rock candy.

i know this post is a little late coming, but blame it partially on my body-related midlife crisis (i just want to exercise like crazy lately because i refuse to accept the fact that my body is changing and decide that i can't do anything about it), and my never-long-enough chat with carla. but i did finally get some pictures adjusted so i could show you some of the beautiful stones i saw on saturday. of course, i wouldn't be me if i was completely with it and prepared, so i forgot to photograph the stones i got! i'll do that later.....maybe.....if i remember.

there were so, so, so many gorgeous stones, and i wish i could have gotten closer, more detailed pictures of some of the large (and really expensive) mineral specimens, but i know some people are really funny about having their stuff photographed. if i thought i could pull off covert picture taking and be sneaky like a jungle cat, believe me, i would have, but i'd probably draw attention to myself by knocking over a 60 pound $750 quartz druzy or something.

it was a really fun day, and i'm planning on going to another one, but coming home with LOTS more. of course after we were about 20 minutes away i got all sorts of ideas for all of these stones and beads i saw, but there was no way i was going to turn around and go back so that all four of us could go back in and look at everything again!

also, this is completely off the subject of stones, but i feel the need for a from the heart type post. i'm going to try to get my thoughts in order and talk about my dilemma tomorrow, because i really am curious as to whether i'm the only one feeling like this, or if it's pretty common.

that's it for now. happy tuesday!

happy three day weekend!

i can't wait to tell you guys all about the gems, the motorhomes and the hiding places for my dad's bong (seriously, there's a perfectly good explanation for that), but i'm trying to get caught up on everything that piled up while i was sick. so for today, in between domestic duties, jogging, trying to stay alive outside with this heatwave, and a web design job, i'm doing a whole lot of this...

my bear likes to kiss. and snuggle. and sit on my lap. since he was home alone most of the day saturday, we have to make up for it with extra love and belly rubs.

i'll be back tomorrow with pictures of pretty stones and some pictures of the few things i cam home with. seriously, i went there planning to come home with A LOT (as i can't get many of those things here), but i barely got anything. to the cheapskate side of me... i curse you, while i shake my fist in the air!

time to...rock!

i had an outfit post planned for today, but since the sky turned black and the sun went hiding somewhere in the recesses of darkness - okay, we had a storm - i was without any natural light, and my pictures turned out looking like grainy turds. the outfit post will have to wait, but this exciting little nugget of information can't... I'M GOING TO A GEM AND MINERAL SHOW TOMORROW! i'm really excited. chris and i are meeting pop and tricia at their house tomorrow morning, first stopping for breakfast and then heading to salem, va! i'm taking two cameras, on digital and one film, and i plan to snap until someone stops me (and then maybe a little more if i think i can be sneaky).

my pop, he's in for a little violence tomorrow morning. he called me about an hour ago and told me he had bad news (the exact same line he used when he tricked me, 3 TIMES, into thinking he had to work so we couldn't go to soul food the other week). i kept insisting that i didn't believe him, but after a few minutes, when he never admitted he was kidding, i finally felt pretty deflated and believed that he really did have to work until 1pm tomorrow. of course, only after i'm on the verge of TEARS does he tell me that he's kidding. i called him a name, and it wasn't nice...good thing he knows i'm kidding. so that's it, from now on, i can't believe what he tells me!

anyway, okay, i sort of got off on a tangent there, but the point is, i'm going to the gem and mineral show tomorrow, and i can't wait to show you pictures and my loot! have a good holiday weekend, american friends!

the beautiful rock collection is from the talented artist cori kindred.

my friend and the beast.

have you met my friend brittan? i could tell you that she's funny, pretty, sweet, creative, and all those good things, but maybe you'd think i'm biased. well, i am. but all those things about her are completely true! she's one of my first and best blogging friends, and i love the friendship that we've developed. not too long ago she did a post introducing her crochet covered stone and beach glass jewelry, and i just stared. and stared and stared. i have one of her crochet covered beach stones, so to think of the same idea, but in jewelry form, just had me hooked! so, last week i had a package from her in my mailbox, and in addition to a gorgeous custom made brooch with a painting of flojo, some quartz and amethyst stones and a porcelain bird, I HAD A CROCHETED AMETHYST NECKLACE! i was so excited! you can find her shop here and take a looksie at some of the necklaces!

the necklace above is mine, all mine! the two below are some of my favorites from her shop. isn't she incredibly talented? i love how the necklace with quartz has the crochet at the top, almost like an acorn.

now for the part about the beast. i was taking pictures this morning for a client, and when i got to this jeep i needed a picture of, i just happened to look down, and there it was. the biggest black snake i've seen since i was 11 or 12, just stretched out in the grass, black scales lit up by the sun, not a foot from where i was standing. i think i did number 1, 2, 3, AND 4 right there in my pants. i jumped, screamed, and ran like the wind back to my car. i got in, hyperventilating and screaming to myself as if that would make the snake disappear (never to reappear again, ideally), and realized i had to get back out. i wasn't finished taking pictures. for the last few, i didn't step foot in the grass, and i realized just how much i appreciate zoom on my camera. i may have had a heart attack, or maybe heart failure, either way i'm surprised i lived to tell about it, not because i'm afraid a snake will hurt me, but because i'm afraid i'll lose consciousness and all major organs will shut down from adrenaline overdose. so yeah, that beast scared the crap, almost literally, out of me. the worst and scariest part of my day!

i hope you've had a good, snake-free day!

turtle day saywhaaaaat!

TODAY IS WORLD TURTLE DAY! okay, i'm obviously incredibly excited. i love turtles more than.... ummmm.... more than i could ever explain! they bring my heart so much joy, with those scaly toes and pretty carapace, and up until earlier today, i didn't even know there was such a thing as world turtle day! i'm marking my calender, and next year, the party's ON! just because i'm so excited about world turtle day, i'm going to go put on one of my many vintage turtle necklaces even through i'm still in my pajamas (yes, i'm still sick) and no one will see me.

i don't remember where i found this picture (i saved it over a year ago), but don't you just want to snuggle that little baby and revert to high pitched baby talk? i know i do. and speaking of turtles, one day i'm going to get a turtle tattoo, because you know it's true love when it's in ink. am i right? am i right?!

i haven't seen as many turtles so far this year, but i think that's all due to the fact that we've had a relatively cool spring compared to normal. but worry not, i'm still running out in front of cars and across highways to save every turtle i can.


my unwanted vacation.

it's been almost a week since i've even signed into blogger, and while i do sometimes want a break from the responsibility of blogging, this was not one of those times. my dear husband came down with a virus that the doctor said mirrored the flu and, since i guess he felt guilty not sharing, passed it on to me. we've been miserable and pretty pathetic; taking turns complaining about what hurts the most, eating whatever doesn't have to be cooked (because really, who wants to cook when they feel like crap?), and drinking way too much hot chocolate to soothe our sore throats. i felt so bad, it hurt my fingers to type. yeah, not fun! anyway, neither one of us is better, but i think i can finally see an end to this in a few days! there hasn't been much going on, obviously, but here are a few noteworthy things (in list form, my favorite)...

-my office is right beside the airport, and since a big air show with biplanes and the blue angels was going on this weekend, they've been practicing and giving us a free show. of course i didn't think to pull my camera out while the guy was doing back flips and barrel rolls, but the free fall is still pretty scary looking!

-yesterday a black snake was coiled up and ready to attack. it struck at kona and just barely got him on the leg, so kona showed that beast who's boss! one less snake around here to scare me.

-i now have a second wedding i'll be doing photography for, and i'm thinking that this is something i wouldn't mind doing more of!

-a lot of times when i'm sick i have crazy dreams, and the last few nights have been insane. like this one, which i think is the craziest:
an angel was telling me to lay on this sheet in a field that had a cloud tunnel forming around it. i did, but then i got back up and she told me i had to stay there, so i laid back down on my stomach and the could tunnel formed around me, but then when it was finished, it turned into a fabric tunnel, and it was no longer pink, but white. then when i turned my head to look back at my body, i saw that my body was a long line of hay bales but it looked like marshmallows. my head was still the same though and i was worried about telling chris because i thought that he wouldn't think my head was real. and then i woke up. i have no idea where that one came from!

i hope you've been doing well and that we can get back to our regular schedule soon!

thrift score.

i've recently decided that i'm going to head into uncharted territory clothing-wise. i know this isn't anything crazy for most people, but for my plain jane, uniform of comfort style, it's a pretty big deal. i'm diving headfirst into high waisted skirts. see, i told you it isn't a big deal, but it's a style i've been very hesitant to try. i'm beyond the hesitation phase and i'm fully submersed in the high waisted skirt trend. i mean, i go to bed at night thinking of one i want to make or how i'd style one. hello, where has the old danielle gone??? so anyway, i went thrifting to see what i could find. there are a few rules i like to follow when looking for the prized skirt though, and they are: no old lady looking patterns, nothing that will dwarf my already short frame, and no fabric that could spontaneously combust. here's what i found...

i'm completely smitten with this skirt. the fabric is a cotton/linen blend, so it's pretty soft and thin - perfect for warm weather wear. it was originally just a few inches above my ankles, and at a mere 5'2" i know that i just can't pull off a long skirt. it was pretty and comfy, but i knew i looked foolish, so this morning i measured, cut, pinned and sewed it so that it falls a little above my knees. and i have a confession to make. i actually really hate any clothing alterations that involve sewing. i really do. and when i go thrifting, i tell myself not to get ANYTHING that requires more sewing than replacing a few buttons or fixing a split seam. i knew this skirt would require a sewing, but i love it so much, it's a burden i was willing to take on!

i knew as soon as i saw this belt that i was going to make it mine. i mean, let's list out the pros of owning this belt:
1. it cost $1
2. it's that perfectly soft leather that i love
3. it's got holes all the way around so i can wear it around my waist or hips!

now let's list the cons of owning this belt:
there are none!

so that's what i got! i also have a vintage maxi dress that's in-your-face-hippie-at-woodstock that i got LAST YEAR that i still haven't cut and sewn to be about knee length. one of these days, one of these days. so, what have you thrifted lately? do you find that you alter a lot of the vintage clothes you find?

spring and king ding-a-ling

it's fun when post titles match, isn't it? lately i've been rearranging a few things and wanting to clear out some clutter; clutter in my house and clutter in my life. something about spring, i guess the rebirth of leaves, flowers, and warm weather, always makes me want a rebirth of sorts in my life, mainly, less clutter! i've put a few things in boxes so i have a bit less sitting around (not that i have many knick knacks sitting around in the first place), but one thing i pulled out of a box is the rest of my collection of old dishes. i love old dishes. the delicate patterns, colors, tiny chips, everything about them is beautiful. i moved some things around in one of my kitchen cabinets with glass doors so that i could show off these pretty plates. i've also been taking advantage of the pretty blooms in my yard and bringing them inside to take advantage of nature's perfume.

i've got a few thrifting finds that i can't wait to share, but i got home too late friday and today to take pictures, so it's on my to do list. i'm taking a little trip in just a few weeks (more on that later) so of course i'm thinking about almost nothing but 1. how excited i am, and 2. WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!?!?

now, moving on to king ding-a-ling. crazy, right? today all of the women in my family spent the day at my aunt cindy's house for my cousin ali's bridal shower. if i've never told you before, and i think i probably have, my family is nuts. completely. i'd like to say i laughed at least part of my butt off, but considering all the food i inhaled, i'm pretty sure i didn't lose a single ounce of it. anyway, our conversation/hysterical laughing went from food, to talking about boobs and naughty stuff with grandma, to singing a ding-a-ling song, to naming a bird king ding-a-ling. anytime i'm around someone's family and they're really stuffy with no sense of humor, i always remember just how INCREDIBLY lucky i am to have a family as insane as mine. too bad it couldn't have turned into a slumber party!

i hope you've had a good weekend (and, hey, since i've been away from my blog since last tuesday, a good last week, too)!


i almost called this post have/need, but decided against it to avoid a long explanation and even mild brainwashing, as my husband, like most husbands, doesn't fully understand a woman's need for new and exciting clothes. yesterday i was reading a post by one of the funniest and most entertaining bloggers, who also happens to be kind of a big deal as far as clothes are concerned, and i discovered a new website to stalk - mikkat market. i was hesitant to visit because i'm a champion cheapskate, and i had a feeling i'd want a bajillion dollar's worth of stuff. to be honest, the prices are affordable (translation: i'm far too tight to buy everything there, but i could definitely see myself getting a few things here and there), and the clothes are amazing. just for fun, i picked a few of my favorite things and then paired them with pieces i already have. one of my favorite things to do when shopping - window shopping included - is think of how i'd mix an item with what i already own.

1. WANT: silk button blouse, HAVE: necklaces from dinosaur toes and sadie designs.
2. WANT: zipper jacket, HAVE: studded flats (bought for $6 from a discount store, of course).
3. WANT: twisted shoulder dress, HAVE: cuff bracelet, a birthday gift from my mars.
4. WANT: orange ruffle skirt, HAVE: nude suede wedges from target.
5. WANT: white lace shorts, HAVE: vintage purse, christmas gift from micaela.

so there you have it, what i'd spend my money on assuming i had spending money! i kid. well, i mean not entirely, but like i've said before, my life is rich in so many other ways; a loving husband, the pretties parrot in the universe, the funniest pop alive, a successful website...what do i have to complain about?! wow, things just got kind of heavy, right? anyway, i hope you're enjoying your tuesday!

mutha, there is no otha

happy mother's day, moms! so, i was talking to my good friend carla on friday, and one thing we discussed at length is how so many of us feel that we can't truly open up on our blogs for fear of angering someone. well, i'm about to take my own advice and just speak the truth. so, i haven't seen my mom for, i don't know, 9 years now? and for a while before that, our relationship was strained to say the least. so when mother's day rolls around, it's not quite the same for me as it is for most others, but this isn't a woe is me post, not by any means. i've never gone without motherly love, and the one person who has been there for me my entire life, who has been ready to do whatever i could possibly want or need (whether i deserved it not), and the one who has been a true mother to me, is my grandma. anything you receive and expect from a mother - love, nurturing, encouragement, and even frustration - i've gotten from grandma. so dahlin, thanks for the mac & cheese, the sleepovers, the salt & vinegar chips, helping me catch baby sharks at the beach that one year, the sixlets, the back scratches, and the knee squeezes and that funny noise you make while you squeeze. i love you thiiiiis much!

and because i'm just not myself if i can't be sarcastic or bring humor into even the most serious situations, i thought you might enjoy a little mr. t and a music video this beautiful sunday afternoon...

behind that pretty face is a serious attitude...

i've been sort of lacking in the blog post ideas area lately, but last night when flojo was crazy and showing me just how tough she can be, i knew i wanted to pass on the humor! unfortunately she wasn't as dangerous and crazy today, but it's still pretty cute. apparently she decided that she doesn't like newspapers anymore, so when i picked up a page from the newspaper (and dared to let it touch her blanket and bluejeans, both of which she likes to have all to herself) she struck like a cobra and ripped it to shreds. like i said, this is the toned down version, but man if you could have seen her last night!

how has your thursday been? mine has been pretty nice, but here's my only question: where in the world has it gone so quickly? i had so many things i wanted to do once i got home, but now it's almost time for me to start cooking dinner and i've only crossed one of those things off my list. i blame my friend cal, she always forces me to talk about yo mama jokes, falling in toilets, and all those really important things in the afternoon.

what i've been working on.

i hope this tuesday finds you well! i spent a lot of yesterday making a few new items for my website, and today chris and i spent some time in the garage with the metal chop saw, the band saw and the grinding wheel (and i hope i have a few of those pieces ready to show you next week) once we got back from his doctor's appointment. good news: his eye continues to heal, so he should be able to wear his contacts again this weekend, although i really like him in glasses. anyway, here's a little peek at a few things i've been working on...

i'm not sure how long i'll continue making the bullet necklaces, but since i still have some casing i've drilled i figure i'll keep them around a little longer at least. i'm so excited to do more work on the metal pieces i worked on today (with the help of my sweet husband who's willing to handle hot metal when i am not) because it means i have a reason to get some new stones!

ugh, i don't mean to be a debbie downer, but i'm not feeling so hot. the pollen has been giving me terrible headaches the last few days, plus i'm tired, plus i got sick from lunch, and i'm still not sure that's over with, so i had more to tell you, but i think i'm going to lay here on the sofa and have a pity party and hope that when i turn on the TV there will be sex and the city reruns on E!

the art and the seeing eye dog.

wow, this was such a long and busy weekend that i actually kind of don't feel like even typing a blog post! but i'll tough it out. so, one thing i'm really excited about is my new art, courtesy of my friend allyson. she and i did a trade, and i couldn't be happier! i actually wasn't expecting the paper cut in the frame, but how sweet is she to make me one?! i put the larger print in a huge antique gesso frame that sits on the mantle in my living room so anyone who comes in my front door can see it. i think it might be my favorite yet!

now, the seeing eye dog. saturday morning chris woke up at about 4am with an intense burning in his eye. then a little while later he tried to wake me up, and while i was already awake, i just ignored him and pretended like i was still sleeping. a little while later he asked me when i was waking up and said that he needed my help. he told me about his eye, and after looking at it and noticing several small white spots at the bottom of his iris, i told him he should make an appointment with the doctor. after spending a long time in an emergency doctor's appointment, we discovered that chris has multiple corneal ulcers caused by a combination of foreign material and contact lenses. so then, we spent the rest of the day looking for somewhere that could make eyeglasses that day, and we spent the day today getting new eye drops and waiting for his glasses to be finished. because chris is very, very blind, with a prescription of -6.75, he isn't able to walk into the stores without having me guide him or point him to where a person is standing; he's obviously not able to read a menu at lunch; he certainly isn't able to drive. so until about 4:00 this afternoon when his glasses were finished, i've been a seeing eye dog, a chauffeur, and a menu reader for him. i even had to tell everything that was going on in the tv show we were watching as he could only hear it. i don't mind helping him, but man is it ever weird to go from having a husband who can see and do things for himself to having one who is just about helpless!

oh, and here's one thing i'm not happy about: on our way home on saturday evening, i saw a snake crossing the road. it's the first one i've seen this year, which means i'll be staying out of the woods until november when the beasts aren't slithering around just waiting to scare me. gross.

so how has your weekend been?