going old school

I've seen a lot of pictures on Facebook that friends have uploaded after they'd been "yearbooked" and I finally figured out what/where it was! I went a little crazy with pictures of Chris and I, but they are too funny, so I just had to share!

I suggest trying it out, but it's sort of addictive! The next time I don't have anything to do with my spare time, I'm moving on to pictures of my family! yearbookyourself.com

new hide

Since the leather bow ties seem to be somewhat popular, and because one of the bracelets will be in House Beautiful's gift guide, I realized that I needed to add to my almost non-existent leather supply. I went to the craft store today only to discover that they now carried new colors! The newest item to the leather bow tie family is this little gem (and there are more colorful bows to come)!

oh, the weather outside is...frightful? no.

I think summer held on for as long as it could, but now fall is moving in. Don't get me wrong, summer and I are friends, with our sundresses and flip flops, but I look forward to the start of fall. The crisp mornings, clear skies and most of all, cardigans! This year, more than any other, the end of summer is bittersweet. I've tried to keep my girlish figure by swimming as much as I could, and I'll miss the pool the most. If I have to give up my little piece of aquatic heaven, I will do so with the hope of a beautiful, white winter, as our summer has been a bit cooler than others.

If I could remember the exact origin of this picture, I promise I'd share it, but all I know is that I found it somewhere on tumblr.

more from the cemetery

Nothing new to tell, really, just more pictures to show. The kitty cat's name is Smokey, and the pond is across from the old train museum where Smokey hangs out (all within the Old City Cemetery). There were lots of frogs, and a sign says that two snakes live at the pond, but obviously I didn't see them or I wouldn't be alive to type this.

city cemetery

After church today, husband and I went to take a walk and a swing at the Old City Cemetery. It sounds creepy, but truly it's not. The cemetery is the final resting place for civil war soldiers as well as the wealthy from this area many, many years ago. It is home to several small museums, a pond, beautiful gardening and a kitty named Smokey. Best of all is the tree swing that hangs from an oak older than time. Chris decided to spin until he got sick, but I opted for the classic back and forth motion. And yes, I did wear jeans to church; I'm just your average beatnik. The swinging is animated here.

the video

I started off taking some pictures, but since it was dark and they asked for us not to use flash photography, my pictures weren't turning out so well. So I decided to just get videos of some of my favorite looks. The quality isn't perfect (thanks, darkness), but you can still see some of the amazing details. And of course I had to add music from one of my favorites, Matt & Kim!

fashion in downtown lynchburg

In just a little while (seriously, I should be dressed and ready to go by now) I'll be on my way to the Vita show in Downtown Lynchburg. I went to the last one in April, and for such a conservative bible-belt town, it was quite impressive! I hear that this one is sure to amaze, and I know I won't be disappointed. I will be taking my camera so I can hopefully share some pictures with you, but honestly, for someone who likes photography as much as I do, I take a ridiculously low number of pictures. So I could get there and get wrapped up in the fun, forget about taking pictures, and get home with nothing to show, but I'm going to try and break that habit! Ch-ch-check it out here.

holy moly magazines and such

I wouldn't consider myself a proud person, nor do I brag, I'm quite humble, but every now and then something really exciting happens. My latest bit of news: House Beautiful. Yep. Amy from House Beautiful contacted me about including this leather bow bracelet in their online Holiday Gift Guide from October through January, and of course I agreed! I'm super happy, and all the while thankful for my skills (if that's what you'd call them) and all the exposure I can get!

back to the burg

So Charlottesville was a success friends, yes it was. YES it was! I'm so glad I went! I was a bit apprehensive when I first got the email about attending, as the small shows I've done here in Lynchburg have always attracted a browsing crowd, not a buying crowd, and this town just isn't too artsy. I was pleasantly surprised with the Charlottesville show, not only because I made more than I thought I would, but because everyone was just so friendly! I had the pleasure of meeting some very nice people, and I do hope that we'll stay in touch! All in all, I'm just one big goofy grin, and I can't wait to do it again! The only downside is the fact that I had to come back home :( I have heard that the art scene is moving south from Charlottesville, and seeing as how we're only an hour away, I hope it comes here SOON! For a little photo fun, since most people skip over the text anyway :), I made myself a new facebook pic. You like?