spring and king ding-a-ling

it's fun when post titles match, isn't it? lately i've been rearranging a few things and wanting to clear out some clutter; clutter in my house and clutter in my life. something about spring, i guess the rebirth of leaves, flowers, and warm weather, always makes me want a rebirth of sorts in my life, mainly, less clutter! i've put a few things in boxes so i have a bit less sitting around (not that i have many knick knacks sitting around in the first place), but one thing i pulled out of a box is the rest of my collection of old dishes. i love old dishes. the delicate patterns, colors, tiny chips, everything about them is beautiful. i moved some things around in one of my kitchen cabinets with glass doors so that i could show off these pretty plates. i've also been taking advantage of the pretty blooms in my yard and bringing them inside to take advantage of nature's perfume.

i've got a few thrifting finds that i can't wait to share, but i got home too late friday and today to take pictures, so it's on my to do list. i'm taking a little trip in just a few weeks (more on that later) so of course i'm thinking about almost nothing but 1. how excited i am, and 2. WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!?!?

now, moving on to king ding-a-ling. crazy, right? today all of the women in my family spent the day at my aunt cindy's house for my cousin ali's bridal shower. if i've never told you before, and i think i probably have, my family is nuts. completely. i'd like to say i laughed at least part of my butt off, but considering all the food i inhaled, i'm pretty sure i didn't lose a single ounce of it. anyway, our conversation/hysterical laughing went from food, to talking about boobs and naughty stuff with grandma, to singing a ding-a-ling song, to naming a bird king ding-a-ling. anytime i'm around someone's family and they're really stuffy with no sense of humor, i always remember just how INCREDIBLY lucky i am to have a family as insane as mine. too bad it couldn't have turned into a slumber party!

i hope you've had a good weekend (and, hey, since i've been away from my blog since last tuesday, a good last week, too)!


  1. Ahhhh....beautiful flowers.
    I think we are kindred spirits.
    My dad would walk around the supermarket with part of his buttcrack showing just to torment my brother and I.
    Our people are solid gold yo.

  2. Nice plates! And grandma boob-talk is the BESt... x

  3. I love those flowers. I'm so jealous!

  4. Psh, YOU'RE a dingaling! I love me some old dishes, but even more than that, I love your sense of humor & that you share it with all the women in your family! How sweet! Um, I'm jealous of your trip even though I'm going on one tomorrow & I wish we could have a giggling sleep over. Today is a prime example of my insane sense of humor...I've been reading everything completely wrong all day. Changing words to make it funny or whatever. I love that I have this weird word think in common with my dad, brother & cousin James & we ALL mess with words for our own amusement. =)


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