oh, the weather outside is...frightful? no.

I think summer held on for as long as it could, but now fall is moving in. Don't get me wrong, summer and I are friends, with our sundresses and flip flops, but I look forward to the start of fall. The crisp mornings, clear skies and most of all, cardigans! This year, more than any other, the end of summer is bittersweet. I've tried to keep my girlish figure by swimming as much as I could, and I'll miss the pool the most. If I have to give up my little piece of aquatic heaven, I will do so with the hope of a beautiful, white winter, as our summer has been a bit cooler than others.

If I could remember the exact origin of this picture, I promise I'd share it, but all I know is that I found it somewhere on tumblr.

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  1. What an awesome picture! Never heard of tumbler...I'm off to check it out~Thanks :)


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