my unwanted vacation.

it's been almost a week since i've even signed into blogger, and while i do sometimes want a break from the responsibility of blogging, this was not one of those times. my dear husband came down with a virus that the doctor said mirrored the flu and, since i guess he felt guilty not sharing, passed it on to me. we've been miserable and pretty pathetic; taking turns complaining about what hurts the most, eating whatever doesn't have to be cooked (because really, who wants to cook when they feel like crap?), and drinking way too much hot chocolate to soothe our sore throats. i felt so bad, it hurt my fingers to type. yeah, not fun! anyway, neither one of us is better, but i think i can finally see an end to this in a few days! there hasn't been much going on, obviously, but here are a few noteworthy things (in list form, my favorite)...

-my office is right beside the airport, and since a big air show with biplanes and the blue angels was going on this weekend, they've been practicing and giving us a free show. of course i didn't think to pull my camera out while the guy was doing back flips and barrel rolls, but the free fall is still pretty scary looking!

-yesterday a black snake was coiled up and ready to attack. it struck at kona and just barely got him on the leg, so kona showed that beast who's boss! one less snake around here to scare me.

-i now have a second wedding i'll be doing photography for, and i'm thinking that this is something i wouldn't mind doing more of!

-a lot of times when i'm sick i have crazy dreams, and the last few nights have been insane. like this one, which i think is the craziest:
an angel was telling me to lay on this sheet in a field that had a cloud tunnel forming around it. i did, but then i got back up and she told me i had to stay there, so i laid back down on my stomach and the could tunnel formed around me, but then when it was finished, it turned into a fabric tunnel, and it was no longer pink, but white. then when i turned my head to look back at my body, i saw that my body was a long line of hay bales but it looked like marshmallows. my head was still the same though and i was worried about telling chris because i thought that he wouldn't think my head was real. and then i woke up. i have no idea where that one came from!

i hope you've been doing well and that we can get back to our regular schedule soon!


  1. That sounds so miserable.. You poor thing!!

    Oh, and if you find that Harry Potter spell, we'll give it a go! ;)

  2. oh noes, get well soon!
    I also have weird dreams when I am sick... weirder than usual ^^

  3. sending well wishes! xx

    Also, i had no idea you were into wedding photography. can't wait to see the photos!

  4. Sorry to hear that you've been feeling so crappy. Hope you're on the upswing soon!

  5. aw! I hope you get well asap! I'd be in complete terrible shock about the snake... till forever haha

    love to read ya! xo

  6. feel better soon! and can't wait to see pictures of the wedding, girl!! i did a shoot this weekend - something small, prom photos for a family friend - but it really made me realize the work that goes into a photo gig. i cannot imagine a wedding!! have fun!!!

  7. Oh I hope you are feeling 100% in no time. Brendan gets the flu quite alot but I always manage to escape. Congrats on the second wedding, I think that would be so much fun.

  8. so glad you're feeling better <3 kick that flu in the butthole!


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