etsy favorite: restless things

Olivia Jeffries, the artist behind restlessthings on etsy has become one of my absolute favorites. A wallflower to the core, I'm not big on tons of flashy, bright colors, so her neutral color palette just sucked me right in! At first glance, her work may seem simple, but the more I look, the more I see, and the more it seems to say.

I have two or three more Christmas presents to buy, and then it's time for a little treat all for myself...prints! Last, I'm doing something new, a weekly series if you will, "Wish List Wednesday." Check back tomorrow!


  1. very pretty. and i love the new pic you have added on your sidebar of you and your parrot... you are so stinking pretty... very cute picture!

  2. oh these are definitely beautiful. i am in love with that one up top!

  3. Kassi, thanks, you're going to make me blush!

  4. these are so beautiful! i think i need to check out her shop!

  5. i LOVE her stuff. my favourite would have to be "candid rear view."

    my first original art buy was hers too...

    ps. thanks for your suggestions and places to check out in Lynchburg, my new home. I was hoping to find a cool girl, and there you were. :)


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