i hope you get to go soon!

    katy, thank you!

    caitlin, you're funny!

    maria, i know, if i lived closer to you, i'd be going through your closet all the time!

  11. Great ideas! I especially love the idea for the second look- sounds so pretty and timeless!

  12. Oh I love this post- very unique!!

    (And also your feather tatto is seriously adorable!)

  13. Love those flats - these are some great picks :)


    The Other Side of Gray

  14. I love that tribal print skirt!
    xo Cara

  15. I love the skirts, the print is just so cute! The shoes too, reminds me of See by Chloe new collection.

    Love ur blog =) Shall we follow each other?



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