another home for dinosaur toes

Since I've had some non-etsy members and possible brick & mortar shop owners join etsy just to contact me, only to leave their accounts untouched afterward, I figured I'd make myself a little more accessible (and hopefully a little more visible). So I made myself a website! There are still some little changes I want to make, and I still have to register my official domain, but here's a peek of what I have so far, what do you think???

the votes are in

So, the votes were tallied and published yesterday morning, and while I didn't win, I'm still really happy to have even been included! The winning item is this ring by kateszabone (a Canadian, can it get any better???), and I must say, it really is quite lovely! I can just imagine it on my finger now.....

treasury hunt and new favorites

These are some of the items from the two treasuries I recently created. It's nice to have a reason to just sit and try to find lovely items on etsy!

Starting from the top left corner and going right:

#1 by katetowers. #2 by Kristybee. #3 by elizandaxel. #4 by barbdunshee. #5 by therunnybunny. #6 by ojmjakon. #7 by 5eizen. #8 by dsbrennan. #9 by nitca.

vote for the loveliest ladies item

So I got a convo from an Etsy intern this morning letting me know that my garden for your hair headband was in the running to become the loveliest ladies item on Etsy! So run, don't walk, and place your vote (for me, preferably) right here! Talk about incentive, this makes me want to churn out rosette headbands like a one-woman sweatshop! Off to sew!

snow day...finally

Last night about an hour before I went to bed, I looked outside, and to my great surprise, there was a light dusting of snow, and more was falling! This morning was even more exciting when I awoke to more than a dusting, but an actual accumulation! Being a kid at heart when it comes to snow, the first thing I did was put on my shoes and coat so I could go walking in my beautiful winter wonderland! And of course I took some pictures since it may be a while before I see snow again.

don't play with fire

My husband told me this morning of a woman who lives down the street from where I used to whose house was burned to the ground because she was singeing fabric with a candle (the technique for those ever popular poppy flowers) in her bed. Please have a bowl of water nearby if you must burn or singe anything!