colored tights and leftovers: an outfit post

i'm going to be honest - after the last outfit post where i said i couldn't be picky about what i wore because i was behind on laundry, i still didn't do laundry. so again, i had to wear the leftovers that weren't in the hamper. that makes me sound like such a man, doesn't it? so my goal today, because i don't like that skirt and don't want to have to wear something else i don't like, is to do one load of laundry (two if i'm lucky).

shirt: banana republic, skirt: i don't remember, green tights: target, boots: vintage, necklaces: i made the pearl one, white necklace c/o camp & quarry

what fun is doing an outfit post without doing the robot? also, i can't help but feel awkward just standing there with a weird look on my face because that's not really me; i'd much rather cross my eyes or do the robot. so there it is. at first i put on the pearl necklace but i felt it wasn't quite big enough. then i took it off and put on the necklace from sarah, but i still felt like i wanted something big and over-the-top gaudy. so i put the pearl necklace back on and figured i'd have more street cred if i wore two, and that made it big enough.

i've got some good news: the sun is back out which means i'll be able to take some pictures without wasting my time like i did yesterday in the rain! wooooo!


  1. I LOVE this outfit, and your photos made me smile :)

    Now, go do some laundry!

  2. Omg LOVE IT! Especially the skirt! So fun!


  3. this is a great outfit! Skirt, tights, boots, and cute shirt, such a go to for the colder months. You look adorable, I think I have to start goofing around in my shoots, maybe the macarena?

  4. You are doing well for not having done laundry! Love the stripes
    xo Cara

  5. What a cute skirt and I love the necklace. Your outfits are very well put together you also have great pieces in your wardrobe.

  6. you look so cute in this outfit, i love the skirt!

  7. I love how when you're being "awkward" you're still stunning! That last picture is darling.

    Also, regarding your comment on my post...with every comment you write to me I realize how similar we are. I have a similar thing with my sister--she's definitely more into the culture of where we grew up (rural) than me or my older sister. I love her but it can be difficult. <3

  8. this is a really cute outfit. Hope you can get your laundry done today (or not, no rush)

  9. Beautiful look and I love your hair!

  10. your outfit posts make me want to do them haha. i am just so lazy. also, i only get compliments on what i'm wearing when i haven't done laundry and have to start getting "creative". maybe not doing laundry isn't such a bad thing :)


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