what i've been working on.

i hope this tuesday finds you well! i spent a lot of yesterday making a few new items for my website, and today chris and i spent some time in the garage with the metal chop saw, the band saw and the grinding wheel (and i hope i have a few of those pieces ready to show you next week) once we got back from his doctor's appointment. good news: his eye continues to heal, so he should be able to wear his contacts again this weekend, although i really like him in glasses. anyway, here's a little peek at a few things i've been working on...

i'm not sure how long i'll continue making the bullet necklaces, but since i still have some casing i've drilled i figure i'll keep them around a little longer at least. i'm so excited to do more work on the metal pieces i worked on today (with the help of my sweet husband who's willing to handle hot metal when i am not) because it means i have a reason to get some new stones!

ugh, i don't mean to be a debbie downer, but i'm not feeling so hot. the pollen has been giving me terrible headaches the last few days, plus i'm tired, plus i got sick from lunch, and i'm still not sure that's over with, so i had more to tell you, but i think i'm going to lay here on the sofa and have a pity party and hope that when i turn on the TV there will be sex and the city reruns on E!


  1. toes I adore your work! amazing as always! hope u feel better allergies suck!

  2. You watch your TV. I hope you feel better & I need to remember to buy a bullet necklace before you quit making them. You're rad. <3

    Also, my captcha is "tweder" ...lol!

  3. umm, the second i have money to spend, that top necklace is MINE!:) pollen has given me a wicked cough, im so over allergies, and spring while we're at it.

  4. My goodness, I am majorly swooning over that necklace, and pretty gold bracelet! Holy cow! I think I need one of your pieces!

    Feel better<3

  5. I really love your new pieces! Hope you feel better. I have a perma-headache lately, it only seems to come about when I'm studying though... I must allergic to school work. haha

  6. allergies are making me feel terrible too :( but that top necklace is beeee yooo tiful!

  7. The necklace in the top photo is stunning! Feel better soon :)

  8. Danielle,. your so talented. I love seeing everything new you make.

    I'm still trying to come up with something special to use those teef for.

    I hope you feel better!!
    xo, bec

  9. can i pleeease buy that bracelet? it's beautiful


  10. oh, everything is so shiny and pretty! i love the orbs!!!
    hope you feel better, allergies are no fun at all!


  11. why are you so awesome!
    love the new items!
    but duh. who wouldn't?

  12. i love the little encapsulated crystal! i hope you feel better soon.

  13. I just posted something like this! Haha... except the jewelry I made is just a tad different. But I love your first necklace!


  14. Love the neclace in the first image. Have you tried a spoonful of local honey every day to help with alergies?


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