treasury hunt and new favorites

These are some of the items from the two treasuries I recently created. It's nice to have a reason to just sit and try to find lovely items on etsy!

Starting from the top left corner and going right:

#1 by katetowers. #2 by Kristybee. #3 by elizandaxel. #4 by barbdunshee. #5 by therunnybunny. #6 by ojmjakon. #7 by 5eizen. #8 by dsbrennan. #9 by nitca.


  1. Wow- beautiful finds! I love making treasuries just for that reason: I can justify window shopping on Etsy, something I rarely have time to do...

    Just discovered your blog recently and I really enjoy my visits. Honestly, who couldn't love a blog and a business called Dinosaur Toes (I'm a sucker for clever names)? Add that your shop is absolutely beautiful and I am a happy camper! Anyway, a pleasure to "meet" you, I will be a regular visitor....

    Happy Friday!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my photograph! So glad you've enjoyed it. You have a beautiful blog!


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