thrift score.

i've recently decided that i'm going to head into uncharted territory clothing-wise. i know this isn't anything crazy for most people, but for my plain jane, uniform of comfort style, it's a pretty big deal. i'm diving headfirst into high waisted skirts. see, i told you it isn't a big deal, but it's a style i've been very hesitant to try. i'm beyond the hesitation phase and i'm fully submersed in the high waisted skirt trend. i mean, i go to bed at night thinking of one i want to make or how i'd style one. hello, where has the old danielle gone??? so anyway, i went thrifting to see what i could find. there are a few rules i like to follow when looking for the prized skirt though, and they are: no old lady looking patterns, nothing that will dwarf my already short frame, and no fabric that could spontaneously combust. here's what i found...

i'm completely smitten with this skirt. the fabric is a cotton/linen blend, so it's pretty soft and thin - perfect for warm weather wear. it was originally just a few inches above my ankles, and at a mere 5'2" i know that i just can't pull off a long skirt. it was pretty and comfy, but i knew i looked foolish, so this morning i measured, cut, pinned and sewed it so that it falls a little above my knees. and i have a confession to make. i actually really hate any clothing alterations that involve sewing. i really do. and when i go thrifting, i tell myself not to get ANYTHING that requires more sewing than replacing a few buttons or fixing a split seam. i knew this skirt would require a sewing, but i love it so much, it's a burden i was willing to take on!

i knew as soon as i saw this belt that i was going to make it mine. i mean, let's list out the pros of owning this belt:
1. it cost $1
2. it's that perfectly soft leather that i love
3. it's got holes all the way around so i can wear it around my waist or hips!

now let's list the cons of owning this belt:
there are none!

so that's what i got! i also have a vintage maxi dress that's in-your-face-hippie-at-woodstock that i got LAST YEAR that i still haven't cut and sewn to be about knee length. one of these days, one of these days. so, what have you thrifted lately? do you find that you alter a lot of the vintage clothes you find?


  1. LOVE that skirt! so much! especially the print, and the new length.. I wish I could sew! I always buy dresses/skirts that are just a *tad* too long.. my mom suggested hem tape?

  2. I want to see the skirt after you operate on it and ON YOU! And by the way, I totally think you could pull off a maxi dress (though you might have to hem it). I'm 5'4"--a little taller but still on the short side--and I wear them. Or maybe I just don't care if they make me look shorter, ha. I love them!

  3. Man, I never alter SHIT. You're kinda my hero for altering that skirt cause MAN is it gorgeous now! & I know it'll look great on you too! So yes, go into the world & twirl in this lovely floral skirt! =) {your booty is gonna look great in it} Ha!

    My word verification is "inhyper" haha...hyper, that I am. That. I. Am.

  4. I think that is a huge step! Bravo! I'm not very adventurous with high waisted things either, but I do have this one I like a lot. :)

  5. I think its funny because right now I am wearing my skirt high waisted. It is hard to get used to but when you do there is nothing more comfortable! It hits right where you bend so I feel like it stream lines the body in ways skirts that hit your hips cant.

    <3 Sarah

  6. i love the print on that skirt!
    i'm pretty lazy when it comes to altering clothes...i passed up a lace blouse today because i didn't wanna sew up the ripped seam.

  7. I haven't thrifted anything. ANYTHING. I am putting my pennies in the bank for our trip in July! So I've kind of thrifted thriftiness. uh....okay.
    love that skirt.

  8. Beautiful finds! I'm kind of addicted to high waisted skirts, so I'm curious to see if you end up a full-blown convert. ;)

    My favorite recent thrift find is a simple little dress from the 40's. And I usually tend to be fussy and purchase things that need no (or only slight) alterations.

  9. what a fantastic skirt danielle! (and belt!!!) are you going to do an outfit post of what it looks like on? you should! i have been getting into the high waisted skirts also. it is funny because i used to make fun of my sister for liking the style (she would wear the shorts/pants high too, i call them her "big girl pants"... kind of a running joke that my mom in now in on too!) anyway, the pattern on the skirt is awesome and i can only imagine how great it feels being cotton and linen!
    yay for you!!!

  10. it's beautiful!!! You should model it, and show us!

  11. go on with your bad self lady! i love that skirt and a belt for $1 sounds like heaven to me.


  12. I am just way too lazy to deal with altering thrifted clothes, so I buy pretty limited used clothing these days. And that's also partly because I hate synthetic fibres. Seriously, like you said, if it's a fire hazard, best to steer clear. Have a great week, Danielle!

  13. those are some incredible finds!!!! love the skirt and especially love the belt. i am a sucker for leather belts.

  14. That skirt is so adorable, I love great finds when thrifting!! ahh its so good, makes your day!

  15. i love the skirt! so pretty!


  16. I think you were probably made for high waisted skirts! It will be soooo lovely on you! It is tough to go outside your comfort zone, but I bet in this case it'll be super rewarding! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  17. Way to go! I thinking branching out keeps us young. ;) That skirt is so cute.

  18. that skirt and belt are the best finds ever! i'll bet you look absolutely adorable in it. the pattern is perfectly "danielle" and the buttons just complete the perfection :).

    oh...and the best. also super awesome :).

    miss you friend.


  19. I love finding vintage leather belts. That one is perfect.
    The skirt is really cute too. I'm not sure I can do the whole high waist thing...

  20. This skirt is gorgeous!
    and that belt is genius!
    I'm always making holes in my belts because they are either too big or I want to put them around my waste hehe
    nice choice :D

  21. I love you finds! That skirt is seriously adorable. Nicely done :)


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