turtle day saywhaaaaat!

TODAY IS WORLD TURTLE DAY! okay, i'm obviously incredibly excited. i love turtles more than.... ummmm.... more than i could ever explain! they bring my heart so much joy, with those scaly toes and pretty carapace, and up until earlier today, i didn't even know there was such a thing as world turtle day! i'm marking my calender, and next year, the party's ON! just because i'm so excited about world turtle day, i'm going to go put on one of my many vintage turtle necklaces even through i'm still in my pajamas (yes, i'm still sick) and no one will see me.

i don't remember where i found this picture (i saved it over a year ago), but don't you just want to snuggle that little baby and revert to high pitched baby talk? i know i do. and speaking of turtles, one day i'm going to get a turtle tattoo, because you know it's true love when it's in ink. am i right? am i right?!

i haven't seen as many turtles so far this year, but i think that's all due to the fact that we've had a relatively cool spring compared to normal. but worry not, i'm still running out in front of cars and across highways to save every turtle i can.



  1. Do you have turtles just wandering around? That's amazing!

    I'd forgotten, actually, until I read this, but I used to be (and deep down must still be) a huge turtle fan too – there's something so prehistoric about them, yet somehow they're still so pretty. Nice idea, World Turtle Day.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Turtles are the best. I too help save turtles trying to cross the road even though Dave tells me they will just go right back out there. Oh well it makes me feel better. Now I want a chocolate turtle. You know chocolate, caramel, pecans. Mmmmmm That can be apart of turtle day. :)

  3. siubhan, yes, the turtles just roam around! there are box turtles, snapping turtles (those things are mean) and painted turtles around here.

    amy, keep saving them! i just always try to take them as far from the road as i possibly can. and yes, i know the candy turtles you're talking about! mmmmm, thanks a lot! i've had it in my head that i HAVE to stop eating so much junk and now you make me want more!


    will you name your turtle necklace Michelangelo for me please?

    and yes, it's only true love if in ink... which reminds me, is my name on your bum yet?

    hope you get to feeling better girl fiance!

  5. Not only do I also have a parrot that I love....which you know...but I also have a thorn thighed African tortoise named Carl Sagan who we got when I was 16 and he could fit in my pal, and now he's too big to pick up!! I miss him....he lives with my mom...so I never see any of those pets anymore...booooo. but yeah, I love turtles. Just like this kid....

  6. re to your comment:

    yay! i'm going to put your name on my breast (what breasts right?! ha) i do hope you feel better soon! ooh and the "love birds"-- it was a GORGEOUS win from my friend Kat ... here's the whole art piece


    i know you're rolling your eyes cos there was a time when i used to win giveaways but i haven't in a long time and this one was the jackpot, no?

  7. Happy World Turtle Day! That one is such a cutie. I posted my little turtle day story on my blog just now too. Thanks for letting us know such a day existed:D

  8. What an adorable turtle! What an adorable post!

  9. Happy Turtle Day!!!! :)
    Is this a new blog layout?? I like it!!

  10. I just learned about World Turtle Day too! I never knew there was such a thing! I celebrated though - any excuse for cupcakes is great in my book! Turtle shaped everything! I put pictures up!

  11. you make me smile :). i'm not a huge turtle fan, but that little turtle really is adorable!

  12. Cute! Happy turtle day! Here's a turtle for you...


  13. i cannot picture you ever having pink nails! idk why...but that turtle is damn cute. i want him!


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